Arkham knight jason todd ending a relationship

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arkham knight jason todd ending a relationship

My title may suggest the game has an A/B/C ending made famous by Mass Effect 3, The Arkham Knight is a twisted variant of the Red Hood. Jason Todd was a street orphan until he met Batman after he had saved him Jason created the identity of the Arkham Knight, until his redemption and . Jason somewhat reluctantly partnered with Scarecrow to end Batman once and for all. The Dark Knight debuted in and his sidekick followed shortly thereafter in Jason Todd met a tragic end at the hands of the Joker.

He witnesses the shooting of Barbara Gordon twice, as a matter of fact, both as a flashback and as a mind-trip brought on by another dose of Scarecrow's toxinas well as the atrocities performed on Jason Todd. This leads to the second twist: By the end of the game, Batman has been put through a wringer, stopping the Arkham Knight, then exposing his own identity to the world in order to take down Scarecrow.

It's a fine Batman story, but as grand as the stakes ultimately get, we've seen all of it before. But what if the story went one step further?

Instead of finishing the story off with the Knightfall Protocol, Arkham Knight would slowly pull back out of the city until you see Batman sitting alone in his cell, fighting the transformation caused by the Joker's toxin, Robin putting the finishing touches on a cure that could save him. Batman's grappling with all of the sins that he's accumulated over the years, trying to keep the madness at bay. After confronting the Scarecrow, The Joker, Jason Todd, and a rogue's gallery of other villains in his head and accepting that his presence is as much a reason why they continue to haunt Gotham, Batman can finally live with himself, even after all the pain his existence has caused.

The problem with Arkham Knight as it stands is that much of its story just feels too over-the-top, even for Batman.

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The opening hours are a confused, jumbled mess, throwing you into the lion's den with little explanation or fanfare, and it quickly spirals out of control. The Cloudburst toxin that Scarecrow unleashes on Gotham spreads way too fast, lingers like a waking nightmare, and it's dissolved by reviving a series of massive trees that lie dormant under Gotham City. The Arkham Knight is a relentless whirlwind, knows every move you're going to make, and always disappears right when you're about to confront him.

arkham knight jason todd ending a relationship

Rocksteady's attempts to combine elements from the comic books, the animated series, and the more realistic Christopher Nolan films - a motif which served the games well in the past - now feel silly and cartoonish, thanks to Arkham Knight's constant need to one-up itself by raising the stakes far past any logical conclusion.

But putting the events of Arkham Knight squarely inside the head of a Batman battling his inner demons means the game can be as Batman as it wants to be. It can combine every single one of Batman's villains in one game without feeling like it's doing so merely for the sake of padding out its content. This 30 hour-long adventure can take place all on one terrible, rainy night because the night becomes a metaphor for Batman's own internal battle with his dark side.

It takes Jason Todd's supposed resurrection and comically overzealous pursuit as the Arkham Knight and turns him into a literal ghost of Batman's past, a constant reminder of Batman's biggest failure. It explains away how someone is able to afford an army of remote-controlled tanks and militiamen to swarm the city's streets.

It even justifies the Batmobile's 11th hour upgrades and the convenient appearance of a second Batmobile that just happens to be faster and more powerful than the one that gets destroyed. Every deus ex machina, every hackneyed line of dialog, every moment where the gameplay and the story don't seem to mesh quite right can actually have a place.

Arkham Knight would no longer be about Batman and Bruce Wayne being crushed under the weighty evils of Gotham, or his long-documented relationship with the Joker, or the escalation of gameplay scenarios that are used simply to justify the sequel's existence.

It would be bigger than that. It would tackle the very nature of Batman's existence. It would force Bruce to question the need for Batman and whether he actually does more harm than good.

It would examine the very myth of the Batman, the sins he's committed in the name of protecting Gotham City, and the ruin he's ultimately responsible for. Arkham Knight tries to do this, but it takes itself far too literally, even at its most surreal.

