Sensei kawahara kazune ending relationship

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sensei kawahara kazune ending relationship

SENSEI! Author: Kawahara Kazune Category: Drama, School life, Shoujo, teacher-student relationship, hinting at other possible endings for. Faster Than A Kiss ~ student and teacher are married and living to go) So then they constantly end up in situations of almost being found out. For example, in the "conventional" romance genre, the relationship between a teacher involving a professor and a college student is likely to end with a dead body. Say, of Kazune Kawahara's bestselling Sensei! manga.

Shimata is courageous and mentally strong. But the pressure of handling such a difficult relationship does have some weight on her. Shimata through time has matured into a fine young adult who knew to think for others and did so considerately.

sensei kawahara kazune ending relationship

The troubles and problems she has to deal with while being with Itou help her realize many things about herself. Itou on the other hand also learns from Shibata to treasure life and what he has been neglecting, missing the whole time.

sensei kawahara kazune ending relationship

They kind of complete each other, of course through together overcoming various obstacles. And the fact that they actually overcome them all say a lot about their mutual trust for each other. The side characters make up a nice touch to Shimata as a character. They somehow manages to convey other aspects of the controversial teacher-student relationship, hinting at other possible endings for such relationships. Sensei is concentrated and well-invested in its theme that way.

Finishing the manga gives me a sense of completeness in emotions, which is a good thing not a lot of mangas managed to do this to me Reading Sensei! If you want to a well-written and well-drawn manga about student-teacher relationship then I would definitely recommend Sensei!

sensei kawahara kazune ending relationship

Although he does disclose a little bit about it later on, I was confused on what he saw in Shimada initially. Since Shimada was the one to love him first, I don't understand how he came to like her enough to risk his whole career for her. This manga is packed with romance, even besides the one between Shimada and Itou-sensei.

We see Shimada's friends fall into and out of love, too. There's even a little extra at the end of each volume where Itou-sensei gives advice to lovelorn, which I really enjoyed.

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The only issue I had with them discussing love in this manga was that sometimes when it was talked about between males Itou-sensei and Shimada's friendthey would talk in baseball terms and I had no idea what they were talking about. A recurring theme that's brought up in this manga is not being an adult.

Multiple times throughout the manga, an adult will tell a high schooler, "You're just a kid. Just because you're young, it doesn't mean your feelings or words shouldn't be taken as seriously as an adult's.

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As long as you are a person, you have value. The characters for this manga get some pretty good development. Better than having that "perfect" protagonist or prince-like character haha.

sensei kawahara kazune ending relationship

I really liked how we got to know the protagonist's friends, too. In some manga, they completely zone in on the main couple and the protagonist's friends are there just to be there.

The art is pretty old.

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It's not ugly or anything, but it doesn't have that cutesy, big-eyed art that shoujo manga is known for. I'm okay with old manga art, though, so it didn't bother me much. The only issue that I had was that the protagonist seriously looks like a boy. The art can also lean a bit on the lazy side sometimes. However, I thought it became more developed as the series went on.

sensei kawahara kazune ending relationship