Sengoku basara 2 oichi ending relationship

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sengoku basara 2 oichi ending relationship

A page for describing Characters: Sengoku Basara Azai Clan. Go here for the main character index of Sengoku Basara. Azai Clan Azai Nagamasa Oichi's. Oichi (お市, –) was a female historical figure in the late Sengoku period . She is known primarily as the mother of three daughters who married well – Yodo-dono, Ohatsu and Oeyo. A story relates that Oichi sent her brother a sack of beans tied at both ends, ostensibly as a good-luck charm but in reality a warning. Oichi from Sengoku Basara 2 Female Costumes, Armor Clothing, Sengoku Basara, . and After the End Sanada Yukimura, Date Masamune, Sengoku Basara.

As if he had noticed something, Kotaro looks at the sky. The next instant, he disappears. The Toyotomi army set out for the rioting times, a gigantic military strength as weapon, and finally extended its menacing hand towards Odawara. Hojo Ujimasa, frightened by this advance, ordered Fuma Kotaro, mercenary employed into the Hojo army, to assassinate the Toyotomi army's brain, the greatest genius strategist of the Sengoku - Takenaka Hanbei - and the Toyotomi army's conqueror king, Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Do not let anyone know of your movements! Fuma, assassination of the genius strategist [Event at the start of the stage] Fuma appears at the base of Inabayama Kotaro: Far away, a black and golden shadow passes quickly.

There are 2 ninjas here!! Lord Hanbei, it appears that 2 ninjas have infiltrated this base! I was wondering what all the noise was All soldiers, be on alert! I can more or less imagine who their senders are, though.

She defeats them brilliantly. She is however being aimed at by a gunner, but Sasuke stops the fire. I thought I told you to stay out of this. You talk to me like this after I saved you and all?

Who knows about that!? A bastard like you is a total stranger to me! Don't follow me, go away!! What are you saying, both our path and target are the same, right? Get lost, out of my way!! If you don't want to look at my face, you can just go on home! I have no intention of letting this job go to anyone else! Well well, let's not be so formal Companions in travel, kindness in life!

There's someone else other than us.? Quite the skilled one. Kasuga, have you noticed.? As they attack, Kotaro breaks in between them and attacks Hanbei Sasuke: Hanbei blocks this attack gracefully, and stares at Kotaro. Kasuga and Sasuke, surprised by Kotaro's presence, stay a little far, puzzled Hanbei: I heard two ninjas had infiltrated, but. The ones who sent you, looking at this situation. I heard Hojo had hired an excellent mercenary.

I see, excellent indeed. To hire a famous mercenary Anyway, it is something that revered old man would be prone to think. Why did you break into this fight? Are you an enemy? If it's so, I shall slash everything! You two are not fit to be ninjas. Better learn from this man here. Well, he definitely isn't our enemy. Quite the talkative ninja we have here. Go flap that mouth back home in Kai, won't you? I shall fight you all at once! Sasuke talks to Kotaro.

Both he and Kasuga stay adequately far away from him, wary of any possible attacks Sasuke: I know about you. The legendary ninja said not to exist in this world Kotaro, not listening, is about to leave Sasuke: Next is the murder of he conqueror king, huh. The guys in power all think of the same things then. Kotaro stops and turns to Sasuke, killing intent in his aura. I have no intention of battling here!

I won't get in your way, and you don't get in mine. If one of us takes down the Toyotomi we're gonna be all happy, so Sasuke frowns Chapter 2 Narrator: Fuma Kotaro, having successfully carried out his first mission at Inabayama, met Sarutobi Sasuke and Kasuga, who, like him, had received the order to assassinate Takenaka Hanbei.

Strangely, the two share his next objective too, and end up going his same way. This way, the three, with the assassination of Toyotomi Hideyoshi as objective, silently head to Yamazaki, where the Toyotomi army was spread out in a sturdy formation. As I said, I won't get in your way. Then, let's work hard, ok? Hn, I don't like you at all.

Fuma, assassination of the Conqueror King [Stage starts] Sasuke: Ok, let's see some legendary skills, shall we? I don't believe in you. Let me do as I please, don't concern yourself with me. Hey hey, where are you from anyway? Why are you working as mercenary anyway? Sasuke, leave that guy alone, don't talk to him! I heard your tale when I was a kid How old are you anyway?

