Shigure kenichi relationship quotes

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shigure kenichi relationship quotes

Haruo Niijima is a classmate of Kenichi and Miu. in with Tanimoto, Niijima says this is perfect for Kenichi since it will get ruined and their will be no kiss scene. See more ideas about Kenichi the mightiest disciple, Drawings and Anime. Couple StoriesCute Couple ComicsAnime Love CoupleComic StripsDrawings Relationships Kenichi - The Mightiest Disciple: Shigure Kousaka. she cracks me up .. Manga Quotes, Anime Shows, Me Me Me Anime, Martial Arts, Kenichi The. Shigure Kōsaka. Shigure Kōsaka - History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi I've learned so much from the people who never existed, quote, text. More information.

During his fight against Kenichi, he realized that martial arts is not just a tool to hurt people and dominate. After losing, Natsu decided to leave Ragnarok and follow a path of righteousness.

Thanks to Kenichi, he now has a glimpse of what true strength really means. Whether he will turn out to be an ally or foe in the near future is not certain. He was the first to accept Kenichi as a disciple. At first, his main goal was simply to help the little kid gain enough stamina and strength to survive a brutal fight. As Kenichi progressed, Akisame realized that the boy has the heart to become a great martial artist. He always emphasize that brute strength is not a must in martial arts.

What you need is a calm mind, well-trained body, and most importantly a heart that never gives up and is willing to fight for what is right. He is a master of Chinese martial arts. Kensei considers Kenichi as his own son. The funny part is that they bond not only in martial arts but also on how to peek at the ladies. Their favorite subject is Miu but the two of them usually ends up failing on their perverted plans. Shigure Kosaka Source Shigure Kosaka is a female ninja who masters the art of spying and using all sorts of weapons.

She is probably the most dangerous among the masters since she seem to have killed countless individuals in her previous life. This is evident on how she calmly handles danger and considers death as something really normal which is of course a rare trait to observe from a woman.

And those punks, as you call them, would have to get jobs too. Akisame, about Kenichi, Chapter 50 Even though we had the same power, I was feared by everyone around me, and you were adored by everyone. I didn't leave China because I killed someone Sougetsu Ma to his brother Kensei, Chapter 69 That kid Shigure Kosaka, while pretending to be Miu Furinji's motherChapter 78 Chapter 78, Akisame finds a small stone carving of a cat while tidying up his work area Akisame: Oh, I know - you carved that when you were just starting out?

No, not me; it was Miu's father that carved this. Hayato FurinjiChapter 78 Justice? More than anything else existing in this world, those things are a burden! The things that are needed are "acting" to deceive people and "power" to control others! Let me ask you one question. My older brother, Sougetsu He would always teach me the way of destroying people Cold-hearted and cruel, that is surely a perfect martial artist. He only had one fault I'm sick of hearing those stories about you The peaceful life that he could never have, was given to his brother instead.

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This is played up in the anime so she won't join in a fight she could very easily win, but Kenichi would struggle with. Good Eyes, Evil Eyes: Look at her after she goes into Unstoppable Rage and they change into something sinister. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Only Kenichi rivals her in kindness.

shigure kenichi relationship quotes

Heir to the Dojo: Raised by the leader of Ryozanpaku and trained by him. He Is Not My Boyfriend: Oh, no, she doesn't have that kind of feelings for Kenichi. He is just like a little brotheror a dog who lives in her house. Yet will become incredibly jealous the instant another girl announces her affections for him. Inspired Kenichi to take up Martial Arts. In other areas, oh yeah she's definitely a sweetheart.

KenIchi, the Mightiest Disciple

That explains why she's blonde as well. She occasionally gives backhanded compliments, like in Chapter when Kenichi is showing his knowledge of flora and she is surprised he knows about more than being hit. He even tells her "That's Rude. Miu can master techniques, training, and even whole styles in a very little amount of time, around a week. She also learned a workable amount of a new language in the same week. She can hospitalize people without hesitation, but just can't stand the idea of a kitten getting mistreated.

