Archers message board closure in a relationship

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archers message board closure in a relationship

Today we are announcing the closure of The Archers message board. It will close , in two weeks, at 12pm on Monday 25 February. All of us at. Backstage news and insight into The Archers. Chris Carter was more Hannah's type but he was already in a relationship with Alice, a fact . We want to reach audiences in the most effective way and the closure of the. Academics on Life in The Archers Cara Courage, Nicola Headlam surrounding the unilateral closing of The Archers message board site, Mustardland. about her retirement in , she described a vexatious relationship with fans, and that .

Willow Farm is owned by the Tucker family. After Betty's death inthe house was divided to accommodate Roy and his family. The farmland is home to Neil Carter's pigs. Topicality[ edit ] Unlike some soap operas, episodes of The Archers portray events taking place on the date of broadcast, allowing many topical subjects to be included. More challengingly for the production team, some significant but unforeseen events require scenes to be rewritten and rerecorded at short notice, such as the death of Princess Margaret particularly poignant because she had appeared as herself on the programme[20] [21] the World Trade Center attacks[22] and the 7 July London bombings.

The plotline came within weeks of the government confirming a badger cull trial. By the nature of the storylines concentrating on particular groups of characters, in any one week out of a cast of about 60, the episodes include approximately 20—30 speaking-characters.

Most of the cast do acting work on other projects and can disappear for long periods if they are working on commitments such as films or television series. Felicity Jones played Emma Carter from the age of 15 but after a period of studying at Wadham College, Oxfordshe gave up the role to move into television and cinema.

Charlotte Connor, when not playing Susan Carter credited as Charlotte Martinworks full-time as a senior research psychologist at the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation; her office is a short walk from BBC Birminghamand thus she is able to fit her work around recordings.

archers message board closure in a relationship

He kept his role secret from his patients, for fear of losing their respect, until his retirement from medicine in March, Recordings were sent to London, and the BBC decided to commission the series for a longer national run. In the five pilots the Archers owned Wimberton Farm, rather than Brookfield.

Archers controversy: how online message boards are giving silver surfers a bad name - Telegraph

Baseley subsequently edited The Archers for 22 years. Early afternoon repeats of the previous evening's episode began on 14 December The original scriptwriters were Geoffrey Webb and Edward J. Masonwho were also working on the nightly thriller series about the special agent Dick Barton. The popularity of his adventures partly inspired The Archers, which eventually took over Barton's evening slot. At first, however, the national launch placed the serial at the 'terrible' [35] time of An omnibus edition of the week's episodes began on Saturday, 5 January Originally produced with collaborative input from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodThe Archers was conceived as a means of disseminating information to farmers and smallholders to help increase productivity in the postwar era of rationing and food shortages.

Vanessa Whitburn was the programme's editor from till Whitburn took service leave from March to Julywhen John Yorkea former executive producer of EastEnderswas the acting editor. Phil and Grace Archer had been married just a few months earlier, and their blossoming relationship was the talk of the nation.

However, searching for a story which would demonstrate some real tragedy among the increasingly unconvincing episode cliff-hangers, Godfrey Baseley had decided that Grace would have to die. The scripts for the week commencing 19 September were written, recorded, and broadcast on each day, with an "exercise in topicality" given as the explanation to the cast.

On Thursday, listeners heard the sound effects of Grace trying to rescue Midnight, her horse, from a fire in the stable at Brookfield and the crash of a falling timber beam. It was certainly planned some months in advance, but it may well be that the actual date of the death was changed during the scriptwriting stage to coincide with the launch of Associated-Rediffusion.

This controversy has been parodied twice: InWilliam Smethurst recounted a conversation with Baseley in which he reveals his real motivation for killing off Grace Archer: Churchman was encouraging the other actors to join a trade union.

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His last Archers performance was recorded just two days before his death, and was broadcast on 22 November. According to Who's Who in The Archers[62] episode 15, was to be broadcast on 1 January The episode had been advertised as containing events that would "shake Ambridge to the core". The main events in the episode were Helen Archer giving birth to her son Henry and Nigel Pargetter falling to his death from the roof of Lower Loxley Hall.

archers message board closure in a relationship

This unlikely event provoked interest in the frequency and causes of death in the series. In fact, although the incidence of accidental death and suicide is seven times the national average, the overall mortality rate in Ambridge is almost exactly what would be expected.

Themes[ edit ] The programme has tackled many serious, contemporary social issues: There has been criticism from conservative commentators, such as Peter Hitchens [69] that the series has become a vehicle for liberal and left-wing values and agendas, with characters behaving out of character to achieve those goals. Martin Belam June 16, at 9: And I totally understand that, and I could run a messageboard at the same cost no doubt.

archers message board closure in a relationship

But it is very different for a statutory regulated broadcaster to do that. Dreadful waste of our money. Astonishing example of an old-fashioned civil-servant-style commissioned IT project, and I hope something like the way the GDS is working will end up setting an example for the BBC too. He played the clip, and I reported above on the reaction of the audience.

The messageboard was a thorn in the side of the TA production team. That is why it went.

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Any number of ordinary posters wrote better than the SWs, and all of them had better memories off the top of their heads regarding characters and past storylines than the salary-earning archivist. If it was still around the present drivel which laughingly passes for scripts would have been howled down in helplessly-rolling-on-the-floor-mirth. I now listen only out of sheer incredulity that such unadulterated rubbish can get past first base — even after the 6.

Dusty Substances Steve Rudd June 17, at 5: Anyway, unofficial, official or what, the BBC had a golden opportunity to engage directly with its core users and junked it. In the process, it also got rid of a unique online community that was about much more than just discussing the Archers, though the negative responses to crap story lines were also introduced by the BBC as a red herring in the run-up to closure, as the ground shifted beneath their feet and they realised what a shitstorm they had unleashed.

I suppose we should not be too surprised at such arrogant behaviour from an organisation that squanders millions on failed digital projects. The BBC is learning the hard lesson though, that the customers you ignore vote with their feet.

Perhaps a sterile official feedback channel cluttered with dead spiders is what the BBC wanted. Anyway, the BBC is right about one thing, it does not have an exclusive lien on either running web sites on programmes or indeed making the programmes themselves.

Which sort of begs the question, what are we paying the licence fee for? To feather-bed idiot managers and their untenable decisions, apparently. Peet McKimmie June 17, at They would hide any remotely suspect message so the duty lawyer could look at it as time permitted, during normal working hours. Martin Belam June 18, at 8: Whether anybody on either side can dispassionately interpret those figures is another matter. Unique users are an industry standard and the thing that businesses usually care about the most, but if you want to argue the BBC was wrong to shut the board, it will be the page impressions figure that catches your eye.

Peet McKimmie June 18, at While I agree with your general point, those figures are still a tad high. The BBC never kept on Moderators just to look at that one message board — they outsourced to an outside company where one minimum-wage moderator would have their eye on dozens of different message boards, thus splitting the costs between them.

Auntie Molly on the message board Lilian!!!!! The first time your partner does not jump through hoops just because your idiot son hurts his leg, you do not phone your partner's brother who you have got the hots for Diamontelil on the message board Lillian has been covertly searching for an excuse to call Paul ever since she found out he was in the vicinity.

This was her moment James broke his leg - but not in vain! The devil wears Burberry on the message board Oh Lillian, swap brothers. It worked for Emma.

Archers controversy: how online message boards are giving silver surfers a bad name

Less so for Ed mind you. Tom gets similar treatment after he treated Brenda to a Christmas marketing brainstorm in the guise of a pub lunch. What is wrong with her?