What is the relationship between telemachus and suitors odysseus

Father-son relationship In The Odyssey by Homer [Example!]

what is the relationship between telemachus and suitors odysseus

In any case, Odysseus and Penelope had lived in Ithaca several years and Telemachus was just a babe, when King Agamemnon's agent Palamedes came to. and find homework help for other The Odyssey questions at eNotes. There are several conflicts between Telemachus and the suitors; they relate to ethics. by Homer is the relationship between Odysseus and Telemachus, his son. It was a very brave act, considering that the suitors could have killed him on the.

From Sparta Telemachus returned home; and on his arrival there, he found his father, with the swineherd Eumaeus.

what is the relationship between telemachus and suitors odysseus

But as Athena had metamorphosed him into a beggar, Telemachus did not recognise his father until the latter disclosed to him who he was. Father and son now agreed to punish the suitors; and when they were slain or dispersed, Telemachus accompanied his father to the aged Laertes. In the post-Homeric traditions, we read that Palamedes, when endeavouring to persuade Odysseus to join the Greeks against Troy, and the latter feigned idiocy, placed the infant Telemachus before the plough with which Odysseus was ploughing Hygin.

According to some accounts, Telemachus became the father of Perseptolis either by Polycastethe daughter of Nestoror by Nausicaathe daughter of Alcinous Eustath. Others relate that he was induced by Athena to marry Circe, and became by her the father of Latinus Hygin. Telegonusor that he married Cassiphone, a daughter of Circe, but in a quarrel with his mother-in-law he slew her, for which in his turn he was killed by Cassiphone Tzetz.

what is the relationship between telemachus and suitors odysseus

He is also said to have had a daughter called Roma, who married Aeneas Serv. Liodes, who was the first to try the bow, said as he failed to bend it: For this day, being the holiday of the archer god Apollowas no time, he argued, to bend bows. And when he returned, he begged a favor of them all: The SUITORS found this request preposterous, not because they feared that Penelope would marry the beggar if he bent the bow, but because if he did, the people would say that they could not bend it, but in came some casual tramp and bent the bow with great ease.

And this kind of black spot in their immaculate reputation they could not suffer. However, as Penelope and Telemachus intervened in his favor, the bow was finally handed over to Odysseuswho strung the bow without effort, and shooting an arrow hit all the marks.


Death is unbelievable As he finished the test, Odysseus nodded, and Telemachus took place full armed at his father's side. For if this was no accident, then there was but little hope and they were in great danger, for there was not a shield or a spear in the room to lay their hands on. But those about to be slaughtered seldom believe that slaughter awaits them, and that is why the SUITORS thought that they could still reproach Odysseus for what they deemed to be a blunder, and threatened him with heavy consequences for having slain the greatest nobleman in Ithaca.

So to wake them up Odysseus said: So you ate me out of house and home; you raped my maids; you wooed my wife on the sly though I was alive, with no more fear of the gods in heaven than of the human vengeance that might come. I tell you, one and all, your doom is sealed. Self-taught am I, and the god has planted in my heart all manner of lays, and worthy am I to sing to you as to a god; wherefore be not eager to cut my throat.

Bonaventura Genelli — This is the kind of thing that no young man wishes to hear, for sudden death takes away far more than the colour from the cheeks. However, for reasons that only those who retaliate fully know, Odysseus refused any agreement, and exhorted them to fight or run for their lives.

This is how the SUITORS' season of insolence and pleasure came to an abrupt end, and they would have wished that some familiar voice had woken them up from this nightmare so that they could have dinner again.

Father-son relationship In The Odyssey by Homer

But after the extraordinary victory over more than one hundred men, Odysseus did not wish to have any jubilation, for he found it an impious thing to exult over the slain who were victims of their own infamy. Disloyal servants punished Instead he asked Euryclia which among the fifty women-servants in the palace had been disloyal. And the twelve that had disgraced themselves were ordered to clean the battlefield, removing the bodies of the slain and washing tables and chairs.

And when the whole house was again in order, Telemachus and the two herdsmen took the women who had slept with the SUITORS to the courtyard, and hanged them. And they were so angry at him and his lack of loyalty that they also lopped off his hands and feet. Consequences The massacre was not without consequences. Eupeithes was killed by Laertes, and the attack failed. But some say that this feud did not end here, and that both parties sent for Achilles ' son Neoptolemuswho was king in Epirus, to act as arbiter.

Neoptolemus then condemned Odysseus to be exiled, and in accordance with the sentence he retired to Italy. And they paid the compensation to Telemachus in barley, wineolive-oil, honeycombs, salt, and animals for sacrifice. Neoptolemussome believe, judged in this way because he hoped to get possession of the island of Cephallenia, once Odysseus was put out of the way.

The father created the distance by being far from home for twenty years. His son then decided to go on a journey and look for him. It is through this journey that Telemachus is able to prove his worth.

The distance allowed the father and the son to develop a strong bond and feelings towards each other. In respect to the distance that existed between the father and the son, Telemachus discovered his father in him. Through Telemachus victory, Odysseus saw himself in his son.

Odyssey: The Relationship Between Telemachus and Odysseus

There are some secrets, not pronounced in fathers that appear in their sons. The father is similar to his son and the vice versa is true.

what is the relationship between telemachus and suitors odysseus

Some aspects and values that fathers and sons share define them. These values are in The Odysseys by Homer to help shape father- son relationship.