Us army schweinfurt closure in a relationship

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us army schweinfurt closure in a relationship

The garrison closure timeline is currently divided into three phases. The U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Schweinfurt is scheduled for closure for the fall of opportunities for an ongoing relationship with a caring adult, access to safe. Bamberg, Schweinfurt closures. August 28, By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs st Civil Support Team (U.S. Army Reserve) — 94th Military Police The relationships we build during more than theater security. U.S. Army Garrison Schweinfurt United States Army Garrison Schweinfurt At the time of its closing, USAG Schweinfurt was subordinate to United States Army revise previously unequal treaty relationships with the Republic of China.

Captain Purvis of the 15th Engineering Battalion has also aided and abetted Ms. Theus made these claims to her command to get command sponsorship which they signed off on with no support or evidence, no investigation into why Ms.

U.S. Army Garrison Schweinfurt

Purvis relationship really is. Abusing Jaiden Theus verbally, mentally, and physically including hitting daughter on her head and back when only 4 years old at time and probably still, teaching daughter self-hatred meaning to hate the color of her skin being black though her mom is black as the ace of spades and from Africa, alienating daughter from dad and telling her she will never come back to Gardena, CA to see dad and her real family, having her so scared to tell dad and anyone the truth or certain things.

Committed fraud with Army to get Jaiden overseas by filing a false reason on command sponsorship forms 3. Committed fraud by reporting false allegations of neglect to Army and courts. Theus come up with neglect when police, neighbors, friends nor the Department of Children and Family Services never reported neglect to Salma Theus. Committed fraud by hiding and keeping her pay from the army especially her support money that was supposed to be provided to her family while she lived in the barracks and Mr.

us army schweinfurt closure in a relationship

Theus raised his daughter solo for 16 months. Theus had no intention of ever actually coming back for her daughter or husband if Mr. Theus which was of no concern and he never once was able to have his own car brought in for servicing while Ms. Theus best friend even bought their daughter a car seat to help out. Theus also hid her rank from her husband and never told him she had been promoted to Sergeant but always claimed to be a Specialist.

Committed fraud with court by filing divorce secretly only 4 days after dad allowed her to go with daughter with many reservations only because she had seen her daughter physically 3 weeks or so during the prior 16 months. Then providing court with a Los Angeles Address as hers when she was in Germany at time of filing and having a summons filed to the court stating I was notified or served about the divorce when Ms.

Theus never ever told Mr. Theus about the divorce she filed.

us army schweinfurt closure in a relationship

Committed fraud with courts currently by forging and altering a notarized Marital Settlement Agreement contract between Ms. First she submitted the contract missing a page to the court and altering it by adding a false case number to the document. Theus provided a copy of how the contract looked originally with the missing page showing he agreed to 50 percent legal and physical custody she submits at a later time an altered version without the false case number and now miraculously they found the missing page 4 they claimed was lost and is now altered showing we agreed to Ms.

Theus having 80 percent physical and legal custody. Theus also provided a third altered version that is different from those provided to the courts to the LA District Attorney Office correcting some mistakes they left on the second altered version.

Committed fraud with courts making numerous negative false allegations against dad and his family hat are unfounded and made without any evidence whatsoever. Committed fraud with courts deceiving courts about her income, bills, financial situation, etc.

Theus numerous times wanted to file for divorce and did file less than 1 year into marriage, stating to courts Mr. No wonder we had a mortgage crisis and the US economy had a recession because of individuals like Ms. Committed marriage fraud since their marriage was never real and she just used Mr.

Theus till he was of no use when he left his job for the school district of 10 years when they reduced his hours from 8 to 4 hours. Theus tried to even claim to the court she was the sole provider during the marriage. She worked for limited periods during the marriage for sure but kept the majority of her earnings for herself.

So by this apt description of Ms. Theus she would be considered a gold digger and borders on even a Black Widow personality. She is definitely crazy and not all there.

us army schweinfurt closure in a relationship

The Germans, with overall responsibility for the facilities shook their heads and noted that at OP Sierra, we now had porta - potties and by contract, they were emptied twice weekly; the road leading to the OP had been re - graded with fresh crushed stone set down. They asked if we wanted to rebuild the burned out OP 13 and seemed greatly relieved when we declined.

us army schweinfurt closure in a relationship

It was only a few years ago that the housing area was finally returned to German civil control. Consider that the first US Constabulary units involved in the border patrol missions along what would become the Eaglehorse sector, deployed from Ledward Barracks and it was here that the 2nd Battalion of the 14th Armored Reconnaissance Regiment refitted from Constabulary to combat unit sets prior to making the short road march from Schweinfurt to Kissingen and occupying Daley Barracks in From Camp Harris at Coburg, for decades 3rd Infantry Division cavalry troopers stationed at Ledward watched the border on the southeastern flank of the Eaglehorse and it was from them that US Patrol, at the southeastern contact point, would get the movie package of 16mm films passed along from border camp to camp - beer hall to beer hall.

Kissingen and Schweinfurt were always linked when it came to the military. Going back to the Nazi era, what would become Ledward Barracks was known as Panzer Kaserne and was home to an armored brigade of the 2nd Panzer Division.

This area was totally destroyed during the war. Only 25 Kilometers distant was the home of the 2 Panzer motorcycle infantry battalion at Bad Kissingen.

So Long Schweinfurt

No doubt the staff officers and senior commanders routinely made the drive between the two towns and something makes me think they chose to spend the night at the Kur Stadt. Through the clouds and through time, the towns were joined by a military heritage that will now scatter in the wind. Memories may vary with Eaglehorse cavalry troopers when it comes to Schweinfurt.

The thing was, every now and again, with enough plaintive begging, you could score something you needed. If our town was all about the tourist trade tolerating the Army, their town was industry, long streets of four story apartment buildings, a down town that had been fully restored after having been nearly totally destroyed and American soldiers everywhere bringing a certain vibe.

When it comes to Schweinfurt, Conn and Ledward, the Army and the missions, and what might make an interesting history to recall, two specific units come to mind. There were plenty of tanks and plenty of cannon in Schweinfurt through the years but here are two units out of the ordinary. There is no link to Bad Kissingen but the fun is in the recalling.

us army schweinfurt closure in a relationship

The turret was then dropped into the generally reliable M60 tank hull creating a perfect mix of mobility and dysfunction. There was also discussion at that time of moving towards select tank battalions consisting of four tank companies, two companies each of A1 and A2. Next stop - hulls for the AVLB program and turrets as down range targets.

USAG Bamberg closes after 69 years of US Army presence

I can recall seeing the A2s now and again in Schweinfurt motor pools long after the Eaglehorse had turned in its Sheridans, and feeling that chill down my spine as I canvassed mech infantry units for those electric regulators that seemed to die so quickly in MA1s.

Checking in with a barrel diameter of mm, the cannon was configured to fire both conventional and nuclear rounds, with a published range of over 20 miles and an unofficial range of 35 miles. Engagement with the atomic round was the sole purpose behind this ponderous weapons system. It was mobile, using a powered tow and tug system of dual tractors, front and back to maneuver the cannon through German city streets.