Relationship status 9gag tv

The Most Popular 9Gag Posts of (So Far)

relationship status 9gag tv

Are these two websites remotely connected to pornography? Not in a bit. Dec 24, Explore 9GAG's board "9GAG Movie & TV" on Pinterest. Lion King comparison - New Disney Movies, Disney Movie Quotes, Disney . Oct 19, Explore 9GAG's board "9GAG Girly Things" on Pinterest. The status I need and deserve Best Funny Photos, Funniest Pictures, Humorous Pictures, The Beauty And Pain Of Relationships In Comics Relationship Goals, Image fun sur le cinéma et les séries tv Funny Quotes, Funny Memes, Jokes.

Its creator Josh Ostrovsky started the account in and has since amassed more than Ostrovsky has made his identity a central part of his meme account. The page comprises almost entirely of video memes that appeal to a diverse audience. From a child slipping on an icy trampoline to a rat showering like a human, the account humanizes the clumsiness and silly mistakes that accompany everyday life.

relationship status 9gag tv

The page also pokes fun at the downsides of being single, whether it be sitting a movie alone or eating by yourself. Whether inspirational cartoons or posts that offer a harsh perspective on reality, the account offers a fresh perspective on memes.

relationship status 9gag tv

The majority of its memes jokingly address the various ways girls have learned to cope with the stresses of the female experience. While the page predominantly targets females, many of its memes are relatable enough to connect with anyone.

relationship status 9gag tv

Its anonymous creators expertly pair ridiculous photo and video clips with universally relatable captions, resulting in humorous and sharable content. The page is known for targeting Millennials through its hilarious memes that celebrate drama and pettiness.

The account is full of pop culture references and provides humorous and fresh perspectives on various aspects of millennial life, like school, relationships, money, and pets. Known for memes that comment on everyday problems, like watching too much Netflix or dealing with relationships, the account attracts a fanbase of four million plus.

She refers to the page as a reflection of the kind of woman she hopes to be and caters to a huge fan base of over 3. A section featuring LOLcats and all sorts of other funny animals. A page dedicated to all that's funny in showbiz. A blog of funny FAIL pictures and videos.

A collection of the wide variety of memes out there. A collection of jokes for different geek subcultures. They all contains subgroups within them. The universe of LOLs is just that gigantic! Source 2 - CollegeHumor CollegeHumor is a website comprised of original funny videos, pictures, and articles!

The most popular gags on 9GAG for 2014 (So Far)

In essence, it's a place that showcases the most popular quirky stuff from around the world as well as the wackiest happenings on the web.

This comedy and entertainment website started off when two high school friends, Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Even, decided to create something that was both entertaining and would have wide appeal. And so, with some effort and strategy, CollegeHumor was born. As the name suggests, it caters to an audience in their late teens and twenties.

Through the years, the site has been very successful in delivering comedic content to its targeted audience as well as many others outside of it.

When One Of The Boys Gets Into A Relationship by Oleg & Jay - 9GAGFunOff

Its fresh content is divided into categories such as their All-Original video series, photos collections covering sexy pic fails and idiots on Facebook, and articles such as The Troll and CollegeHumor Interviews. They mostly feature well-known stars as well as aspiring comedians.

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The name comes from its voting system where a viewer votes on whether a video is funny or if it can die. When a video clip receives many funny votes, it gets moved to the Immortal section. If it gets a lot of die votes, it gets moved to the Crypt section. While the site is dedicated more to video, it also covers funny images, articles, music, and more. The site is a place of casual entertainment filled with memes and hilarious images.

relationship status 9gag tv

The interface is very similar to 9GAG but it has different toolbars and buttons. While it isn't quite on par with that site yet, it does have a considerable amount of users as well as likes and shares on many different social networking sites.

So, if you want to take a break from more popular sites, then Quick Meme is a solid choice. Source 5 - Meme Center Meme Center is dubbed as the largest creative humor community online. That's all self-proclaimed though, but it may very well earn that accolade. This website has the scroll down feature of 9GAG, making it easy to navigate. Its traffic is strong as it gains around 7 million visitors per month, averaging around during any given time.

It also sees a strong social network presence with the amount of likes, shares, and tweets it receives. There is a wide range of memes available in both images and gifs. Joining the community and becoming an active user can have you potentially getting a shot to be on the Weekly Top Users sidebar. So if it's a variety of funny memes that you are interested in, Meme Center is the place to go. Source 6 - The Oatmeal The Oatmeal is a place featuring a funny mixture of web comics and articles.

It combines the best of two worlds into a colorful mesh which is not only entertaining but also informative.

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As a creation of Matthew Inman inThe Oatmeal is loaded with comical art and drawings, all designed and drawn by Matthew himself. The name of the site comes from his nickname, which was "The Oatmeal. This is very impressive considering that all the content is created by one individual.