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russia oman relationship

Russia–Trinidad and Tobago relations are the bilateral relations between the Russian Federation and Trinidad and Tobago. Diplomatic relations were. Fazelianov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Oman: only at our bilateral economic relations you would never be able to say that. During the meeting, the Russian leader conveyed greetings and best wishes of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation to His.

russia oman relationship

Nevertheless, Oman's leadership, just like its Persian Gulf neighbors, prefers to share its profits from the sale of natural resources oil and gas with native Arabs. Still, the Omani economy is rather diversified: Pragmatic conservatism Naturally, Oman's foreign policy is bound by its obligations towards the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.

Russia–Trinidad and Tobago relations

On almost all major regional issues - such as the conflict in Syriathe war in Yemen, and the situation in Palestine - Oman follows the lead of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and simultaneously works to enhance its strategic partnership with the U. At the same time, it is hard to argue with Evgeny Satanovskiy, the president of the Institute of the Middle Eastwho concludes that Oman's conservative foreign policies are generally quite pragmatic.

Oman does not have any overt connections with terrorist Islamist groups, which is another manifestation of Qaboos's moderate stance on international issues. Geopolitics does not get in the way of cooperation Naturally, the development of Russia-Oman relations is influenced by current geopolitical differences, including the lack of agreement on the Syrian problem and a number of sensitive issues in the Middle East.

russia oman relationship

But, nonetheless, based on the results of Lavrov's visit to Muscat in early February, both sides "voiced their mutual satisfaction with the current high level of traditionally friendly Russian-Omani relations. According to the concept, peacekeeping operations in the region can only be performed on the grounds of special UN resolutions. Not a large amount by modern standards, but there is definitely a positive dynamic.

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He points out that Russian companies are interested in intensifying their interaction with the Sultanate's fuel and energy complex. But that is not all. Various Russian investors are interested in the Omani market, for example, the Pipe Metallurgical Company.

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The mill became the largest Russian industrial asset in the Persian Gulf region. Several Russian companies are providing services under contracts in the oil and gas industry of the Sultanate. Oman does not have an intergovernmental commission with Russia. Inthe Russian-Omani Business Council was established.

Russia's search for a new Middle East partner now includes Oman | Russia Direct

The legal framework for bilateral cooperation is provided by intergovernmental agreements: Cultural and humanitarian ties with Oman are being strengthened as well. The practice of organising tours of Russian performers in the Sultanate has yielded good results.

In the first half ofthere were successful performances by the Rachmaninov Trio and opera singer Dmitry Khvorostovsky in Muscat.

russia oman relationship

Every year the Russian Ministry of Education and Science provides scholarships for Omani students to study at Russian universities. Cooperation between Russia and Oman is advancing in the sphere of interfaith dialogue.

Every year representatives from Oman take part in the international Quran recitation competition held in Russian.

russia oman relationship

Cooperation in tourism is expanding as well.