Doctor patient relationship in india pdf viewer

doctor patient relationship in india pdf viewer

consultation with a trusted doctor will have beneficial effects irrespective of any other therapy given. The doctor–patient relationship is multilayered, dynamic. The basis for this view is the doctor-patient relationship which has, hitherto, been held inviolable. We review this concept and return to another point raised by. PERSONAL VIEW. Corruption ruins the doctor-patient relationship in India. Kickbacks and bribes oil every part of the country's healthcare machinery.

Transformation Phase sophisticated and interpersonal care has neglected. Doctor was occupying space in news for his success in complex procedure and altruistic service. Ranjit Jagtap, a V. Hospital, Mumbai is a as one of the noblest professions. A doctor revered as representative example, but nowadays negative side of their somebody who can give the gift of life. Doctor is nothing but profession are in news.

And this is not good for a medical the God. The ancient Ayurveda physician Charaka once said, fraternity as well as society too.

The physician having such Doctors era. Reasons are the Doctors were actually practicing qualities gives life to the patients and cures their diseases.

Years ago, patients were ignorant about their conditions thus Serving humanity was the prime goals in becoming Doctors. Family Doctor their right, less income, Strong faith on Doctors, professor etc. There Specialized Doctors as they were practicing in City only. These GPs were taking ample time Literacy rate was very less, whatever told and asked by the to discuss with patient.

Discussion were starting with personal Doctors was the final word for patient. In whole life patient never heard of Medical Terminology, The consultation involves a chat about the problems, never ask the doctors what is antibiotics?

What it do to my medical examination, description of the diagnosis and a body? Paternalistic approach was followed, where physician feedback from the patient. During the talk, they build the makes treatment decision with little input from the patient, interpersonal relationship and ensure there is mutual trust. Lack of knowledge always put instead of money, sometimes asking doctor to treat on credit.

doctor patient relationship in india pdf viewer

And in few decision of the Doctors. Patients never ever imagine harming a doctor. Neither did patients above directly approach them nor did specialists see them without a note from family physicians. Family doctor knew health status of all family members. Costing was controllable and affordable. What matters is how well he treats them and how good they feel.

The Dhakte 25who was treating Ekhande. There was no technological advancement Topping the list has been the brutal assault on Dr. Here is very interesting story of those days when miscreants who broke into his official residence hurt him grievously, fracturing both his arms and legs. Kashyap has not Alexander Graham Bell invented Telephone, much opposition to it was generated by Physicians who doubted and yet fully recovered.

Some robbed in January and so were medical officers from Physicians worried that the telephone might destroy the Mehmoodabad and district hospital, Lakhimpur. The attacks Doctor-Physician Relationship. And in few of the cases no Lakhimpur. Baghpat was roughed up and looted in his house in May, while Dr O. Srivastava, deputy CMO and his physician son were Specialized Doctors were practicing majorly in city area; it was not easily accessible in those days. Again specialized killed by unknown miscreants in Meerut.

Mutual trust was foster by stories of apathy and negligence at the premier campus. Seventeen crib deaths in 36 hours are perhaps the highest in Another reason of was the poverty. In14 infants admitted in the per capita income of a person was around Rs. Inthere were seven crib India. Two years later, in22 infants died in a span of three days. Few point come in light against which we are reasons; these transformation phases now enter in state of trying to find certain solution to patch up this rift.

But over the years the share of the private sector in the lucky doctors of the past were treated like God and people provision of health care has at about 80 per cent of all revered and respected them. Todays a fast pace of outpatient care and about 60 per cent of all in-patient care.

As a result, the doctor-patients relationship has deteriorated If you look two decade back, particularly in Pune city there considerably. Today Pune city crowded the Consumer Protection Act inlitigation against with such Speciality and Multispeciality hospitals, Nobel doctors is on the increase. The medical profession is definitely Hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Sancheti Institute nervous by this and a rethink is necessary on standards of of Orthopeadics, Surya Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, Aditya medical practice.

Two or more specialized doctors joining together to establish Multispeciality Hospitals. This trend has A Countrywide, attacks on doctors have risen seen in almost every city of India. Here are few the examples. He has right to choose Senior resident Doctors Preeti Gupta and Prashant Bhand were among them for best possible treatments. Working in shifts, hours or with as In AugustMangala Ekhande 55 died due to renal many as Hospital possible has started. Simultaneously failure a day after being admitted to KEM hospital.

When her running own private practices. Result of all this specialized son Arun heard about her demise, he went to the ward with a Drs. There is This generation also makes up the intolerant patient. They less communication between these Drs.

They are used to the convenient, personalized services provided by the other sectors like travel, finance tec. They want quick, convenient and personalized approach to their B. Age of Information health problem too.

Patients are arriving clinic armed with information they The main concern of the Medical fraternity about variable found on the web. Doctor perceives this informed patient as the problem and intelligent. Traditionally, the relationship between Doctors patient. Doctors had significantly more information about medical conditions than their patients. The locus of power in health care is shifting: In around to million people in Internet has opened up the doors of information The middle class population is rapidly acquiring the purchasing power necessary to afford quality western like never before.

More than 70, websites disseminate health information. In return they are 2,50, expecting best possible services i.

