Relationship satisfaction definition

relationship satisfaction definition

Relationship Satisfaction: The influence of Attachment, Love Styles and Religiosity .. religiosity research the definition has been over simplified with much focus. Relationship Satisfaction, Commitment and love. Sexual .. Graph I: Means of all the four variables i.e. Intimacy, Passion, Commitment and. Introduction. Relationship Satisfaction; Triangular Model of Love; Gender, Sex and Romantic .. In the investigated sample, commitment had the highest means .

With respect to situational relationship satisfaction, it is hypothesized that a satisfying interaction about a painful task would provide an indicator to individuals that their partner cares for them and will be concerned about their well-being during the task.

Although no studies have examined how situational relationship satisfaction affects pain threat, there is evidence that positive social support during painful tasks reduces perceived pain [ 1521 ]. In the present study, both global and situational i. Both are expected to be related to less pain over the course of the cold pressor task and greater pain tolerance.

In addition, both are expected to reduce the impact of threatening information on pain and pain tolerance.

This study appears to be the first to examine the association between relationship satisfaction and experimentally manipulated pain threat. The study also contributes to the literature by addressing the fact that researchers rarely investigate both global and situational satisfaction despite the fact that both types of relationship satisfaction provide information that can provide insights into clinical intervention design.

Relationship Satisfaction

For instance, results showing that global satisfaction buffers the effect of threat would suggest that future research should test interventions that incorporate activities to bolster general feelings of satisfaction. In contrast, if satisfaction with an interaction about pain buffered the effect of threat, then perhaps building interaction skills surrounding threatening information about pain should be targeted.

relationship satisfaction definition

If both global and situational satisfaction act on threatening pain, then strengthening relationship satisfaction in general and enhancing specific interactions may both be useful components to investigate further. In sum, the distinction between global and situational relationship satisfaction may improve specificity of models and offer new directions for pain intervention development.

Methods Participants Subjects were undergraduate students and their romantic partners. Detailed demographic information about participants and their partners e. Couples were eligible for the study if at least one individual in the couple was a psychology student. Subjects were excluded from the study if they had medical conditions that might involve blood circulation problems e. There was not an exclusion criterion in regards to relationship length.

The effects of environmental factors can best be explained through their interaction with intrapersonal and interpersonal vulnerabilities, however.

For example, although Cowan and Cowan reported significant drops in satisfaction around the time couples have their first child, couples who communicate better appear to be less vulnerable to erosion of marital satisfaction around this stressful time For instance, therapeutic approaches try to change negative expectations about the partner and the relationship in order to enhance constructive discussion. Likewise, emotion-focused interventions attempt to enhance the understanding and down-regulation of negative emotions such as anger that hinder more constructive styles of coping with problems in the relationship.

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relationship satisfaction definition

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Relationship Satisfaction in Young Adults: Gender and Love Dimensions

Levenson, James Gross, et al. Journal of Homosexuality 45 1: Relationship Satisfaction [ TOP ] According to Mattson, Rogge, Johnson, Davidson, and Finchamrelationship satisfaction is on the most important variables in romantic relationship research.

According to De Andrade and Garciathe construct can be accessed through one-dimensional models general quality but also through multidimensional perspectives specific variables. Specific aspects of romantic relationships such as, for example, communication, commitment, love, intimacy and commitment can contribute with relative influence in assessment of the relationship quality.

relationship satisfaction definition

Neto and Pinto demonstrate the positive relationship between satisfaction with love life global assessment of the quality of love life and life satisfaction global assessment of quality of life and affective well-being in a Portuguese sample. According to the study, people who think that they have satisfactory relationships commonly present emotions and affect that are more positive towards life, and such relationship is modified in older people.

For the latter, inferior levels of the relationship are observed.

relationship satisfaction definition

In other words, people satisfied with their romantic relationship perceived the other contexts of live positively. Within conflict-resolution strategies, Zacchilli, Hendrick, and Hendrick signal that Eros and Agape styles are associated with positive strategies for the resolution of conflicts. In contrast, due to low commitment and adventurous attitudes, Ludus is associated with destructive strategies such as domination and reactive interaction.

Pragma and Storge, according to the same study, are love styles linked to commitment strategies. The model proposes a structure with three essential components of the romantic relationship: Those aspects are schematically organized and in their ensemble constitute a triangle that, according to their combination in terms of presence, absence and intensity of feelings, structure different possibilities of the expression of love Sternberg, ; Yela, According to Aron and Westbaythe hypothesis of the three components of love is present in various theories about the phenomenon.

It is also associated with the perspective of the implicit theories on love. On the contrary, if all components are present there would be full and complete love Sternberg, The presence of only intimacy would constitute an expression marked by intense affection, very close to a feeling of friendship.

Relationship Satisfaction |

The exclusive presence of passion would lead to intense sexual desire, which would be under risk of extinction with time. For Ainsworth and Baumeisterpassion operates as an emotion, whereas intimacy is a condition for the maintenance of the relationship. According to Kim and Hatfieldcouples that experience passionate love tend to also experience positive affects, whereas companionate relationships are more associated with life satisfaction.