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While he was cured of vampirism thanks to Meme Oshino, a “specialist”, he still For example, main girl Hitagi is a Tsundere (or so she says), Hanekawa is the . Because neither of them have any clue how relationships really work, a lot of their ends with Karen and Tsukihi setting out to heal the damage done by Kaiki. What we learn from Senjougahara is that Kaiki tore apart her family (although Araragi notes that he seemed similar to Oshino Meme and Guillotine He makes a conscious attempt to avoid relationships specifically because. 99 points • 15 comments - Hitagi Senjougahara and Kaiki Deishu gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail.

As is typical for Shaft productions, during significant monologues and other intense moments, the show's visual style will often completely change into something like the nightmarish Russian animation-inspired paper cutouts of Gekidan Inu Curry or the kinetic, minimalistic style of URA.

Koyomi occasionally flashes into the art styles of different classic manga, such as Doraemon. The next episode previews are also animated in a chibi style and there have even been multiple shifts into the art style of The Powerpuff Girls. Both Shinobu and the Fire Sisters were practically thertiary characters in Bakemonogatari, where they only appeared in a couple of scenes at best.

Then Nisemonogatari came and the three of them became the main characters of the series along with Koyomi. While Karen and Tsukihi returned to be supporting characters after the end of NisemonogatariShinobu still remains as a very important character for the series until these days. While never actually portrayed on screen it is implied that the people who cursed Nadeko would become cursed themselves and constricted by the same snakes.

Not that there is a whole lot of sympathy for people who placed a rather nasty curse on a girl just for rejecting a guy. Applies to most of the character designs; most invoke some type of Animal Motif while possessed by a monster which is removed once the possession is resolved.


For example, Nadeko wears a cobra hood-esque oversize hat while under the effects of a snake curse but gains a completely different outfit after the curse is broken. Attack of the Foot Whatever: The "staple stable" opening features a giant Hitagi. The entire franchise, according to Awesome Mc Coolname: Araragi considers one of Hachikuji's mistakesShuraragi, to be one. For reference, "shura" means "Asura" or "carnage". The reason Hitagi fell in the first place. Beware the Nice Ones: Hanekawa at first seems like a very sweet and shy bookworm.

However, later on it's revealed that she has a much darker side, and is entirely capable of being a Manipulative Bastard —she's just too dedicated to being a good person to do it. Even Senjogahara actively fears her. Both Araragi and Karen are terrified whenever Tsukihi gets angry.

One for each "season"! The villain of the first season is revealed in Nisemonogatari to be Deishuu Kaiki, one of the five con men briefly mentioned by Hitagi.

In addition to his exploits in Nisemonogatari, he's the one responsible for the divorce of Hitagi's parents and spread the word about the snake curse that eventually targeted Nadeko in "Nadeko Snake".

The villain of the second season is harmless little Nadeko, driven mad by jealousy and obsession for Araragi. She ends up bonding with a snake god, becoming a Physical God in the process.

The villain of later stories in the series is Ougi Oshino, the supposed niece and later, nephew? Big Ball of Violence: Koyomi and Mayoi engage in this a couple times in episodes Again in episode 1 of Nisemonogatari. Araragi was apparently something of a bully to his sisters when he was younger, but in episode 8 of Nisemonogatari part 1 of Tsukihi Phoenix while mistakenly believing that Karen is being bullied he demands the names and addresses of everyone involved.

Araragi also goes in something of a murderous rampage the moment he sees that his younger little sister gets torn in half in episode In contrast to the happy endings of the other arcs, the end of Nadeko Snake in the anime has Koyomi unable to defeat the Snake Constrictor. While he does manage to save Nadeko, Koyomi feels guilty knowing that the snake will attack the person who originally placed the curse. Nadeko Medusa is just as bittersweet and just avoids being a Downer Ending thanks to Hitagi making a deal with Nadeko to delay her killing Koyomi and the rest.

