Dom and letty meet fanfiction fifty

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dom and letty meet fanfiction fifty

Dom's nose traveled from Letty's earlobe, down her neck, and stopped at her shoulder. He placed a soft kiss there. "Sak yan." He said. Letty's. Dotty based loosely on E.L. James' "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy. Rated: Fiction Eyes widening slightly, she realized they were from Dominic Toretto, her boss. Letty could tell her was a womanizer the moment she met him. Chapter Fifty-Three . "Han, I swear I could kiss you right now." "I forgot Dom said she was supposed to meet Letty at the therapists at six.

With any luck it would be Saturday night and dad would be over at a mates place for the night or at the tracks. Sneaking out while he was home was too risky, we had learnt that the hard way. Without skipping a beat I swore. We can go from there. It was after school and this was our meeting spot so we could catch the bus home together. It sucked this year because we were in different parts of the school, only getting to see her before and after school and on a good day occasionally during lunch.

Doing a sweep of the grounds again, looking out for the small brunette but I came up empty so I turned away.

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She was always late. Knowing her like I did she would be still in the class room asking the teacher questions about some assignment. I groaned feeling bored as I watched kids fleeing out of the school grounds eager to get home.

It wasn't the first time this week I was glad to be going to the Toretto's after school. After a shitty day I wasn't in the mood to go home and deal with my parents. Turning around I noted I was correct in my guess as I saw a group of guys making their way towards me. Leading the pack was Dom, Mia's older brother. He wasn't bad, on the eyes at least, but when it came ot his attitude there was only so much you could handle in one go.

Rolling my eyes I weighed the pros and cons of accepting his offer. I fake mimicked his words, letting out a fake laugh along with it watching as he sent me a glare while Dom and a few of their mates tried to smother their laughs. He let out an annoyed sigh as he shrugged. Dad will kill me if we don't.

Rolling my eyes as they started talking shit, I took another look around letting my bag slip off my shoulder and fall to the floor at my feet. Ignoring the boys was a tough job but I somehow managed to do it as I waited impatiently for Mia to arrive. I watched as he and Vince said goodbye to their friends while I picked up my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.

Mia gave me an apologetic smile as we followed behind Dom and Vince to where Dom's car was parked. The girl had appoint, neither of these clowns were book smart and I knew for a fact they had only just scraped through in order to pass. Climbing into the back seat with Mia I scrunched my nose up at the smells that hit me.

Mia let out a squeak of displeasure as she sat on what looked to be a pair of panties. I muttered under my breath, folding my arms as I had to listen to Dom and Vince's conversation about the hot girls they'd bedded this year. Mia gave me a small smile of sympathy as I caught her eyes. I sighed heavily as I turned to look out the window. It was no secret that I had a crush on Dom and had for a while. It had been a disaster when he had first found out but I managed to somehow play it cool; at least for a while.

Now unfortunately Dom and Vince had taken to rubbing it in my face by talking about either all the girls they wanted to crew or had screwed while I was in ear shot. It pissed me off but that's exactly why they did it, not so subtly letting me know it wouldn't happen. I wasn't stupid I knew I had no hope in hell with Dom; it was just an innocent crush so I hated when they made a big deal out of it.

What about you Letty? I don't see any guys lining up to sleep with you" He mocked turning in his seat to smirk at me.

dom and letty meet fanfiction fifty

I rolled my eyes before staring moodily out the window for the rest of the drive. There are literally hundreds of other stories on this site that you can read.

You're a coward for remaining anonymous and I can only hope you find peace and security within yourself, so you can stop feeling so threatened by such a 'mediocre writer' as me. Also, I couldn't fit the bachelorette party in this one, so it's definitely in the next one!

Chapter Twenty-Two One-and-one-half years ago While Letty diced the onions for the homemade burgers, she took a moment to relish in the familial bond in which she'd been gratefully accepted. Looking out of the window in Dominic's parents' home, she saw her husband at the grill with Vince. Dom laughed at one of Vince's remarks no doubt about his ex wife and flipped a couple steaks over on the hot racks. Mia and Gisele were sitting on a child's swingset, drinking peach sangrias and chatting away.

Anthony Toretto sat at the head of a small cards table with Jesse, Leon and Rome, playing a game of poker for pretzels. Elsewhere, Tej and Han were on opposite sides of the large yard, talking with uncles or other relatives of the Toretto family. Her eyes followed Letty's gaze out of the window. Letty's cheeks tinted with a slight blush. The women in the kitchen, including Dominic's three aunts and grandmother, laughed at the youngest brunette in the room.

Sunset was falling upon them and there was work in the morning. The music had been turned to a quieter station, playing old Spanish ballads. Mia and Brian started to clean up half empty beer bottles and discarded plates, as well as covering the food from flies and other critters. Somewhere off to the left of the house, Anthony held Linda in a tight embrace and they danced slowly to the music, talking quietly. They were barefoot in the lush, manicured grass, and it seemed so natural of them.

Letty sat at the picnic table, admiring the family's traditions. She wished her mother was there. In an instant, she knew Dominic's eyes were on her. And when the brunette glanced up, she found that she had been right. The CEO gave an almost imperceptible nod towards the house. Letty stood, gathering her full beer and stood before making her way to the house. In the kitchen, she smiled at the two aunts who'd quickly become her favorite, as they'd doted on her from the very second they met her.

As she entered the dining room, she heard the sliding door, which she'd left open for Dominic, slide on its track to a sharp close. And once her left foot hit the floor of the empty living room, a strong arm was pulling her back towards a firm body. Dom's nose traveled from Letty's earlobe, down her neck, and stopped at her shoulder.

He placed a soft kiss there.

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Letty's eyes widened only slightly but she remained in the position that she was. Dominic slipped the thin strap of her floral sundress down her shoulder and traced his fingertips along her tattoo. The sacred tattoo of Thailand. Combines into a single belief system elements of Buddhism, Brahmanism and animism, all of which are underpinned by a strict moral and ethical code that is passed from master She never imagined a single word could turn her on so much, but coming from Dominic Toretto, her husband, it had never been sexier.

He pulled her back into the dining room and leaned her against the table.

dom and letty meet fanfiction fifty

One hand planted itself firmly on the table to give them both leverage, while the other trailed up her thigh, bringing her dress with it. Her eyes even wider at the realization of what he was doing.

She grabbed his wrist in an attempt to stop him. Their dining room table. Kissing her lips, he pulled back and smirked. Fingertips tugged at her panties and he knew he had her when she bit her bottom lip.

She lifted one foot and then the other until her unmentionables were balled into her husband's hand and then stuffed into the front pocket of his jeans. But Dominic was already descending down her body and lifting her dress over his head. Two seconds of nothingness followed.

And then she felt his tongue slip and slide its way through her wet folds. Her eyes closed and her head lolled back. On their own accord, Letty's legs spread further for him, giving Dom's tongue more room to manuever. Leticia's left hand found its way to the top of his head, covered by the floral patterned material.

He sucked on her clit and probed two fingers at her entrance, pushing them in slowly. But before he could do it again, the sound of the sliding door opening and closing caused him to pull out and away from her soaking, pulsing center. Letty pushed her dress down just as Linda Toretto waltzed into the dining room. Dom rolled his eyes and tapped Letty's leg once he finished his task.