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relationship blogs vancouver

Relationship and dating advice in the written and spoken word; come join in on the conversation. Mark Groves | Dating Tips & Relationship Blog. Vancouver, British Columbia About Blog. This list is made of Vancity couples who are style experts, travel junkies, entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, photographers, animal lovers, etc. Posting some of the.

I believe you have to win the love lottery. Like having a successful career, so much about love is being in the right place at the right time.

relationship blogs vancouver

Knowing what you need, and having the right attitude can help. Find someone who understands and accepts you. Of course, that requires you do the same for them. I've found people who are happy in their relationships, their jobs, or life in general, accept what they have and are easily able to convince themselves they love it. That's not the same as settling. These are some of the common threads I see in successful long term relationships: It also helps if you find someone who is more like you than not.

Opposites may attract but they don't stick. You shouldn't have to work too hard, and with any luck, you get a good severance package if it doesn't work out.

He's an idiot who'd never have made you truly happy anyway! I'm only partly kidding. If your behavior is the cause of the break-up, address it or you will repeat the pattern. I'm also a big believer in talking it out with friends.

A glass of wine or coffee and a good friend is more fun than therapy In my case I looked at the relationship of my man and his mother. She said it took her husband almost having an affair for her to see him with new eyes, and she was cautioning all her friends not to wait to that point with their husbands. I was fascinated by that idea and asked her to explain. I stopped seeing him as the individual that he was and instead only saw him as my husband, almost an extension of me.

It was like I was blinking awake out of a long sleep. I saw my husband as a vibrant, complex human being, much more than just my mate, and I saw that he was desirable and quite a catch. It is a decision, and it partly involves setting aside the taking-for-granted mindset that we all fall into from time-to-time.

relationship blogs vancouver

In exploring this further, I asked about what happened when she showed him affection. The fact is, moods and mindsets and behaviours are often contagious. This dynamic is at work in your relationship, too. Decide to jumpstart the loving moments in your marriage or relationship by deciding to be the one to initiate them, rather than wait for them.

And eventually, your partner might initiate them too! There you have it, 3 ways to jumpstart your relationship in the New Year. October 10, by imagovancouver I ran into someone the other day at the grocery store who attended a Getting the Love You Want Workshop with her partner a few years ago.

She stopped me in the produce section and asked if I remembered her. I told her she seemed familiar but that I was sorry I could not place her. She reminded me that they had attended our workshop and she wanted to thank me for saving her marriage.

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I was quite uncomfortable because I know I did not save her marriage. Still, she seemed intent on thanking me. What I realized as I said good bye was that it was our workshop that had saved her marriage. She said that coming to the workshop was a last ditch effort for them.


This is a very common experience for many couples and too many wait until it is almost too late to attend. Why do people avoid attending, thinking that a couples workshop is not for them?

relationship blogs vancouver

I believe the one word answer to this is FEAR. People are afraid because they may think it will make things worse or that they will have to air their dirty laundry in a group situation. This was such a revelation to me. So hearing from this woman put into perspective how powerfully positive it can be.

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If you or someone you know wants to positively transform their relationship tell them to come to a Getting the Love You Want workshop. Dare ya- Get yourself and your partner to a workshop! In support, Tamara — Maureen here — writing from the annual Imago conference in Florida — recently more research was published that demonstrates Imago works. There is so much that happens this time of year…a new school year for kids, a new job for some, a new series starting, a new fitness regime, new apples finally at the market, and new weather patterns.

This time of year is when new things always happen. In the Jewish calendar, September is the New Year — a time of reflection, of taking stock and even asking forgiveness for the things one needs to take responsibility for over the past year. In the spirit of being conscious and moving forward, I thought it might be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to think about how the next season of life and love should begin. Here are some questions to get you started: Is there a behaviour change that is needed in your relationship?

Is there something you want to take responsibility for that you have been putting off? Are there life changes about to happen you need to talk about? This rings true in my own relationship as we are about to become empty nesters. Our youngest is moving away to go to university next week.

We know we will miss him like crazy but we keep avoiding talking about how this is going to affect us. Because we are not sure of what to do with all the time we will have, we have been putting off making plans or committing to new things.

We, like many of you, have been avoiding discussing what needs to be addressed because the newness of our next chapter is scary and unfamiliar.