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If you want to do it nicely, I believe the Sims must have a high enough relationship bar and be friendly to each other until the option appears to. I'm going steady with someone and I want to break up with them. My relationship with her is now 13 because i got into a fight with her on. MySims DS Complete Walkthrough by Freyashawk email: . If it ends successfully, you will receive a sum of money from the Tourist.

Fisherman Joseph should be back too. And this is just a rumour, but I heard that there's some one living in the house in the Forest. There isn't any one in the Forest, and it hasn't been touched, as far as I know I wonder if some one really is living out there. Tourists are coming into town!

Tourists are starting to visit the town, and they will also have avrious favours to ask of you. Try to satisfy their wishes! Speak to Helen again and she will tell you: It looks like both Tyler and Ashley have opened up shops. Thanks to you, both of them seem reinvigorated. When you exit the Town Hall, you will obtain another Game Tip: The top screen acts as a giant clock.

The game is divided into 4 time segments: The Sims' behaviour will change depending on the time, so be sure to walk around the time during different time segments.

It is Thursday morning and it is important to begin to learn how to use both the Map and the Clock. By accessing the Clock screen, you can see that it is the beginning of the morning period, giving you time to visit shops that are open in the morning on Thursday. Joseph's Fishing Shop is at the Dock Area on another screen, but he can be found there usually only at night.

If you return to the Dock Area now, it will be empty. A notice at Olivia's General Store will indicate that she is not yet prepared to open her shop for business today. In fact, if you go to Tyler's shop now, you will obtain a notice to the effect that the shop is 'Open from noon to eveniing'.

If you speak to Ewan in the Police Station, he simply will tell you how bored he is. You need to speak to residents who are active in the Town area now. Go to the northwest corner of the screen first to speak to Tim at the Racquetball Court. Hehe, suprised that I know your name?

I took a peek at your Residential Registration form. But I haven't said anything to Grandma since I don't wanna worry her needlessly I wanna do somethin' about this shabby town And turn it into a beautiful place where Sims would wnna move to.

I'm dressed like this to attract Sims' attention to this place. It is important to speak to him again to unlock the first mini-game of Racquetball. Are you here to play Racquetball too? If we had a really good Racquetball player here Sims would hear about it and more Sims would be interested in checkin' out this town. If I lend you a racquet, you wanna try? Now you can play the first level of Racquetball simply by entering the Court. Racquetball ordinarily can be played during the day.

In the various mini-games that are available in the DS game, you earn Simoleons whenever you gain points. New games and upgrades in sports equipment appear to be unlocked NOT by winning medals or achieving any specific point total but simply by playing the game a specific number of times!

It therefore does not matter that much if you play well or poorly in terms of advancing the plot. The only difference will be seen in the amount of money you are able to earn each time you play the game. The first game that is unlocked is Racquetball. You will unlock this at the very start of the game when you speak to Tim, grandson of the Mayor, Helen.

You begin with a Regular Racquet and a game called 'Rally'. By playing this game a specific number of times, you will obtain a Heavy Racquet and the option to choose a new game entitled 'Target 1'.

When you have played a specific number of times, you will unlock a Speed Racquet and a new game called 'Target 2' Flowers for the Tourists After you play your first game of Racquetball, visit Ashley at the Flower Shop.

The world's loveliest florist is opening the world's best flower shop. Make sure to fill your room with flowers. The flower shop sells flowers to adorn your home and the town. Give a bouquet of flowers to a tourist as a present to make them really happy! By speaking to Ashley and reading this tip, your Star Rating will increase a little.

It's good to make the grounds lovely, but people need to be lovely too. Now you will have an option to: Go shopping Tap on the Shopping icon to see two choices: House plants Buy portable item House Plants: When you do, you will obtain another Game Tip: Make tourists happy to receive a few coins. As the number of happy tourists increases, the impression of the town improves, leading to more visitors to the town.

Gift Converse After you have performed a successful interaction with a Tourist, you will have a little more money to spend at the local shops. When noon arrives, visit Tyler's Shop. Sorry to keep you waiting.