Even if it isn't exactly rape, it's certainly taking Refuge in Audacity: But I at least want to believe that wasn't me. In episode 2 of Nisemonogatari, Koyomi himself gets a taste of this. As would any child, Mayoi occasionally tells absolutely impossible lies. For instance, she claims to know three people named "Basugasu Bakuhatsu" that's just a Japanese tongue twister, by the way.

Kizumonogatari and its adaptation are extremely violent, even by the series standard. All of this basically tells us that Kaiki has knowledge of the supernatural as well as connections to other specialists — both of which play a large role in his actions later on on his life.

Second, we know that Kaiki was the first person that Senjougahara Hitagi approached while looking for a solution to her infliction, the crab god. What we learn from Senjougahara is that Kaiki tore apart her family although she acknowledges it would have fallen apart at some point anywaysswindled money from her father, and failed to cure her.

As a result of this she bears a grudge against Kaiki, and constantly refers to him as a fake, fraud, con-man and liar. There is much more to this story that we will come back to. In a brief meeting with Araragi Koyomi he is portrayed as very sinister and dangerous. Araragi notes that he seemed similar to Oshino Meme and Guillotine Cutter, both of whom are specialists dealing with the supernatural. A short while later, we find out that Kaiki had been confronted by Araragi Karen.

Kaiki stung Karen with the poison of the wreathe-fire bee and escaped. When confronted a second time by Araragi Koyomi and Senjougahara, Kaiki gave up with no hesitation, promising to leave town forever. Who Is Kaiki Deishuu? Kaiki Deishuu is many of the things that other characters claim he is.

hitagi kaiki relationship memes

He is a con-man, liar, and a fake. He loves money, and can be described as selfish and evil. His knowledge of the supernatural is very likely not as extensive as other specialists.

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Instead of real powers or ability, Kaiki uses what he calls instant hypnosis. When confronted by Araragi Koyomi, Kaiki says the following: There is one more attribute of Kaiki that is not directly mentioned, his most defining characteristic.

Kaiki is a man of conviction.

Deishuu Kaiki

He has very strict personal beliefs that heavily influence his actions — sometimes to a point that is not logical. In fact, this personal honour has so much influence on Kaiki that it is likely the reason why he distances himself from others.

hitagi kaiki relationship memes

He makes a conscious attempt to avoid relationships specifically because he knows how far he will go to protect them. One quote from Kaiki that summarizes his character is this: Not very characteristic of a villain.

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Kaiki mentions that he loves money because it is valuable yet replaceable. He says that he hates things that are valuable and irreplaceable. Relationships could be an example of something valuable and irreplaceable. The most prominent example of this is when Kaiki is approached by Senjougahara to deceive Sengoku Nadeko. There is a scene where Kaiki is in the washroom trying to manufacture a reason for why he could take the job.

He knew he had no logical reason to take the job, as he was not offered very much money and it was potentially dangerous. But he managed to create a very weak reason to accept the job — Senjougahara and her boyfriend Araragi had connections to Kanbaru Suruga, who is the niece of Gaen Izuko and daugher of Gaen Tooe. Kaiki lies to Senjougahara about being in Okinawa. When she calls him out on this and tells him that she will be flying to Okinawa, he proceeds to fly himself to Okinawa in order to make it seem as if he did not lie.

Araragi selflessly runs after her to attempt to assist the crabby girl. Koyomi shows Hitagi how the wound in his cheek has already healed, and explains that he had a similar problem to hers, that he can introduce someone that would help her out with this unnatural bind. So begins their twist of destiny. She even flirts with him a little to get a rise out of him, perhaps to test the boy to see if he would take advantage of her in such a situation, as she begins changing her clothing in front of him for the sake of wearing light clothes for the ceremony of removing the crab spirit.

This two episode arc concludes with Hitagi begging the crab to give her weight back: Senjou is very pleased with the result, gaining her natural weight back, and tells Araragi they will become friends for him assisting her, which surprises Koyomi greatly: This whole sequence is one of my favorites of the Monogatari series, a big factor for why Bake is my 1 arc of the anime, from the directing and choice of color for sure, but also the conversation that occurs between the two.