Yuuki rito relationship problems

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yuuki rito relationship problems

Rito Yuuki is 16 old boy which is the main protagonist of To Love-Ru. . Rito was very passive toward his relationship with Haruna Sairenji because She taught Rito that avoiding his problem is never going to solve anything. As the the main character of To Love-Ru, Rito has relationships with several While she can annoy him often and cause him a great deal of problems, Rito has . Rito Yuuki – finds. Seeing a girl in trouble Yuuki can't turn his back on her this towns past and the relationships between of this flood of dating-sim adaptations.

Rito Yuuki has the charm like a cute little puppy. Unlike you which show your perverted nature just by looking at female organism. After couple hours, uncle policemen came to knock on my door and ask me if I can follow them to the police station and spend some nights over there.

I told them that I did nothing wrong and I just try to do what Rito did in anime which resulting them beat me up with their batons. I am also upset why Rito Yuusaki gets to have my waifu, but not me. Nothing sat right with me and all I did is pretend like depress ex-cop drinking sex on the beach at bar…just when I thought if I should give up on 2D girls and start seeing real girls from the shitty game called real life… Random Friend: Everything is making so much sense now!!

A character had such tragedy, how could I misjudge him for so long!?

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I still remember I laugh my ass off when Rito get beat up by golden darkness because he accidently falls into her. Nevertheless, all this melodrama is actually a disguise on how much of a man Rito Yuusaki truly am.

In the original series the spikes on his hair where spiked and seemingly sticking out, but in To-Love-Ru Darkness his hair seems to be a lot more neat and softer.

yuuki rito relationship problems

He is shown to be of average height, if compared to other male students in his class and is taller than most of the female cast. Personality Rito is kind, loving, sweet, loyal, friendly, humble, caring, a gentleman in principleand is willing to help out almost anyone when they need it, even if they say they don't want or ask for it.

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He is virtuous, righteous, and withholds an incredible deal of respect towards others that surpasses his own idea of self-worth. He is courageous and persistent enough to risk his life to protect his friends well being, like when he protected Lala from her strong bodyguards Maul and Smutts or the hitman Kuro, saved Haruna from Ghi Bree and stood up to his deceptively monstrous form, traveled to a dangerous planet to find a cure for Celine when she was sick, and tried to save Rin from Bladix's control and broke her free from it, nearly having his own mind being taken.

Despite whatever struggles may come his way, he never gives up on those in danger. For these reasons, Lala stated that he's "the most dependable person in the universe". Rito also tends to help out those who dislike him, such as Yami, before she developed feelings for him, like when she was sick from over-using her powers and he carried her to Mikado's clinic.

Rito Yuuki

He has also shown his sympathy for her when he learned of her past, and expressed anger towards the organization that created and raised her to become a weapon, going as far as to say he will never "forgive them".

Being a normal boy, though, he initially can also easily and somewhat frequently lose his temper and snap at people when annoyed by their actions or words, even when he doesn't mean to. At first, he has shown to be angry and upset with Lala quite often, since he does have to put up with a lot of her hijinks, and even punched Ren in the face for thoughtlessly ruining what could have been a moment between him and Haruna, as well as for accidentally kissing him.

His humble nature, in turn, can often have low self esteem about himself, building off of his rare short fuse. He rarely gives himself credit for his good deeds, tends to dwell on his mistakes more than anything when sad, hardly ever speaks up for or voices himself and, in general, doesn't do anything to truly stand up for himself.

His personality as a kind and loyal friend makes him quite trustworthy, and very persuasive which enables him to sway and befriend other people. Girls tend to feel a certain "warmth" when close to him or when he comforts them. He is a very charismatic person, always trying to make people feel better and understand others' points of view and changing it to a more positive outlook.

yuuki rito relationship problems

He cares for plants and animals, as shown when he was the only one who didn't neglect to care for the school flowers, and when he rescued a cat from a tree, both of which persuaded Haruna and Yui that he is really a kind person. Unfortunately, while girls appreciate and cherish his innocent nature, his innocence is arguably one of his worst traits. He rejects sexual pleasure often due to his nervous and celibacy-filled nature towards it, and he easily loses his composure around provocative situations being pushed into his face due to a moral sense of chivalrous respect for the opposite sex.