Grace and coordination; that's how she fights. The school's alpha bitch once described her as having the same beauty as a blade. Technically a unitard rather than a leotard, but it still fits.

Justified since she does actually do gymnastics and it's her club uniform. Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: The light to Renka Ma's dark because she is less flirty, more modest and makes snakes for him on occasion. Routinely beating street thugs at the age of six. Close ups of her chest and butt are a must. Only fights for others and then will try to end it with the least damage to both her and her opponent.

shigure kenichi relationship quotes

Her name means "beautiful wings" or "beautiful feathers". In the words of a Ragnarok thug "She wears a purple leotard Very polite, caring and helpful. She's pretty clueless at the hints of Kenichi's crush on her. As of chapternot oblivious. Indeed, she's far more aware of Kenichi's feelings for her than he realized. Her mother died and her father is the leader of Yami.

She wears glasses as a way to dim her looks. Her grandfather raised her, specifically due to the aforementioned Parental Abandonment.

Her fighting uniform is ridiculously skintight. Single Woman Seeks Good Man: She loves Kenichi, who is kind, honorable, brave and protective. So Beautiful, It's a Curse: She is so beautiful that she had some social problems at her last school because of it implied to be other girls bullying her.

To that end, in her current school she puts on glasses and wears her hair in braids to make herself look plainer. She does all the cooking in the dojo. Runs the dojo with a kind smile Just when Kenichi had finally caught up in fighting and even surpassed her in Ki abilities, Silkwat Junazard kidnaps her and trains her in Silat which then causes her to have to begin training her Dou ki something her grandfather was hesitant to start do to the risk. She is now back to effortlessly curb stomping Kenichi.

After the introduction of Rimi, Miu finally gets an enemy that pushes her to her limits, and it's during their final fight that Miu masters her Dou Ki. It's pretty obvious that she wears nothing under her spandex battle outfit. It's a leotard after all. It would be redundant. As Bulu, it doesn't seem as though Miu is wearing anything from the waist down except for those leg bands. While she won't admit to it for a while anyway, she is as clear as possible without being explicit that Kenichi is hers and is quite protective of him.

This was most prominent when Kenchi was still a novice martial artist. In that period, Ma Kensei pointed out to her that this was not good, because this deprived Kenichi of gaining combat experience.

After Kenichi took enough levels in badassthis became less prominent, but she actually never stopped being protective of him. Note also that her style of fighting is much more aggressive than Kenichi's. All these combined with her vast experience make her one of the, if not the, best disciple level fighter s.

Until Kenichi mastered all of the martial arts of the Dojo and quite possibly became the World's Strongest Man. What Is This Feeling? When she sees Renka flirting with Kenichi, Miu finds herself confused at feeling jealousy for the first time. Her relationship with Kenichi goes through several not-quite-there swerves due to things like Miu's reluctance to admit to jealousy or Kenichi's and Hayato's idea of whether or not he's good enough for her.

Wouldn't Hurt a Child: It's how the reader is shown that she's not quite under Silkwat's control. She is also very reluctant to fight with Chikage. She cleans and cooks for the dojo and makes sure it doesn't run out of money.

In fact, the grand master mentions that they wouldn't live so well without Miu's care. Hayato Furinji Hayato Furinji Voiced by: He is very tall, very muscular and possesses tremendous vitality despite his advanced age.

shigure kenichi relationship quotes

Hayato is a kind old man but still possesses a reckless streak and can be very arrogant, the former of which is shown by his tendency to spend the dojo's money and to get carried away whenever he has a chance to showcase his strength.

Hayato is considered by many to be the most powerful man alive. Even when he uses only 0. He invented a martial technique specialized in this. And an awesome one at that! It's a good thing he's on Kenichi's side. Even disciples can pull superhuman feats. That's nearly mach 30 and he wasn't even trying! He is regarded as a man of no equal and was even nicknamed "The Invincible Superman" to shelter this fact.

