Arborfield garrison closure in a relationship

MoD confirms Arborfield Garrison closure - BBC News

There are plans to build around homes on the year-old garrison site. Wokingham Borough Council has agreed Balfour Beatty can plan and build major highways projects including the Arborfield Cross Relief Road, South Temporary road closure: Twyford Road and Bell Foundry Road, Wokingham .. , we look forward to continuing our close relationship to provide the. development on the Arborfield Garrison and surrounding land. .. buildings including relationship to plot and landmarks and vistas; c. Principles Closure as a greenway had enforcement issues and was transferring flows.

Crest Nicholoson is now in the process of building homes 60 per cent houses and 40 per flats on the north east section of the site and the buildings will be centred around a large lake. The lake which will soon be surrounded by homes This is the first phase of the project, work began in January and it will to take around two years to complete, however, people will start moving into the new homes in the autumn. But while workmen are busy building the those homes, Crest Nicholson is preparing to hold a public consultation on phase two, which would see larger detached houses built on the south west corner of the site.

Inside the garrison It is aiming to submit a planning application for phase two within the next two months.

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The developers are also drawing up plans for several other phases for the project, which is expected to take up to 15 years to complete While no time line has been set for these phases, Crest Nicholson is planning to build 1, more homes and a large neighbourhood centre in the centre of the site, which is could include a food store, a park, a cafe a GP surgery or dental practice.

What do you make of the plans? Let us know in the comments below. A stretch of open green space and an aircraft hanger in the garrison The developers are also looking to install bridle ways, replace the roads on the site - which are not up to Highway's England's standards - and replace the majority of the out dated utilities facilities, including the iconic water tower.

MoD confirms Arborfield Garrison closure

It also states that while many of the run down buildings on the site will be flatten, some, including the cricket pavilion, the old stables and housing for military families will be retained and restored. A spokesman for Crest Nicholson said: Outline permission has been granted for the extra care facilities but the details are yet to be decided. The details of these proposals will come forward in reserved matters planning applications.

A new multi-use path for walking, cycling and horse riding along Biggs Lane between Waterman's View development and Commonfield Lane has opened. Full planning permission has been granted to re-use an existing gymnasium as a gymnasium for the secondary school for five years. The permission allows the gym to only be used by the secondary school as it is currently lacking sufficient parking to open to the public.

Prior to the gym being used by anyone else or for any other purpose than as a gym, planning permission is required. Expand As part of the new development, there will be several new recreational open spaces for residents to enjoy the natural environment.

Arborfield Garrison major development - Wokingham Borough Council

SANGs, commonly called nature parks, are designed to attract residents and dog walkers as an alternative to the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area, which supports rare ground nesting birds such as the Dartford warbler, woodlark and nightjar and is highly sensitive to visitors. The nature parks to be provided as part of the Arborfield major development area include: West Court nature park — Located in the north part of the site.

Technical specifications are to be submitted. This nature park will open prior to the occupation of the th house in the Crest Nicholson development. The details for nature park provision on the Marino land the southern part of the development are subject to a legal agreement with the council. Expand The development proposes an extension to the existing Hogwood Industrial Estate of about 12, square metres of new employment space. Through the use of design codes and the consideration of the detailed planning application, we will ensure that the new employment area is designed to a high quality.