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Despite this, Batman explains that it is not too hard for him to kill the Joker, it would be too easy; he has never once not fantasized about taking the Joker somewhere private and torturing him for maybe weeks before finally killing him, but refuses to go to that place. Jason offers Batman an ultimatum: Jason will kill the Joker unless Batman kills Jason first. Holding the Joker at gunpoint, Jason throws a pistol to Batman and begins to count to three while standing behind the Joker, leaving Batman with only a headshot if he wants to stop Jason pulling the trigger.

At the last moment, Batman throws a batarang that cuts down an object and slices Jason's neck. The Joker takes advantage of the situation, detonating nearby explosives that engulf the platform they are on and send them plunging into the bay. Jason shows no intention of giving up the Nightwing persona and continues to taunt Dick Grayson by wearing the costume and suggesting that the two become a crime-fighting team.

Grayson refuses to join his side and methods of crime-fighting. Not long after the two Nightwings meet up, Jason is captured and imprisoned by unknown mobsters. Rescued by a reluctant Grayson, the two join forces to defeat the Pierce brothers.

Jason leaves New York City and the Nightwing mantle to Grayson, along with a telegram telling Grayson he has returned to normal and still considers them family. Jason appears once more in several issues of Green Arrow alongside Brick as part of a gun-running organization, which brings Batman to Star City. Jason's true motives are shown in the third part as he kidnaps Mia Dearden Speedy in an effort to convert her to his side, feeling that they are kindred spirits, cast down by society and at odds with their mentors.

The two fight while conversing but when Jason is unsuccessful in his bid to turn Mia, he settles for blowing up her high school.

arkham knight jason todd ending a relationship

Mia is deeply troubled by what transpired between her and Jason but ultimately decides to stick with Green Arrow. After a Monitor shoots and kills Duela, he attempts to kill Jason but is stopped by a second Monitor. This second Monitor apologizes to Jason before they both disappear, leaving Jason alone with Duela's body.

Jason tells her what happened the night of Duela's death, and about the dueling Monitors. He knows that both he and Donna Troy have come back from the dead, and wonders which of them is next on the Monitor's hit list. The two are then attacked by the Forerunner, but before she can kill them, the apologetic Monitor stops her, and recruits Jason and Donna for a mission to the Palmerverse a section of the Nanoverse discovered by Ray Palmerin an attempt to find Palmer.

During the trip, Jason takes it upon himself to name the Monitor "Bob". On Earth, Jason meets that world's Batman. It was shown that this version of Batman had begun to use lethal force when his Jason died. Earth Batman had originally planned to give those to his Jason, but he died before it was time. During a final confrontation on Earth, Batman is killed, much to Jason's fury. After landing on Apokolips and battling against Darkseid's forces, the team returns to New Earth, Jason once again turns his back on life as a costumed hero, and returns to his old ways of dealing with crime.

Jason begins manipulating the Gang Wars in Gotham, so as to take control of them. Unfortunately, Jason's approach leads to more blood shed and violence. With both Nightwing and Batman unavailable, it falls to Tim Drake to deal with the mess Jason created.

Jason however, asks Tim to join forces with him, though Tim, of course, refuses on the grounds that Jason's methods are too questionable. This leads to a confrontation between Jason and Tim Drake, which is interrupted by the arrival of another Red Robin, whose identity is initially a mystery but later turns out to be Ulysses Armstrong. Due to a combination of Red Robin's involvement and a gun-toting gang member, Jason was shot in the leg and arrested by police. Upon the resolution of the gang war in Gotham, Tim Drake - under a pseudonym visited Jason in prison to give him the Justice League access code to release himself from prison, due primarily to the fact that Tim believes that Jason should be given another chance at redemption.

Following his escape, Jason continues on the mend and is summoned by Tim to come to the Batcave, where Batman has left his Last Will and Testament statement for him. After hearing the statement in private, Jason prepares to leave, not revealing what he was told, although he does pause before his old costume and the tattered remains of Batman's. It is later revealed that the message left for Jason was Bruce admitting that of all his failures, Jason was the biggest.