We're back in business to sell you clothes. I've turned over a new leaf and I'm ready to sell, sell, sell! Clothes can be purchased at the tailor's! If you want to change into your new clothes, place a closet in your home first.

Your Star Level will increase a little simply by speaking to him. Speak to him again and he will say: I'm still an apprentice. I'm making a varity of clothes. All requests will be handled with a smaile. Whatever size you need can be arranged. Please try something on. I don't think my shop has enough of a variety of clothes. I need more custom- designed clothes to keep my customers happy.

Now you will see an option to: Go Shopping Here the items that are offered appear to differ depending on whether your character is a boy or a girl and perhaps depending on the sort of outfit your character chose initially. Once an item is purchased, it will not appear in the shop menu again, unlike items offered at other shops.

In any case, here are some of the items offered at the start of Tyler's 'reborn' career as a Tailor: Purchasing items from all local shops is vital to the economy! After noon, return to Ashley's Flower Shop. She will tell you that she is glad to see you and then speak of her new plan.

I'm glad you're here. I'm thinking about making leis, you know, to make people more delightful.

My sim is in a relationship with someone that doesn't seem to exsist.

But to tell you the truth, I'm so awful at making them Could you give me a hand? Slide the same coloured card onto the example. Pause Only one category of Lei will be available at the beginning. Giving these to the tourists should make this town even more lovely!

As a token of my thanks, you can keep one of the leis. I hope you can help me again. Your Star level will increase. The second mini-game you will unlock is at the Flower Shop. It is a game wherein you 'Make Leis' for the flower shop owner. Each time you complete the mini-game, you will be given a Lei as a Reward.

The size of Lei that you are given does not depend upon your score but on the specific type of Lei you chose to make. How to Make a Lei To make a lei Touch the shuffle panel. Pause The first size is 'Small' and you will not unlock any larger size until you have played this game a specific number of times.

Again, the only significance of the score is the total number of Simoleons that you will receive at the end of the game. Playing the game to make 'Small' Leis will result in the gift of a 'Small' Lei from Ashley, the owner of the shop.

The second size that is unlocked is the 'Regular' Lei. Making Regular Leis will result in the gift of a Regular Lei as well as allowing you to earn far more money. The third size of Lei that you will unlock is the 'Large' Lei. Again, the real significance of this in terms of the number of points you receive is the total amount of money that you make. None of these will be available at this point in the game. Continue to make leis until the Flower Shop shuts when the evening period begins.

You now can enter the General Store to the right of Tyler's Shop in the southeastern corner of the town. When you enter, however, you will see no one. Go to the suit of armour in the corner and press 'A'.

Olivia will appear to say: I bought this armour for my store, and when I tried it on, I couldn't get out of it I thought I would be stuck here forever. I've finished putting the goods out. I sell a variety of things, so take a look around. It's nice to meet you. The general goods store.

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Not only can you buy items at the general goods store, but you can sell them as well. Sell items you don't need anymore, or if you're carrying too many things. Remember to empty excess items into a Chest at your home for storage! It is a good idea to have many gifts on hand and sometimes shops will not be open when you need a gift. Keep some in your Chest as well as your Rucksack. After speaking to Olivia, your Star level will increase. Speak to Olivia again. I don't have any customers You now will have an option to: Go shopping When you select this, you will see three choices: Buy furniture Sell portable item Sell furniture There are two categories: Entertainment Special Items designated by?

You need to support local businesses, even if none of the items that Olivia sells at present really are vital.

If you have spent your afternoon making leis for Ashley, you should have enough money to buy a few items here. If you exit the Town screen in the Northwest, you will find yourself in a new area known as the Highlands. You will find Tim at another Racquetball Court. You may see Ashley further to the west enjoying the countryside. Don't tell me you didn't have fun! If you agree to help me out with my plan You get to keep the racquet!

Your Star Level will increase. Ewan will be at the Port Area after nightfall. Your actions have helped bring in more tourists here. Helen's counting on you. I'm sure she's put her faith in the right Sim. Time for this officer to get down to some real work. I've got to patrol the area to serve and protect this town.