All ninjas know that name But no one knows whether he exists or not in this world. To think I would live to see the legend with my own eyes. Lucky thing I became a ninja! Oops, looks like my share's about to be taken. Guess it's time to get serious! The latter swats it away. Immediately after, Kotaro appears from above to strike Hideyoshi's neck, but the latter avoids the attack.

Kotaro gains some distance. Hideyoshi looks at him Hideyoshi: Looks like your preparation is impeccable. Kotaro starts attacking right away, not listening at all Hideyoshi: To assassinate me, Hideyoshi No matter what you do, it is not possible for a ninja to destroy me!!

So you have comrades.? No matter how many mice gather, nothing will change! Sorry, but as it turns out you have to face three enemies! Did you defeat Hanbei like this? I shall have you regret such a foolish move in the depths of hell!!

Looks like your skills differ from those two. What did you throw away to obtain such strength? Toyotomi will surely grow into a menace. For that man's sake, I will strike you down! No wonder that we don't grasp him at all Sasuke is a little far from him Sasuke: Looks like you got a nice stroke of luck.

He did it so easily Anyway, with this the job's over! Next time we meet we'll be enemies, huh? Please go easy on me then! Kasuga and Sasuke notice something strange about him, and get somewhat worried. Suddenly, Kotaro turns towards them, menaciously.

sengoku basara 2 oichi ending relationship

He gets closer, step by step Kasuga: Kotaro, silently, draws his swords Final Chapter Narrator: The reason why Fuma is called a legend Fuma, silently and coolly, proceeded to erase Sasuke and Kasuga. Sasuke, what does this mean!? The hell I know!? He's coming, get ready!! Fuma, exterminate everything [Event at the start of the stage] Kotaro is about to attack Kasuga and Sasuke, who are getting their weapons ready.

A ninja not existing in this world. If you think about it, it's simple. He has erased all enemies who have seen him!! Kotaro starts running, his speed gradually increasing [Stage starts] Sasuke: If you feel like it, this is fine too. Don't complain when your attack turns back on you though.

I won't be killed I'm gonna teach you a couple of good things I'm not as soft as I look. No matter who you are, don't think you can kill me with the title "legend"! This is the end, Wind Demon! Turn into cinders and disappear!! Is this the Hojo's thinking, or your real nature?

Azai Nagamasa

Why did you even move alongside us!! Asking for reasons is just stupid When it is time to kill, kill. Kasuga, this time I can't help you. You have to protect yourself on your own. Ninjas are alone when they die. But you have also lived like that, right? Then you should understand Resent all you want in the otherworld.

Kasuga falls, and Sasuke looks at her Sasuke: Sasuke jumps at Kotaro one last time. Kotaro sets fire to the place Ending Video Kotaro leaves the battleground, and watches it burn from a distant tree. Not a single wound on him Kotaro: He looks at it some more, then disappears as if nothing happened. After Kotaro left, two birds fly up in the sky Are you ready, old man demon king? At the same time, the Oda army is returning to the Honnoji.

Mitsuhide makes his report to Nobunaga Mitsuhide: In the last battle the tiger of Kai has been gravely wounded. Master Nobunaga, how will we Mitsuhide, go and smash him. The scene goes back to the rushing Date army, which happens to cross the Sanada unit. Masamune grins Chapter 1 Narrator: Date Masamune advances with his whole army, directed towards the decisive battle against the demon king - Oda Nobunaga.

However, along the way he was pleased to encounter Sanada Yukimura's force, directed towards the Honnoji, which was aiming at the same objective as himself: That flag is Sanada Yukimura's. Now that we've met, I can't just let him go like this!! Advancing while aiming at the demon king, We ended up meeting the Sanada in a place like this. The relationship between the Takeda and the Oda is presently worsening. I heard that Takeda Shingen suffered grave wounds at Nagashino.

Sanada has probably taken the tiger's will upon himself, and like us, is advancing towards the Honnoji. A shame for him. In the Sanada camp, Yukimura seems in pain Yukimura: His hands pressing down on his wounds, he looks towards the Date camp Yukimura: To meet with the one-eyed dragon now, of all times I had no intention of dealing with you before the Demon King, but.