Bruce states that he regrets never offering Jason any help or feeling for his obvious emotional hardships, but instead dressing him up as Robin and putting him in constant danger. These words, however, only cause Jason to snap completely, leading to the events of the Battle for the Cowl. Battle for the Cowl Jason as a gun-toting Batman Following his escape from prison, Jason apparently decided to put a bid in for the Bat-mantle.

He wore a black and grey Batsuit with two handguns, various other weapons and a mouth-plate. His inner monologue demonstrated that he'd always had a desire to eventually replace Batman, and his displeasure with Batman becoming a public figure, rather than an urban legend. After Jason manages to take down a group of thugs, he then escapes only to have Nightwing and Damian Wayne on his tail.

Nightwing deduces that the impostor is Jason Todd. After a short quarrel, Damian is shot by Jason. At the same time, Tim Drake begins a search to stop the impostor and dresses as Batman in order to demonstrate how the real Batman would have acted. Tim finds Jason Todd's "Batcave" in a subway station and is saved from a booby trap by Catwoman, who knows Tim is behind the mask.

Jason ambushes them, disposing of Catwoman, and then getting into a fight with Tim before impaling him in the chest with a batarang, exclaiming "One more to go". After questioning himself, following Damian's near death, Nightwing goes forth against Jason, intending to take down Todd once and for all.

The pair battle, all the while with Jason claiming that Tim is dead, unaware that Tim survived and was saved by Damian and the Squire. The battle accumulates to Nightwing kicking Jason off a speeding train. When Dick attempted to help Jason, the other man refused and fell to his supposed death, though claiming they would see each other again soon.

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This allowed Dick to officially assume the mantle of Batman. Jason survived his fall and gave up his claim to Batman's mantle. Dick was Batman now, and Jason set out to become Dick's direct competition. He reworked his Red Hood identity to be more dramatic and attention-grabbing by creating a costume for it, a costume very similar to the original Red Hood outfit the Joker had used. Also, he stopped dying his hair black and allowed it to grow red again with a small gray streak left by his previous exposure to a Lazarus Pit.

To complete his transformation, he even found himself a sidekick.

arkham knight jason todd ending a relationship

This was Scarletthe daughter of a criminal and the victim of Professor Pyg's practice of mutilation. His intent was for them to become Gotham City's new dynamic duo, supplanting the old one.

With his new partner, Jason resumed his brutal and lethal methods of dealing with criminals, but now there was a twist. Using the media and Internet, he exposed his methods to the public and actively marketed them as the way things should be done.

Arkham Knight

Public opinion was actually at least somewhat in his favor, especially after he showed Batman and Robin protecting the Penguin from him and Scarlet. He was able to keep ahead of Batman and Robin, getting to criminals first and evading their attempts to apprehend him. That lasted until he tracked down a criminal who got away from him to finish what he had started.

Batman and Robin arrived to stop them, and the two duos fought. The fight went in Jason's favor. Instead of the two heroes capturing him, he captured them, stripped them naked, and locked them out of his way for the time being. His plan was to reveal to the world on a Twitter webcam, the identities of Batman and Robin if the public offered enough attention to it. It was then that Jason and Scarlet were ambushed by an assassin called Flamingo. He took two shots from a sniper's rifle, shattering his helmet.

However, both of them proved inferior to Flamingo's skills, and it was only with the timely arrival of Batman and Robin that they were not killed. Jason used the Dynamic Duo as a cover, proceeded to crush Flamingo with a truck, while Damian threw himself in front of an attack to save Scarlet, leaving him crippled. Scarlet escaped, and Jason was again taken into police custody. As he was dragged away, however, he shouted at Dick that if the Lazarus Pits could revive him from the dead a half-truththen why hadn't Dick done it for Bruce?

