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singles 2 cheats relationship help

Create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Save the game, then quit. Use a text editor to edit the savegame _.., Singles 2: Triple. cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Singles 2: Triple Trouble on GameSpot. General FAQs, FAQ/Walkthrough by sbermeister, 28K. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Singles 2: Triple Trouble for PC. If you've discovered a cheat.

Let's get started 1. That's why I've set up a system which is in no way original. Just search for the number of the section you want. For example, if you wanted to skip Josh's story and go straight to Anna's, just press that lovely Ctrl-F, and type in 4. Left-click in a room to walk there, left-click on an object to view the options associated with that object.

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Right-click, hold and drag somewhere to scroll, or if playing in Fullscreen Modejust drag the mouse to the corners of the screen. Need I say more? At just 30 years of age, Magnet is very experienced. He is a cool musician who has learned very much during gigs all over the country, but now he appreciates staying in his own music club and jamming with other musicians.

Women love him because he knows what he wants. He helps Josh by giving him simple but very helpful advice. Josh is not shy and has no problems with getting to know other people. But when it comes to music he somehow lacks this courage.

singles 2 cheats relationship help

Accepting one odd job after another he always declines them one week later, because he has not enough time for his music. Anna was the best thing that could ever happen to him, because she inspired him and supported his hobby.

Anna is a young, intelligent, outgoing person.

singles 2 cheats relationship help

She is very active and spontaneous and works as a journalist for a music magazine. In her job she works very hard, gets to know many people and always has to be up to date regarding trends in fashion or music, but at home she is very relaxed and enjoys good food as well as a romantic candlelight dinner. Simon is Anna's boss and therefore Josh's rival. Being very self-confident, he likes to wear expensive clothes and accessories. He founded his own magazine at the age of 19 and seems to have everything Josh hasn't got.

But Anna is not the love of his life. Kim is an Asian girlie, very outgoing, crazy and sometimes a little naive. She is studying East Asian culture to learn more about her roots, which are still a bit of a mystery to her. Aged 20, she falls in love with men pretty easily.

Knowing that makes it easy to impress her with small presents. Has discovered greetings cards. Birds suddenly appear and the moon is always full. Raise erotic skill to improve the quality flirting. Also, more creative Singles have more fun when having sex. Still takes long, and needs a good manual. Has discovered stains, and can just about deal with smells. Organizes great dinner parties, without taking up much time. Raise slacking skill to leave work at least half an hour earlier.

Anna thinks, that from what Kim is saying about him, it is her ex- boyfriend, Josh! Anna runs off to work as Josh you enters, just a second too late to see Anna. Look around the apartment.

Just click on each one to go there. Let's start with the kitchen. Get something to eat from the fridge. Now, head for the question-mark in the bathroom! Then, finally, go to the bedroom question space.

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Buy yourself a bed and put it in your room. To buy a bed, click the house icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen, click on furniture the table and chairthen click beds the second-last optionand click on one to buy it. Place it anywhere in your room, then hold and drag the mouse to rotate. You just purchased your first item! You can click this button anytime you want if you're stuck in the game. If it's in grey, then wait until 12PM to go there the time is in the bottom left corner of your screen.

singles 2 cheats relationship help

Once at the bar, click on Magnet and press 'Ask Magnet for help' probably the first and last time you use this, too. Josh basically tells Magnet he's moved in with Anna, and wants to spend time with her. Magnet says that Josh must 'play his cards right' - basically he means snooping into Anna's room while she's at work. Find a way to get in touch with Anna again. Once back at home, make sure your hunger and hygiene bars are pretty full, then go to sleep.

The next day, wait until both Anna and Kim go to work, then scroll over so you can see Anna's room next to the bathroomclick on the big black wardrobe to your left when you walk inand click search. You found a key! Click on her diary on the table, next to the fishbowl and the fountain and press search.

Anna hasn't forgotten about you yet! Don't flirt or use any romantic actions The light blue bar in Anna's friendship tab must be at least half way. Anna will talk to you and tell you she's your friend again when you complete the mission. Show Anna your romantic side Optional This mission is unlocked after you complete mission 3. Remember still not to flirt with Anna. You can use heaps of Romantic options, though, and make Anna's light-blue romantic bar at least half way.

If you don't have that much money, don't fret, just work for a few days until you do. The large carpet can be found in 'Domestics and Appliances' 2nd from the left'Carpets and Rugs'. If you can't afford it, no biggie, just go to work for a few days and the money will get there. As for the oriental table, it's in 'Furniture', then 'Coffee Tables'. They both work the same, but the orange one is the one in the picture, so I chose that one for sheer joy.

It should fit into the centre of the carpet. Next, the two cusions can be found in the same category as the carpet, but now go to 'Sofas and Armchairs'.

singles 2 cheats relationship help

Choose whichever one you like. Next is the tent. This caused a lot of pain for a lot of poor people, but thanks to this easy walk-through you don't need to feel that pain. Remember to put the cusions with the backrests away from the table, otherwise your Singles cannot sit on them. Get lots of candles for a cosy atmosphere. The one in the photo is the second-hand three-pronged candlestick, but any candles will do.

You only need one, but for the heck of it, I got six three-pronged ones so it totally matched the picture. One strategy is for two roommates to earn money while one plays and cleans. This works extremely well.

Easy skillpoints for Singles 2: Triple Trouble

Have two roommates work on their careers to make money. The second one cleans house. Finish cleaning the house by noon. Then, go to bar or invite someone over for some fun.

Make sure you leave the bar by Cook them a meal. When they get home they can get their hunger out of the way. Have your two working roommates talk to each other a great deal. On weekends, everyone should go to the bar but try not to spend more than five or six hours there unless you have a lot of money.

If you get tired with who works and who plays, switch them. After two eight hour trips to the bar you will be French kissing. The reason is that The Bar has a very high Cozy level. Take your roommate s to the bar to take advantage of this. You cannot take roommates to the bar in the Story mode.

However, when you complete Story mode you will gain control of all three players. Put toilets in every bedroom with dressers. Place the shower and tub in separate rooms with a dresser in each. Also have a washer with a sink and mirror. These rooms do not need to be that Cozy. This room should have a couch, television, twin bed, bowl of fruit, and a door leading into the hot tub room and one into the toilet room. This should be built as close as possible to the front door to your apartment.

Otherwise, your visitor may go in a less desirable place in your apartment. This will give you more control over your visitor, with no rejection of action because of Cozy. It will also give you more control over privacy from your roommates opposite sex only. Fixing a broken romance: Do not flirt with Anna after you declare your love to her. Instead, just romance her. She will come running to you in her panties the next morning, saying how you are the one.

You are now back together.

singles 2 cheats relationship help

You cannot do any romance moves until you heal her broken heart.