Doctor-Patient Relationship Worsening in Indian Context | Sachin Divekar -

Poor services and any of negligence 55,00, flare-ups the emotion of patients and relatives. India has an average 0. The World Bank Data population, the number of qualified doctors in the Not just the basic information, the e-patient has easy country is not sufficient for the growing requirements of access to latest developments, various different treatment Indian healthcare. However, come the coverage not only for themselves but also for their family information age and patients are empowered with information.

The immediate fallout is the replacement of trust by skepticism and Almost all the cost incurred in and out of the weariness. Hospitalization covered by health insurance. You can get individual, or saving, patients and relatives must understand this. And it your whole family insured at affordable premium. Prior to Independence, consumer interests were individuals opted for health insurance; moreover their all considered mainly under laws like the Indian Penal Code, and family members were included in cover.

In some of the private Drugs and Cosmetics Act, In general minimum at the most important visitor on our premises. He is not amount of premium Rs. We are dependent on him. He is not an is given. He is the purpose of it. He is not an The cases of charging extra amount or billing on higher outsider in our business. He is a part of it. We are not doing side for insured patients become common trends in Hospital him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving management.

Patients or relatives never mind of high charges, us an opportunity to do so. Meanwhile, not much has been done to educate consumer Here Doctors find easiest way of earning money. Patients and relatives either from government, public or from Medical fraternity side.

Even there are a few such systems where patients and relatives can seek redressal or protest E. Albeit Medical Council of India Medical technology extends and improves life, alleviates has passed Indian Medical Council Act,but till date how pain, injury and handicap.

Continuous medical technology many cases has been resolved? It is duty of Medical council of innovation enhances the quality and effectiveness of care.

The India, to look into issue and lay down procedure, where both X-ray was accidentally discovered in Since then, the Doctors and patients can seek redressal.

Wheelchairs, pacemakers, orthopaedic shoes, and contact lenses, insulin pens, hip Consumer Protection Act, to better protect the interest of prostheses, surgical instruments, bandages, syringes, life- the consumers. Law of Torts, IPC etc. The medical profession has certainly upset by this develop, neonatal intensive care etc.

Accuracy Protection Act Read following Case for clarification: Nair better clinical outcomes, less invasive procedures and shorter [1 CPJ NC ] that the medical treatment rendered recovery times, and thus improving overall health of people.

But clearly a service falling within the ambit of section 2 1 o of on other side patients and their relatives perceiving that the Consumer Protection Act. It is not a contract of personal advancement in medicine will surely save life of the dearest.

The liability of the hospital authorities parameters. Patients get confused with the charges levied by extends to the faults of doctors and other employees whether doctors. Nowadays various hospitals charging different rate for Angioplasty, Angiography or bypass surgery, which is their employment is permanent or temporary or casual, paid or honorary, whole or part-time as happens in the case of visiting even advertise through newspapers, billboards.

That is what In the ages of information and technology, patients and Medical Bill or charges become hot issue among doctor-and- relatives raising their voice against malpractices. But in most patients. Truth telling is another dilemma in doctor-patient relationship. The withholding the truth by physicians is a form of medical G.

doctor patient relationship in india pdf viewer

Game of Commission paternalism and is adopted to protect the patient from Doctors referring specialized Drs. Does this mean that without the commercial relationship. These business chains out? Issue can be resolve by winning confidence either from are running. Irrespective of specialized Drs. Skills, patient or relatives. In the age of information it is been realized by patients and his Countrywide Patients and their relatives have common relatives. Lest this appear fanciful, let me assure you that such practices are not rare in the metropolitan centres.

Another consequence is the already common practice of shopping for opinions. The well-to-do patient moves from doctor to doctor, clinic to hospital, amassing a stack of documents which, at times, contain conflicting views and suggestions. Often, the new consultant orders repetition of tests that have just been performed, at another specified centre, for non-scientific reasons.

Patients are also deflected to practitioners of alternative systems of health care and even to charlatans and quacks. Patient and family end up in total confusion, unable to choose between the many options offered. By trusting no one, they have destroyed the basis of faith.

Dissolution of the doctor-patient relationship also brings in its wake a major legal handicap. Since the patient is consulting more than one expert, each of whom is in ignorance of what the other is doing, no one will accept responsibility in the event of a mishap. The safety net provided by the official system of referral and transfer of medical information in writing in both directions between general practitioner and consultant or consultant and consultant is now missing.

Worst of all, disregard for the relationship destroys the traditional bond of affection between family and general practitioner. The general practitioner is considered a member of the family by many. His counsel and advice are sought on all matters pertaining to health and sickness.

The services of a consultant are sought on his recommendation and further treatment is based on the advice offered jointly by him and the consultant. The linkages provided by the system of referral gives the patient a fixed source of trusted counsel — the family doctor. What if a doctor refuses to refer the patient?

The solution has been long established. The patient is free to break his relationship with the doctor concerned and establish a relationship with another. In doing so, he will cut off all connections with the former.

The situation gets somewhat complex when the patient has already undergone major surgery at the hands of a consultant who now refuses to refer him to another for a second opinion. Terminating the relationship may deprive the patient of all data pertaining to the earlier operation.

doctor patient relationship in india pdf viewer

Few surgeons provide their patients a copy of the detailed operation note. Many surgeons retain vital reports, xray and scan films. Under such circumstances, when I am approached by a patient to provide a second opinion, I write to the earlier surgeon explaining the circumstances under which our opinion was sought. In almost all cases, these have been readily provided. Medical jurisprudence and toxicology N.