I like your zeal, so you can help me out But first, you need to pass a test! To become a police officer here, you need to know every nook and cranny of this town. Here, I'm giving you this camera. Go to the Forest and take a photo of the Symbol Tree with this camera. That photo will be proof that you've been out on patrol. You'll recognise the Symbol Tree by its distinctive shape. Hold the camera to take photos. An icon on the upper left indicates that photos can be taken. Try taking lots of different photos!

Touch the camera icon, or press L to hold the camera. Touch the shutter button or press R to release the shutter.

The photos taken can be viewed in the status screen. Take the road that leads north from the Port Area to find the western part of the Forest.

Here you will find the Symbol Tree. A sign in front of it announces 'Symbol Tree' so you cannot miss it. Take a photograph of the Tree, then return to Ewan with it. Oh, it looks like you've managed to get a good photo of the tree. I'll tell you what: Just keep up the good work, deputy!

Meet Joseph the Fisherman: Although he won't be seen on the map at this point, you should be able to find Joseph in the Fishing Shop during the night hours. Never seen ya around.

Relationships in the Sims Mobile

I'm busy, so don't get in mah way. Converse You must complete a successful Social Interaction with Joseph, then speak to him again. You wanna go fishin' wif me sumtime? Your Star Rating will increase. Speak to him again. I'm busy now, so I can' be dealin' wif ya right now. If yer interested in sum Fishing, you best come back another time.

If you speak to him again during this night period, he simply will repeat himself. Wait until morning, then return to the Fishing Shop to speak to him again.

I'm busy, so just leave me be. You must complete another successful Social Interaction with him now. Ya don' stop, do ya? But you don' seem to be a bad Sim. I fergot to ask yer name the other day. Pleased to meet ya. If you speak to him during this period again, he will tell you as before that: As you discovered, you can take a path north from the Pier Area to the Forest. East of the Symbol Tree, you will find a shop. Enter it to find a girl sleeping in her chair. Your only option will be: Complete a successful Social Interaction.

I was sleeping again. Hey, who are you? You wanna buy some? I'll just think of some new furniture designs. Furniture purchased at the furniture store can be placed in your Home. The purchased furniture can be viewed by pressing the storage icon on the status screen. Your Star rating will increase. Speak to her again. See anything you like? Don't be shy to buy. I made them all myself.

There aren't any customers, so I can sleep as much as I want. You now will see an option to: Northwest of the Furniture Shop, you will see a sign that declares: Return to see Joseph after noon. Basically, you need to visit him at three different time periods before he will offer the fishing option to you.

I wanna ask you for a little favour. I luv fishin' and mah dream is to see all the fish in the world. An' this world is so huge I'll give you this rod so whenever you catch a fish, I wancha to bring it to mah place so I can take a gander at it.

Received Regular Fishing Rod! Complete the fish book! Give Joseph a fish to have it added to the fish book. Select the fish icon in the status screen to view the fish book. You can check data on reeled in fish by viewing this screen. Touch the icon in the upper right of the screen when it appears, or press R to go fishing.

The fish that can be caught will differ depending on whether you go fishing in the river or ocean, or even the time of day. Try fishing in different places at different times of the day. Your Star Level will increase and you will reach Star Level 2. Star Level 2 has been reached!

The day automatically will end now and it will become Saturday morning. Astaria News Star Level is up to 2! A few stores have opened up and the town is picking up. The mayor is thinking of ways to improve the town's transportation system. All the visitor are having a wonderful time and the number of tourists is climbing steadily. With the number of Sims increasing, we've decided to introduce a trolley system to improve the transportation around here.

There will be a small fare to ride the trolley, but it'll be very convenient, so please do use its services when you can. And, to increase the number of shops, I've hired some one to reopen the cake shop that had been closed down.

He should be at the shop by now. With this, the Town is taken care of But there are other areas that need tending to. I think the Highlands need to be addressed first We don't have the funds to hire a ranger for that area yet. It's a nice place with a windmill and all With the opening of the cake shop, the Town will have a full range of shops What am I going to do about finding a ranger for the Highlands? Speak to her again: Oh, a furniture store has opened up there.

