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ai conan relationship

Contains SxS and CxA fics, and Ai or Conan centered stories. Short tales describing the interesting relationship between Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara. Ai Haibara seems to have somewhat romantic feelings for Conan/Shinichi, although she never truly admits to it. In the fourth movie, she says to. Conan and Ai share an interesting relationship that is unclear to define. While they are not a romantic main pair, some fans think that Ai is in love with Conan.

Shortly after, the Detective Boys come across a case, where a fellow classmate's older brother has been missing and wants to find him. After solving said case, and Ai fires a gun through a window, causing her to get a scolding from Megure-keibu, and fake-crying impressively well to get out of it, Conan walks Ai back home to her house, where she is still crying.

When Conan drops her off nearby her home, Ai immediatley stops crying and then brings about a drug called "APTX ". Conan is confused, as Ai continues to ramble about the drug, how he took it, and how she did also. It is apparent that Ai isn't just your average little girl.

It is not until Ai tells Conan that she's occupied the Professor's house and that he's "not in this world anymore", that Conan begins to freak out. He tries to call the Professor but does not get an answer, while Ai smirks evily in the background she's got the upperhand, at the moment. Conan then leaves Ai behind and sprints to the Professor's house, hoping to find him safe. One involving the locked-room-murder of a University Professor. After Conan solves the case, the Professor and Conan decide to head back home.

When Conan gestures for Ai to come along, we see a tear roll down her face as she asks why he didn't help her sister. To answer a confused Conan's face, Ai explains still in tears that Hirota Misami was a fake name her sister took from the now-deceased University Professor, and Conan realizes that the same girl from the previous episode who died during the one-billion-yen robbery case.

And Ai continues to shout at a stunned Conan, with all his deducing skills, he should've been able to see right through her sister's case. Ai breaks down and falls on her knees in front of Conan and clutches his shirt and continues to cry into it. The unfeeling boy, unlike a normal sympathetic human being, denies the very-teary Ai Haibara clutching onto him like she was his only life line in a way, he was the hug she very well deserved.

But Conan silently thinks to himself: She was commenting on how the Black Organization may be lurking about, but Conan cuts her off by placing his cap on her. He pulled her up by the wrist and encouraged her to not think of them and enjoy watching soccer.

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Ai was taken by surprise. While watching the game, Conan asked how she managed to stay calm. She answers that it's because he, being in the same situation as her, knowing that he's nearby makes her calm. Near the end of the second part of this case, Ai mentioned how she is becoming more interested in Conan's deduction powers.

Then afterwords, Conan mentioned about not wanting to be Praised by a 84 years old grandma. Finally, Ai tells him "I'm only just eighteen years old, perfect for you. Episode Edit As Conan tries to decipher a code, Ai comments about his favourite code.

Ai then stoops very close to Conan's face, causing Conan to blush and stammer. Conan Edogawa gets lost in a castle where the Detective Boys are staying at and when every one tries to look for him it starts raining. Ai tells Ayumi to stop crying and that "Edogawa-kun isn't the type to make you worry.

He'll come back himself. Ayumi replies, "Hey how do you know Conan-kun so well Why do you ask? Ai sees Ayumi is worried and does not want to mess with her anymore and plainly states she does not have those kinds of feelings for him. Agasa comments that children have a way of finding the truth easily, hinting that Ai lied to Ayumi.

Episode Edit At the start of the second Gomera movie, Ayumi falls asleep and puts her head on Conan's shoulder. When Conan turns to Ai saying he needs to use the restroom and asks her if she would switch seats, she puts her head on Conan's shoulder too, having fallen asleep as well. Ai tells him that she possibly referring to Ran has found out about his identity, when he asks her why she's telling him all this, she tells him that he can see into the hearts of the wicked, but he couldn't understand a woman's heart, then tells him she's been in love with him since she met him.

We see Conan's face, but it doesn't appear to be at all surprised, and Ai continues with: Episode Edit Conan puts his glasses on Haibara. During the entire case, Haibara is seriously frightened of Gin, because the night before she had dreamt that he had discovered her true identity Shiho Miyano and killed everyone she had contact with.

She also confided to Conan that she dreamed that he was shot first, which may symbolize a great fear over any harm done to him. In the manga, she stated that in her dream, Conan was beaten to the death first, followed by the Black Organisation murdering the rest. While they are in Professor Agasa's car following Gin and Vodka to the Haido City Hotel, Haibara seems to be pleased by Conan's decision to stop Pisco from murdering someone rather than just concentrating on Gin, Vodka, and the drug, and says, "Oh, what a strong sense of justice you have," with a proud smile.

Because of his decision to do the right thing, she follows him into harm's way, knowing that she could be murdered immediately, and enters Haido City Hotel against her better judgement.

After Haibara says, "Maybe if I had been killed by the organization back then, there would be less hassle for everyone," Conan cuts her off by giving up his glasses, the only thing preventing people from recognizing him, and putting them on her to somewhat disguise her and make her feel safer. He comments that even "Clark Kent will be surprised" at her disguise, and Ai replied that Conan, "who took off his glasses is superman".

She bashfully turns away from him, thanking him. He looks at her and says somewhat sarcastically, "You really aren't too adorable. She tells him that if they stay any longer, the Black Organisation might caught up to them and there are few clues to the murder. This caused Conan to be takenaback by her action, however, Conan tells her that he had many clues and likely would solve the case When Haibara, after being kidnapped by Pisco and locked in a store room, gets into contact with Conan, he repeatedly urges her to escape immediately through the chimney, visibly concerned.

After regaining her actual body through the temporary effect of alcohol and climbing up the chimney, Haibara is intercepted by Gin and Vodka on the roof. As Gin fired multiple shots into her body to immobilize her, Conan arrived to shoot Gin with the stun-gun wristwatch and distract him, allowing Haibara to jump into the chimney again.