He is quite possibly the strongest martial artist in the world and is capable of many feats that are considered beyond human potential. He is noted to even at 0. He is also the master of the Ryonzanpaku Dojo which is said to be the strongest masters in the world.

His skills are regarded as a class above even Grand Master individuals as a Legendary Master. Kimonos don't work like that!

Kenichi Shirahama

Well over 6 feet tall, made of solid muscle, and doesn't look his actually age. When he says that no one can date Miu unless they can defeat him in combat, what he means to say is that he doesn't want anyone dating Miu.

Large and in Charge: Biggest master in the dojo. He's Miu's grandfather, the oldest of the masters, and this means he has the most training and experience of all of them. No Hero to His Valet: While Miu looks up to him in most things, one chapter makes very clear that she controls all the dojo's purse strings, and the old man is terrified when Kenichi finds out he bought an expensive scroll without her permission. He's actually taught Kenichi only a few lessons, but each has resulted in monumental improvements.

Basically, He's the one who brings together all the stuff the other masters have been pounding into Kenichi on a daily basis. And throwing more people or heavy artillery at him is a bad idea, since he can use people as freakin' shurikensand has special moves that he uses specifically to take out TANKS!!! More like selectively protective grandfather. Keeping Miu by his side as he travelled the world battling evil, fine. Sending her out to protect Kenichi, encouraged. But any prospective suitors i.

Kenichi must defeat the Elder first. Appears to have done this both in his youth and during Miu's early years. Arguably still doing it given his semi-frequent "walks" that keep him away from Ryozanpaku for days on end. Is called as such on several occasions, when he isn't being called the Invincible Superman.

He is an old friend of Miu's father, Saiga. Despite his seemingly small physique, he is known for having muscles built to perfection. He also has very good insight, often knowing if people are troubled or hiding something; he sometimes even knows what a person is thinking, which scares Kenichi.

If there is something he isn't good at, he'll learn it almost instantly. If that doesn't happen, he learns instantly by watching somebody else do the same. He argues about whether or not it is with James Shiba. He's one of the more cultured and approachable Ryozanpaku masters, and can usually keep his cool in stressful situations.

If you do anything that could potentially harm Kenichi or any innocent bystanders, though, he'll show you no mercy. When he learns that Shigure was captured by YAMI, he very briefly flies into a rage after he tries to calm himself but fails. Especially when green peppers are involved.

Animēshiyone FanFic/Fiction

As all Ryozanpaku Masters he won't kill his opponent no matter the circumstances. Some of the stuff he does to his opponents is worse. Really it would be Mercy Kill to kill those poor souls.

There's a reason he's called the "Jujitsu Philosopher. Doubles as his Weaksauce Weakness. Kenichi and Miu manage to seal him in his room for a few hours by dangling one in the hallway. Low-level, but he loves to invent new torture training devices. So much so that some visitors to the dojo seemed to know of him as a master artist and philosopher instead of a martial arts master. He's still haunted by his inadvertent part in killing Shigure's father in their mutual past.

Harming any of his True Companions will anger him but when he learned that Shigure the daughter of an old friend had been captured by YAMI, he tries to calm himself by writing calligraphy but fails when he crushes the pen in a rage and declares that he'd make YAMI wish that he will kill them by the time it was over. When threatened by a Ragnarok grunt, he politely tried to talk his way out before using him in a Judo demonstration.

While much slimmer than some of the other masters, he has built his body to perfection via Art Major Biology. Downplayed in that Akisame is clearly not blind but he looks it and the wise conotations are there. There is a reason why he was chosen to be Kenichi's primary trainer. Always cool and collected, rather serious, a good organizer, and possesses the best technological and medical knowledge of all Ryozanpaku masters.