That's fine, of course, but the store needs to be registered. If you followed the Walkthrough in this guide, you will attain your Second Star Level after receiving the Fishing Rod.

Whenever you are in a location where fishing is possible, you will see a fishing pole icon at the top right of the screen.

Tap the icon to obtain a prompt: Would you like to go Fishing? Instructions for Fishing Use the Touch Screen.

Touch the float and slide Move the float Touch the float twice Pause Touch the open book icon on the right upper corner to access information: Move the lure around to attract fish. If the bob sinks, touch it twice quickly to reel in the fish. Different fish react to different lure movements, so try applying various motions to the lure. With the fishing rod, you can catch fish that can be sold to Joseph as well as certain special items, such as an Anchor or Crayfish, that may be requested by a Tourist randomly.

Any new type of fish will be entered by Joseph in the Fishing Book. If you have caught the same type of fish previously, he simply will pay you for it. Special Items in Fish From time to time, when you give a fish to Joseph, he will tell you: You will see these displayed at Olivia's General Store.

Other items that are found inside fish are pearls. These can be displayed in your home or given to Olivia to be made into rings. Items are 'loaded' into the fish at the point when you give them to Joseph. Any type of fish can contain an item. If it does not contain any item or does not contain an item that you need, simply reload your game until you achieve the result you want. In fact, though, finding an item in a fish is a possibility only and you may be forced to reload a number of times before Joseph will announce that an item has been found.

It may be better simply to catch more fish and take your chances naturally! Make as many leis as you can for her. This will increase your income and give you gifts for Tourists. Moreover, when you have made a few, she will tell you: Unlocking the 2nd Level of Leis Ashley: Wow, you've become so good at making leis. Next time, can you help me make a normal lei?

It's a tad more difficult to make, but the receiving party will be that much happier. Your Star Level will increase a little.

To show you my thanks, I want you to have this lei. Olivia will be at the Florist this morning. The items in this store They're from a special supplier.

And the identity of the supplier I'm afraid that's a secret. Unlocking the first upgrade for the Florist Shop If you have purchased a few items from Ashley, when you speak to her again: Oh, I have some good news for you.

I'm going to be putting out a new product tomorrow to help spread the beauty of flowers. You will find the Cake Shop now open. Go inside to speak to Charlie, who is behind the counter. How many will you buy? You are not a customer? Oh, you are Freyashawk! I am Chef Charlie. Maybe you can help me distribute my special cakes. A wide variety of cake can be bought at the cake shop. Giving cakes to visiting Sims sound like a good way to make them happy, but be careful; different Sims have different tastes.

You are here for cake, yes? My cakes are perfect, and yet As with respect to any business, spending money there will encourage the owner to offer new items. There are two 'upgrades' for any business. Level 1 for the business represents the items that are available at the start. Level 2 represents the new items that are offered first. Level 3 is the highest upgrade.

I have included sections for each business in this guide that give lists of all items that are available at Level 3. Unlocking a Racquetball Upgrade: Between noon and dusk, go to the Forest to find Tim in front of the Racquetball Court and play one or more games of Racquetball until Tim declares: You must be gettin' tired of this same ol' Racquetball game.

I arranged it so that next time you'll be able to play a new game called Target 1 - if you want to, that is. But it's fun, so you should check it out! Ashley's Flower Shop is shut in the evenings and Racquetball can be played only during the Morning and Afternoon periods as well. In the evening, you can visit the Forest where Sophie has her furniture shop. You now have a Fishing Rod and there is a river as well as a lake in the Northern part of the Map where the Highlands and Forest are situated where you can catch freshwater fish.

You will find Joseph at the river above the Furniture shop in the evening on Saturday. What a great fishin' hole!

Maybe you can catch some rare fish in here. Joseph can be found at different locations on the Map at different times of day on different days of the week. Speak to him to discover where rare fish can be caught. Fish until the Night period arrives, then go to the Port Area to visit Joseph. He will be found at the Fishing Shop during the Night period and it is then that you will be able to sell your fish to him. The Furniture Shop will not be open during the Night period.