Sometimes fate is a hateful thing, isn't it? Exactly what I wished to say You're going to the Honnoji too, right? Unfortunately for you, my objective's the same. I heard old man tiger's been struck down. I, Yukimura, have taken his ideal upon myself.

I shall accomplish my duty in the battles the Noble House Lord wishes to conduct!! I shall reach the Honnoji no matter what. I will not let you interrupt me!! That conviction is the real thing, huh The Takeda army won't pass through here. I'm the one going to the Honnoji. Well, only one of us will go visiting the revered demon king. Precisely what I wish!

I shall have you clear this path! As a Takeda commander and as a warrior I shall not lose!! I wanted to fight against those eyes. I'm not going to end as the sideshow before the demon king's main act. Let's give a nice conclusion to this here bout What's up, Sanada Yukimura!? Your movements are way dull!! You're not hot enough!! Show me your true strength!!! Why don't you get serious? He holds his wounds, keeping the pain in check Masamune: Even if I was submerged by hundreds of arrows, I would still go on Kojuro enters the scene, abruptly Kojuro: It's the Oda army!

We are already completely surrounded! Masamune looks down at the injured Yukimura Masamune: We're gonna settle our bout another time.

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Neither of us can go and die in a place like this. Masamune looks in Ranmaru and Mitsuhide's direction. Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura, fatigued by their confrontation, were surrounded; it was a massive Oda army, commanded by Akechi Mitsuhide and Mori Ranmaru. She also thinks that because she's a natural beauty, she can get away with anything. Basically what her Image Song is about. Interplay of Sex and Violence: Flirts with her opponents a great deal and has one move where she restrains them with her ribbons and then kisses them.

It's All About Me: She's incredibly self-centered, demanding a constant stream of gifts and attention. In Sorin's drama route in the fourth game, he convinces her and her sibling to become part of Xavi Land by appealing to her narcissism. Theme of Kyogoku Maria Light 'em Up: Her alternate element, she can also employ a veritable light show to attack in one of her Specials. Nagamasa is wrapped around her little finger and she knows just which buttons to press to get her way.

It doesn't stop there, however - not only is she prepared to manipulate people for her own selfish purposes using threats and flattery, but in Katsuie's story she couldn't give a damn when he kills Oichi and Nagamasa and proceeds to insult him for being pathetic.

She isn't a Christian convert although she does join Sorin at the latter's Drama routeshe's just calling herself 'Maria' because she feels like it.

sengoku basara 2 oichi ending relationship

As it turns out, her name also happens to be the name of the Goddess of Xavism, which leads to Sorin trying to recruit her as a headliner for his Xavi Land amusement park in his drama route. Played for Laughs in one of her routes in Sumeragi, where she challenges Ii Naotora on her Best Her to Bed Her conditions and almost forces a reluctant Naotora to become her groom she runs away screaming before the kiss though.

The very idea that Oichi might direct Nagamasa's attention away from Maria is unacceptable to her, and as such she spends the whole of the fourth game making Oichi miserable. Every word and gesture is meant to emphasize her sex appeal.

Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful! Basically she believes she's the most beautiful woman in the world and thus can do whatever the hell she wants. The fourth game plays this straight. Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids! She was first sent by her brother, Oda Nobunagato marry Azai Nagamasa and to spy on him.

However, she genuinely fell in love with him and was torn between betraying her brother and her lover. Role in Games Spoiler warning: After witnessing her husband's death at the of hands of Nobunaga and then being forced to fight on in Nobunaga's name, she slowly starts to lose her sanity.

The temple collapses and she is presumed dead afterwards. Sengoku BASARA 3 Edit Oichi inexplicably returns in Sengoku Basara 3 having lost her memories after suppressing the pain of witnessing Nagamasa's death and being forced to do cruelties under Nobunaga's name in the past. Rather than bearing the Azai crest, she now uses the Oda crest. In her Red route, Oichi joins Ieyasu - Lord Happy - because he's kind to her and wants to always be there for her. She repeatedly joins him on the battlefield, despite his protests, and him asking her to stay behind.

She chooses to kill Mitsunari - Lord Grumpy - to save him from the "hole in his heart". In her Blue route, she joins Mitsunari and becomes a pawn for in Yoshitsugu's plans to bring misfortune in the world. In this path, her dark side is fostered and fed on the souls of those she is made to fight.