Master slave relationship dynamics

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master slave relationship dynamics

One of the most compelling sexual relationships is the Master/slave a Master inherently sexual for you, or is it more about power dynamics?. Known as 'Dom/sub' or 'Master/slave' relationships, some couples enjoy taking the power dynamic to a whole new level, venturing well outside. Joe and Kim Debron are in a master & slave relationship. Kim is Joe's slave and always refers to him as Master or Sir. "It's really just the same.

It started at I discovered it basically sets me free in ways that can only be felt through experience. What do you think drives your need for sexual domination?

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Sexual domination is only a small part of domination. There are many variations. Kink is an intimate experience: People who practice kink explore the territory between pleasure and pain, eroticize the exchange of power, experience intense physical sensations and psychological scenarios, and test and push their limits.

Is being a Master inherently sexual for you, or is it more about power dynamics? The couple is increasingly blended into one being. Where do your slaves live?

master slave relationship dynamics

In what condition are they kept? They are individuals having successful professional careers. It takes tremendous commitment to follow a path that at best is likely to be misunderstood by those around you.

master slave relationship dynamics

Europe is more free in this perspective than the U. My slaves see me as a Master who has enough life experience, knowledge and wisdom to serve as their mentor and teacher so they are obedient and respectful. How can you go into BDSM keeping emotions aside? Those who do will never truly understand the gift that is offered when total submission, obedience and service is given.

Precisely for that reason, however, one couple supplements their basic contract with rules and rituals that they revise and update annually.

MICHAEL TSARION: Master Slave Relationship

Some of the Masters always sleep with their slaves, while others make them sleep on the floor, in another room, in a cage, or elsewhere. Most of the slaves wear collars full-time, though not always the same collar. Some may wear a light chain at work, a leather collar most of the time at home, and a heavier metal collar in the playroom.

A consensual slave is more like leased property, which must be used within agreed limits and relinquished in good condition at the end of the agreed term including options for renewal! Committed, consensual slavery has so much potential for satisfaction of both Master and slave precisely because it is sustained neither by law, by custom, nor by force but by their own wills.

Each knows that he is wanted by the other, in different yet complementary ways. And, as in any good marriage, the whole is more than the sum of the parts. The level of commitment that such a relationship demands, from both parties, exceeds what most guys who try it are able to sustain past a year or two. Some will find satisfaction at a lower level of intensity, some will continue trying to live up to their fantasies, or ideals, with different partners, and others will say goodbye to all that, probably not without regret.

The best Masters I know all manifest a bone-deep humility and lack of pretense. They realize that commanding and controlling are no more praiseworthy than serving and obeying. Both are necessary, and both require discipline to do well. A slave gives himself because he trusts the Master to make the best of both of their lives. Possess me, use me, and you can do great things, his submission implies. And what makes a good slave? Obedience, first of all, but not mere obedience.

master slave relationship dynamics

A good slave will not just follow instructions but be on the lookout for additional ways to serve, anticipating routine commands and relieving the Master of concern over trivia. Of course, what is a routine chore for one slave might represent extraordinary thoughtfulness or a punishable presumption for another. There is a danger, however, in taking this approach too far. Many slaves make the mistake of thinking that their job is to please their Masters.

If the couple is on the same page with their expectations, operating by the same rules, and have or develop a good relationship skill set, then they have the ingredients to create a relationship that endures.

Or not — with pretty much the same likelihood of success anyone has in forging any type of relationship. I haven't heard of anything with a shelf life of over 5 years. No relationship can guarantee longevity.

It would be a mistake to assume that because the Owner is in control of decision-making, that this ensures longevity that is different from any other relationship. Then there are those which fall apart because of dysfunctional dynamics, with ugly uncollarings or slaves doing that traumatic vote-with-feet thing.

Understanding Master/ slave Power Exchange Basics

And then there are those where the people involved surmount the hurdles that come along and have a really nice relationship for a long time. It takes work to make it work. Its distinguishing features are the decision-making and obedience and chattel factors, but the rest of it is good old meat-and-potatoes relationship stuff: Yet this is a very unbending structure in these defining particulars and the reality is that most people find this constraining in ways that they do not like.

The people who do this are those whose core needs and kinks are fed by this lifestyle. Notice I say need, not desire.

master slave relationship dynamics

There are other attributes as well but I think those are probably the biggies. Those who are not wired this way, do not.