Morocco spain relationship

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morocco spain relationship

Morocco and Spain are not only friendly and neighbouring countries, but also strategic partners linked by relations based on respect, dialogue. The strengthening bond between Spain and Morocco is reflected in their cooperation on illegal immigration, terrorism and the economy. Indeed. Coveted by Morocco, they have long been a flashpoint in diplomatic relations with Spain. Madrid asserts that both territories are integral parts of Spain and have.

Some make their living from French translations and others changed direction completely.

morocco spain relationship

A veteran Spanish teacher, she is probably responsible for digging out most of the data available. This number fell to 69 the following year, then to 64 in and 50 in In Rabat, it was French that was spoken automatically and in the north it was Spanish.

Morocco’s diminishing interest in learning Spanish

You got to Tangier and you would find Spanish television on. It is what characterized the north of the country.

morocco spain relationship

The government trained Spanish secondary teachers to meet the demand. He also argues for the creation of an entity to study the evolution of Spanish so that the current situation can be properly measured.

Morocco and Spain are Not Only Friendly Countries, But Also Strategic Partners |

A Moroccan improves his French, which allows him to improve his job. In the worst diplomatic spat between the two countries in almost a decade, Moroccan activists were blocking food imports into one of the enclaves and promising more action to come.

The Spanish government and the press were appalled, not so much at the protest, but that it had taken place after King Juan Carlos himself had stepped in to try to calm tensions that had been boiling over for days.

See pictures of immigration in Europe.

morocco spain relationship

This most recent flare-up in the sovereignty dispute started a month ago, when Morocco's foreign affairs ministry released a statement accusing Spanish authorities of beating five Moroccans who were trying to legally cross Europe's southernmost border through what Rabat calls the "occupied" enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Spain said it would investigate the allegations, but unsatisfied with the response, Morocco put out four more accusatory statements, including one calling Spanish police "racist.

morocco spain relationship

But the following morning, Morocco escalated the dispute when two government-aligned organizations prevented vehicles carrying fish and other staples from crossing the border into Melilla.

The blockade lasted only one day, but the Moroccan activists promised to extend the blockade to construction materials next week.

Added to a series of diplomatic setbacks involving the European Union, Latin America, and Northern Africa, Morocco's lack of reverence is exposing an uncomfortable new reality for Spain, one in which it no longer holds a top spot in world affairs.

morocco spain relationship

Not long ago, Spain was a power to be reckoned with. Officials, including the minister, have repeatedly suggested that Italian actions in Libya caused smuggling networks there to displace their activities to Morocco. There is a strong feeling in Morocco that European actions have caused the extra pressure on their territory.

The EU had already faced a cooling in the relationship with Morocco following European Court of Justice rulings against the applicability of the fisheries and agriculture agreements to the Western Sahara.

Migrants who stormed Morocco-Spain border sent back

However, enhanced cooperation has led Spain, and by extension the EU, into uncertain waters when it comes to human rights and international law, as in other parts of the Mediterranean. Following the second jumping of the fence at Ceuta on 22 August, Spain returned migrants to Morocco within 48 hours.

Human rights advocates argue that this did not allow sufficient time to ensure proper processing of all dossiers.

Morocco–Spain relations

Unsurprisingly these actions provoked no response from the EU. The country has experienced a sustained pattern of protest and political activism over the past two years in spite of sometimes harsh repression. It struggles to achieve more than weak economic growth and to ensure development reaches the most deprived regions.