Jason is accepted back into the Bat-Family after an uneasy team up with his "brothers" Jason files an appeal to be moved from Arkham Asylum where he's been held for observation for the last several months. Bruce Wayne as Batman visits him there to inform Jason he's in Arkham for his own protection. Jason points out he's passed all the psychological tests repeatedly and there is no reason to keep him in what he calls Batman's "kennel of freaks". Jason is transferred to a Gotham prison and upon his arrival, the suicide rate spikes amongst top incarcerated crime figures there.

Several homicides occur due to many botched attempts on Jason's life by inmates with a grudge against the Red Hood's tactics.

Jason escalates things further by poisoning the cafeteria, killing 82 and sickening more inmates. He is immediately transferred back to Arkham but is broken out of the paddy wagon by a group of mercenaries. The mercenaries reveal they are under orders to bring Jason to the person that hired them and that he is in no danger.

Jason breaks free and fights them off all the same as Batman and Robin arrive. Once the hired guns are subdued they reveal their employer has captured Scarlet, Jason's former sidekick. Dick, Damian, and Jason go to one of the Red Hood's weapon caches where he assembles a composite costume made from his biker and "superhero" Red Hood attire. The three intend to rescue Scarlet.

Batman and Robin attempt to chase him, but Red Hood tells them that he planted bombs over Gotham City months ago. Scarlet desires to stay with Red Hood as his partner. Red Hood and Scarlet head toward an unknown destination. Dick does nothing, surmising Jason was bluffing, and that though he's on the road to reforming, he'll only rejoin the Bat-Family when he is ready.

Jason is currently attempting to make up for his sins by leading the Outlaws, a team of wayward heroes including Arsenal and Starfire.

The red symbol on his chest is now changed to a bat, representing his uneasy reconciliation with the Batman Family. Interestingly, the costume itself is acquired by Jason from a collection of costumes identified as having belonged to Dick Grayson, including the original Nightwing costume, implying that this particular outfit belonged to Dick as well.

He acquires it shortly after meeting Starfire, who had it in her possession. The conversation implies that the relationship between Jason and his erstwhile mentor, however, remains strained, if not hostile. Though he retained his aggressive style of fighting, it is clear in the first issue of "Red Hood and the Outlaws" that he has continued to use lethal force against his adversaries. In said issue, Jason used his firearms in an act of self-defense to kill three mob members, and he did so with little hesitation or empathy.

In issue two however he feels compassion and respect for his former trainers who he was forced to put in their zombified state, implying he decides to use lethal force on a case by case basis, not hesitating if he sees no other option, similar to the Huntress. At the end of the same issue, he feels that he finally has a team, and has finally picked a side. He also sacrificed his most treasured memory from his days as Robin, realizing his that his conflicting emotions were preventing him to do what needed to be done for the "Greater Good".


Powers and Abilities Lazarus-Enhanced Capabilities: His strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability has been further enhanced. Through years of intense and extensive training from Batman plus further training after his resurrection, Jason is at the peak of human potential almost on Batman's level. By matching his former mentor in combat he has proven that he is far superior to Olympic-level athletes, just as Batman is. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, senses, and durability are practically superhuman.

He represents the pinnacle of human physical abilities much like Batman and Nightwing. Jason's strength is at the peak of human potential. He is strong enough to break through a submarine hull with a single punch, lift a man over his head and throw him, casually kick an airplane door off the hinges, send Deathstroke flying with a kick, and flip Susie Sue on her head she weighs lbs. Red Hood's strength and brute force is comparable to Batman's and is seemingly almost superhuman; showcased when he struck Lobo to the floor, even Supergirl commented that "he is far stronger than any human" and "no human should be this powerful".

He can run and move at an incredibly fast pace, faster than normal humans. He has outran a moving vehicle and hit Green Arrow before he can even react. His fast feat of speed to date is accurately shooting a gang of thugs faster than the eye can follow, despite guns already being aimed at him.