As a result, he has grown to become very clumsy and shy around women, often getting flustered when faced with sudden upfront, erotic situations either out of guilt, unsure panic, confusion, or all three. Due to his unique clumsiness, his flustered reactions always lead to accidentally violating them in absurdly over-the-top ways.

For these reasons, he is either regarded by other girls as an innocent boy and suitable love interest, or as an insolent boy and 'pervert', though never anything worse than this.

While sleeping, Rito acts as what Momo describes as a true Harem King.

yuuki rito relationship problems

He even was about to kiss Momo, but she stopped him telling him their first kiss must be of his free will. He seems to start getting more interested in sexual activities as seen in Darkness Chapter 73 where he has a dream about pushing Momo down and grabbing her breasts on purpose, while it actually was Lala in his futon at the time.

Feeling bad for her as any good family member would, Rito would stay in to look after her.

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When he was thirteen, he took Mikan to the public pool that was crowded at the time which caused the two to separate although Mikan unaware of it. Rito was so worried that by the time he found her, his T-shirt was covered in sweat which Mikan noticed how desperately he searched for her, though she thought it was stupid of him she was also happy.

Rito has always assisted his father's work as a manga artist, and then would take Mikan to a shrine nearby to play. One time, during his fifth grade, while Yui was also at the shrine, Rito climbed a tree to help a cat who was stuck.

yuuki rito relationship problems

The cat that Rito saved from the tree was the same cat that Yui tried but couldn't save prior to Rito and Mikan's arrival at the shrine. She tried to ask some of the boys from her class to help her, but they rejected her because they hated Yui's strictness as their class representative, and left to play games instead.

Because of that, Yui had the impression that all boys are bad. After all, a guy does need some privacy! In truth, he loved having a beautiful young woman lying next to him in the mornings when he woke up. At first, it was Lala who would cuddle up with Rito unbeknownst to him.

Initially, it was awkward and embarrassing since the princess of Deviluke was not shy in the least when it came to nudity. To make the situation worse, Mikan would often barge in on the two and make a teasing remark much to Rito's chagrin.

With time however, having a naked girl in his bed became as natural as brushing his teeth. In fact, Rito grew to enjoy having some private time with Lala. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and she stopped sleeping with the orange haired boy once she had a room of her own.

Rito Yuuki/Relationships

Well, that wasn't entirely true. Every now and then, Lala would climb into bed with Rito in the middle of the night just to surprise him in the morning. However, once her two sisters came to live with her, Momo and Nana, Lala ceased her perverted operations so she could be a good role model to Momo and Nana. However, her attempts at acting like a mature, responsible, older sister were in vain as Momo; the more immature of the the two younger sisters; started her own perverted games with Rito.

Whereas Lala was naked whilst in Rito's bed, Momo was a little more modest and wore an unbuttoned shirt and panties. She also made it a habit of being playful with Rito as soon as he was up.

You sexy hunk" said the girl with short pink hair. I just said that out loud" an embarrassed Rito thought. Your expressions are as rich as always Rito-kun. Stop coming into my room half naked in the dead of night. You know how I get around situations like these! You mean to say you don't like having pretty girls sharing your bed with you? It's not li-" "Could it be you're gay now Rito-kun?

Ritos a homo" Momo jokingly chanted over and over ignoring Rito's words. C' mere you bratty girl! I hate getting noogies! You know I can't help snuggling up with you Rito! You're such a big meanie sometimes! Its smell was practically intoxicating. Rito gave a friendly kiss on the forehead to his twelve going on thirteen year old sister and told her good morning. Mikan replied with a warm smile that only the fairer gender was capable of and told her seventeen year old brother good morning too.

yuuki rito relationship problems

Glad everyone appreciates my cooking. Nana's eyes then fixated themselves on Rito as he sat down across from her with his plate and small glass of milk. You know Rito's just picking on you. Learn to take a little teasing you "smart mouthed brat"!

Changing the subject, Rito asked if Lala was up yet. Mikan answered his question by telling him that as per usual, Lala was taking a shower before breakfast and that she should be out by now.

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The princess of Deviluke loves her personal hygiene quite a bit. Not that Rito minded seeing her "girl parts" of course. After all, He did have a healthy libido just like any other guy his age. Any guy would go ape living with three gorgeous pink haired sisters from another planet.