Shooting Stars At night, when you look at the Clock screen, you often will be able to see shooting stars. If you are diligent in searching the ground of any area during the night period, you can find spots where you see a tiny light sparkling. Is it a star that has fallen to earth or something else?

Whatever it represents, it denotes the location of treasure. Press 'A' or use your stylus to tap the sparkle and you will discover treasure. The treasure may be a random sum of money, a special item such as a Surfboard or Sea Wall or a rare fish such as a Pacific Saury or Sardine.

The item is 'loaded' into the game at the time of access, so if you are looking for a specific item, save your game BEFORE you press 'A' to uncover the treasure. If you do not obtain the item you need, simply reload the game and try again.

From the second night of gameplay, you can search all locations that have been unlocked for sparkles that indicate hidden treasure.

You should be able to find at least half a dozen each night that you search. Often, the items that you find will be rare and valuable. Some will be items that cannot be obtained in any other fashion. Others, like surfboards, can be purchased at local shops.

Rare fish can be obtained but random sums of money are the most common 'treasure' item found beneath a sparkle. Finally, it appears that the items that you find beneath sparkles are somewhat connected to the area where you find them.

The items that can be found at the Port Area are fish, surfboards, plugs and other items with a 'sea' theme, such as a 'Sea Wall'. Items that are found in the Forest include potted plants of the sort that are sold at the Florist Shop. Items found in the Town can be cakes like Shortcake or Leis.

Sunday On Sunday morning: Olivia's General Store is open. Enter and speak to her: I wanted to let you know I will be out buying supplies tomorrow, so the store will be closed. Sorry for the inconvenience Buy whatever you can today in order to persuade her to upgrade to the next level. The Cake Shop is open. Buy Cheese Cake and Shortcake from Charlie.

At the Florist, you will see a sign: New flowers just in. Ashley- On Sunday, however, the Flower Shop is shut and if you try to open the door, you will see an announcement to that effect: You therefore cannot play the lei-making game today in order to make money. Your only choice is Racquetball. Heavy Racquet Tim will be found in the morning at the first Racquetball Court in the northwest area of the Town.

Speak to him if you have unlocked the second Racquetball game of Target 1 and he will say: I see you're gettin' better and better at Racquetball! It looks like you can make good use of this, so I'll give it to you. Meet the Highlands Ranger If you go to the Highlands in the morning to investigate the house in the far North that was empty last night, you will meet a new Sim: What do YOU want?

You will have an option now to: Converse After a successful Social Interaction, she will say: Oh, I almost forgot! I'm the ranger here, you know. So what are you doing here? Can I help out? It doesn't matter, I guess. There's a lot of things to be done here in the Highlands, so just make yourself handy. Just figure it out yourself! Approach areas where grass is sparse and press A, or touch the actual ground itself to place various items there.

You will be given a choice of five different items to place. Bed of tulips, bed of sunflowers, statue, rest area. When you have finished, go to Marie: I was just starting to think that people might come to this town The screen will go black and you then will find yourself in the Ranger's cottage. Wow, you actually helped me out? You're a curious one, aren't ya? Well, you can go home now. She will pay you and your Star Rating will increase a little. Sophie's Furniture Shop will be open in the morning today.

Name the Furniture Shop Sophie: When you attempt to leave: Exit and return to speak to her again. You now will have an option to name the Furniture Shop: What is Sophie's store name?

Please choose a name for Sophie's store. A maximum of 20 alphanumeric characters can be used. Agree and she will awaken suddenly. That's a load off my mind. I feel so good that I can get back to sleeping Your star level will increase considerably. When you have finished enhancing the Highlands, it will be noon. Marie will be found outside her Cottage: I should play some sports to unwind. You will be given the option now to: You wnat to do some work in the Highlands again?

Well, you can do as you like just as long as you do it by yourself. Play some Racquetball, then return to the Bakery to speak to Charlie: Charlie the Local Gossip Charlie: Thank you for buying so much cake!