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After Haibara shrinks back to child size, Conan puts his jacket on her naked body and carries her from the fire before Pisco and Gin can discover them. Gin is seen being extremely jealous that "a man is helping Sherry". Episode Edit Haibara fires a gun of roses at Conan to encourage him to avoid telling Ran his secret identity. While Conan is lying in a hospital bed after a blood transfusion, Haibara sneaks into his room and held a gun at him.

She tells him that the Black Organization would spare Agasa's life if she killed Conan and everyone else related to him. She then pulls the trigger, but it turns out that it was a fake gun that shot red roses from the barrel.

ai conan relationship

Symbolically, red roses represent love or passion, suggesting that Haibara might have romantic feelings towards Conan. Episode Edit When asked by Conan who has reverted back to Shinichi thanks to a prototype antidote why she would go so far to help him, Haibara suddenly shows a surprised expression.

Haibara replies by explaining that if something happened to him, then she would be in trouble as well. Episode Edit Conan rescues Haibara from an explosion.

Ai was petrified because she felt a familiar and scary presence on the bus, the smell of a Black Organization member Araide-sensei, who was Vermouth in disguise. She goes on to tell how Conan she senses the Black Organization and they have a "smell".

Conan immediately took her arm and smelled her, getting an annoyed expression from Ai. Fearing Vermouth's presence, Ai held Conan's hand. When Jodie attempted to talk to Ai, Conan lied that Ai was "just a girl he met on the bus" and was really scared, so it'll be best for Jodie not to disturb her.

Jodie agreed, but looked back and noticed how Ai was holding on Conan's hand tightly. This indicates that Jodie knows that Conan and Ai knew each other as they were holding hands.

After solving the case, one of the culprits accidently activated the bomb switch and everyone rushes out for safety. But Ai wanted to stay on the bus and let go of life as she felt she would always put other people in her surroundings in danger.

Noticing that Ai is not around, Conan came back to save her by grabbing her and jumping out of the bus before it exploded. Ai was surprised by his action. After saving her, Conan wiped his blood onto her so that she can leave the place. Jodie Starling said he was like James Bond James Bond is a fictional character who is an agent that is popular with the ladies and a cool hero of every mission In the end, Ai is seen remembering Conan's words "Don't run away from your fate", telling her not to escape.

Ai thanked him, with Conan in the background as the episode ends. Episode Edit The hijacked bus incident in The Mysterious Passenger Case led Haibara to be especially worried about her situation. Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko attempt to cheer her up and, with the help of Arthur the dog, manage to make her smile.

Conan comments that she should keep that expression, since it makes her look like a child, causing Haibara to blush. Conan then sneakily adds that with her face like that, he wouldn't think she's a year old lady, to which Haibara counters, saying, "How rude, I'm only 84 years old referring to Conan's initial estimate in The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case ". EpisodesThe Mystery in the Net Edit The detective boys are playing a game at the beach when Genta asks Conan if he was admiring the women who bumped into them in the water.

Conan blushing denied the assertion and tried to defuse the situation by claiming he like the girl in the blue stripped swimsuit behind them who turned out to be Ran. Later Haibara suffering from sun stroke was asked by Conan why she would stay out in the sun if she was feeling unwell. Episode Edit "You're going to protect me, right?

ai conan relationship

Conan fears that she might take a train to flee and start a new life. He rushes to the departing train and yells her name in order to hold her back, before realizing she is actually behind him. Ai asks why he shouted, declares he told her not to run away from fate, and adds "You're going to protect me, right?

Conan nodded, still speechless about what had transpired.

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Ai stating sarcastically that she is not as weak as he thinks she is. In episodeConan's mother, Yukiko, tells him that he seems to be popular with girls. Conan automatically assumes his mother is implying Ayumi likes him, and he was already aware of such, but Yukiko replies saying that not only Ayumi but Ai too, saying: Despite this, Conan later tests Haibara, otherwise.

To which Conan irritably replies: Conan and Haibara are sleeping side-by-side. When he is unable to go to sleep because of Genta and Mitsuhiko's loud, audible questions, Haibara calmly reminds him: Conan solemnly closes his eyes as the fringe on his hair shifts downward his forehead he asks if he can ask her something.

Cutting-self-mutilation I hate how asterisks and backslashes are stripped from these summaries. This is intended to be a one shot, and is also my entry to a fanfic contest. K - English - Chapters: Worried, Haibara turns to the one person she could trust. Have her worst fears come to life? Sera Dreams Come True by phantomthief reviews Disclaimer: I don't own Dectective Conan or any of the characters.

ai conan relationship

After 5 years in America, Ai Haibara, now 23, has returned to Japan. What will happen in the country of her birth, where she has so many memories?

Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara

Thanks to all reviewers. A young girl reminisces as she lies awake at night. K - English - Angst - Chapters: The mysterious girl brings grave news of grand proportions to Conan and Haibara. I made this widget at MyFlashFetish. In the fourth movie, she says to Conan that she wished she could forget her memories about the Black Organization and the death of her sister and the pill, claiming that all she wants to be was a normal little girl and live together with Conan forever.

ai conan relationship

But then as Conan was shocked by the words, Ai immediately said she was lying. Indeed, it is a mystery just exactly what she feels for him, whether friend or otherwise. It could be said that, because of their almost equal level of intelligence, she finds it easier to talk to him.

Ran Mouri There are instances where Haibara will caution Conan from actions that involve Ranthough it's assumed this is due merely to the fact that she wants to keep her identity hidden. At one point, she was very cold and distant towards Ran, just like she was to most other people.

Ran believed that it was because that Haibara had hated her.

ai conan relationship