Lyrics of long distance relationship songs

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lyrics of long distance relationship songs

There is always good chance that, at some point or another, you will find yourself in a long distance relationship. Being away from your partner. Long Distance Relationship Songs (LDR) - lyrics. Sending-My-Love; 45 videos; , views; Last updated on Nov 20, Long Distance. I'm looking for high quality songs about ldr couples that aren't cliche. For me, the musical world of long-distance relationships starts with.

Your partner losing faith in you is all Chris Martin croons in his slightly nasally voice in this song.

lyrics of long distance relationship songs

That is when you need the soothing power of music to make it through the night. This unbearable longing to be close is beautifully brought out in these opening lines: It might just be a whiff of a particular cologne, a line from his favorite song, or a scene from a movie that you both love to hate.

Lyrics about long distance relationships

Such simple things; yet, that hold a wealth of meaning and memories that make you miss him even more. Such yearning and missing the little things is what this song is all about by Lifehouse.

lyrics of long distance relationship songs

But even through the yearning and longing, you can build a future together with your shared dreams and aspirations. Take inspiration from these lines: And this is what is being alluded to in this haunting yet lovely song sung by Feist and Ben Gibbard. Kind of makes you want to hop on a train yourself and go see your loved one ASAP!

lyrics of long distance relationship songs

This song, with its beautiful lyrics really touches upon the loneliness, the pain of separation, and the inability to endure the happiness around you when you feel miserable. The lines that really encompass this feeling of misery are: Everyone else can just participate not have created it.

Just because someone uploads something on the internet doesn't mean it is everyone's!

Best 50 Long Distance Relationship Songs

Also, as I said before, since I would have to completely change your least I thought the wisest thing to do is to just make a new list. What's the point in fixing someone else's list from the start and changing it completely when you can just make it yourself like you want it?

Kyle Park - Long Distance Relationship

Plus I don't understand this personal attack ''you're the only one doing the twin collection thing''. What's that supposed to mean?

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Other people have told you to add songs in your list and you haven;t even done it. So what are you talking about?

lyrics of long distance relationship songs

Immortality — Celine Dion This song was released in The song like many others from Celine Dion has shown clearly that the woman is one of the best when it comes to long-distance relationship songs that are really deep and can get you in the mood.

Keep Holding On — Avril Lavigne Avril is most definitely a darling among those in long distance relationships. She gives hope and keeps the fire burning.

Best 50 Long Distance Relationship Songs

It tells of lovers who both have to part because they both need to fly, but then they still belong together even when away. My Heart Will Go on — Celine Dion Among other long distance relationship songs this definitely has a great spot with both rhythm and lyrics that hold.

More Long Distance Relationship Songs: Forget me not — Patrice Rushen Right here waiting — Richard Marx The promise — Tracy Chapman Unchained Melody — Righteous Brothers I wanna grow older with you — DJ Limmer Crazy For You— Adele