I am a happy chef! You know, I hear a lot of gossip in my shop. And if you buy more cake I will tell you about me! Every one expects me to be a famous Italian chef like my cousin Gino. I love Chinese food! Chinese food and cake mixed together This is my secret dream. After you purchase some cake from him, he may tell you: I hear that Ashley was very, very happy.

Something good must have happened. Ah yes, I hear that Tyler was very, very happy. During the afternoon period, you can: Speak to him to discover: Man, this is a terrible fishin' hole. No fish is gonna be swimmin' in here At different periods each day, you may be able to find Joseph at a different fishing location. By speaking to him, you will discover the best locations to fish.

At night, you may find Ewan in the Town. If you have been interacting with as many tourists as possible, he may say: More tourists have started visiting But there should be more visitors! Stiff Fishing Rod If you have been fishing regularly and have caught and sold a number of fish to Joseph, you may be given a better fishing rod when you visit him during the night period now: Yer findin' it fun fishin in the ocean?

I'll give ya this. It's a Stiff Fishing Rod. It'll be easier fishin' with this here. Received Stiff Fishin' Rod! Do not forget that the Night period is the time when you can find treasure in the ground at any location where you see a sparkle. Alternate between Fishing and searching the ground in every part of the Map that has been unlocked.

Sophie's Furniture Shop in Forest Ashley's Florist Charlie's Bake Shop If you purchased a number of items from Olivia and she announced yesterday that she would be buying supplies today, her shop will be shut until tomorrow morning. It is Tyler's day off and you may find him in the Bakery this morning. If you bought many items from him, you may see a sign in front of his shop today: For all your clothing needs! New items in store! Some new flower friends have arrived today. They'll help to make your room lovelier than ever!

Shop at Level 2: Sophie's Announcement of Upgrade If you have been buying items regularly from Sophie, she may make an announcement today: Tomorrow I'm going to have some new furniture.

You jsut wait and see. You can play Racquetball, make Leiis or conduct successful Social Interactions with Tourists to make money this morning.

As always, buy as many of the new items as possible at Ashley's Shop. If you have been following this Walkthrough, there may be a Tourist in the Port Area. Whenever you find a Tourist in a new area of the Map, conduct a successful Social Interaction immediately to make progress in this game. If you find Joseph on the beach closest to the exit to the Town, he will say: This fishin' hole is awright I guess. I'm sure there'll be sum fish in them waters but I ain't gonna expect much. If you find him at the northeast corner of the Lake in the Highlands, he will say the same thing.

Game Hints from Charlie: If you buy cakes from Charlie today, afterwards he may tell you: Ah, I just remembered.

Marie was looking for you, Freyashawk. You should go see what that was about. This hint will be given only if you have been following this Walkthrough and have 'Enhanced the Highlands' for Marie previously. There is no point in visiting her today, however, as she simply will repeat her usual complaint about being bored and wanting to take up a sport.

You need to visit her tomorrow to trigger the next event. This is a random event that can occur at any point during the game.

When you engage a Tourist in conversation, instead of obtaining the usual 'Gift' and 'Converse' options, the Tourist may make a special request. All of the interactions are introductions. The color of the chat bubble is gray.

Acquaintance This is the first level of relationship that you will have with the other Sims if you talk or interact with them three times. Friend You can initiate a social event with that Sim to make your relationship stronger and to be a friend once your relationship level is at level 2. You can invite them in your house for a tea, share food or just gossip. Romantic Interest You can change the status of your friendly relationship with someone to a romantic one during relationship level 3 by initiating a Social Event called "Declare attraction".

You'll be a romantic interest after the event. Close Friend You can be a close friend to other Sims if that said Sims is a friend of yours and with a relationship level 4. You can start a Social Event called "Deepen friendship" to become close friends. Sweet Heart You'll be sweetheart status once you've reached relationship level 5 with your romantic interest. You can now kiss, make out or hold hands.

Lover You can be lovers once you've reached relationship level 7 with your sweetheart. You can now woohoo with your lover, but you must have the at least the Sleepytime Double. Relative These are Sims connected by blood.