What is the relationship between societal values and art

How Changes in Cultural and Social Values are Reflected in Artwork

what is the relationship between societal values and art

Keywords: art, material culture, performance, social relations, treated art in a parallel way, as symbolic expressions of meanings and values. Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating Researchers have long been interested in the relationship between art and the. Posts about Social Value of Arts written by culturalvalueproject. I have always been fascinated with the relationship between art and politics.

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As a political scientist I have always been fascinated with the relationship between art and politics. Though heretical to suggest to the arts community, I have often thought that the role of the professional politician and the professional artist indeed, with the amateur politician and the amateur artist were more similar than was often acknowledged.

Both seek to express values and visions, to inspire hope and confidence or dread and disgust and both seek — if we are honest — to present a message.

what is the relationship between societal values and art

It is only the medium through which that message is presented that differs and relationships of co-option, patronage and dependency are common between these professions. Similarly, the problems faced by the cultural sector and formal political institutions are by no means dissimilar.

Both have the potential to offer a medium of expression for all, but, fundamentally, only manage to give voice to those who are already well heard.

The analogy may go further still in the potential solutions. As artists and as politicians we yearn for meaningful routes to engagement that are relevant to us all, rather than token gestures from those with real decision making power. Vromen offers us this definition of participation: But is there potential for it to be taken further?

The social value of art

In a time of increasing social anomie and political disengagement, especially amongst the young and the poor, can participatory arts projects provide a way of reconnecting communities and provide a means for broader political reengagement? Other studies tentatively offer similarly positive conclusions but few with real analytical depth in terms of identifying between political reconnection, civic reconnection or personal reconnection in terms of personal understanding, confidence and aspiration.

what is the relationship between societal values and art

Young people from all across South Yorkshire will be brought together to participate in an eight week arts project that uses creative writing, storytelling and visual art to explore social and political issues. We hope to also involve current or past politicians as equal participants depending on the views of the young people and artistswho like the young people, will take a role as decision maker and listener in the context of the workshops.

what is the relationship between societal values and art

That is, by you and me, via our taxes or our purchase of lottery tickets. In 18 years, the national lottery has transformed arts provision across so many of our communities and has been particularly valuable while government funding has been under pressure.

Great art and culture really can be, as it should be, for everyone. There's a strong relationship between arts and cultural engagement and educational attainment.

We see an improvement in literacy when young people take part in drama and library activities, and better performance in maths and languages when they take part in structured music activities. That's partly why the Department for Education is including arts subjects with the core subjects in maths, science, languages and the humanities in the first round of reformed GCSEs in two years' time.

The inherent value of culture, its contribution to society, its symbiotic relationship with education and, yes, its economic power but in that order … this is what we call the holistic case for public support of arts and culture. The Arts Council's annual survey of public attitudes to this investment shows support rising significantly this year. Let's keep the debate going.

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I predict that in the runup to the next election, where economic issues will dominate, the arts will have more to say for themselves than ever before, particularly in relation to two intriguing elements: The creative industries have been growing three times as fast as the national economy. Last summer, in an infamous list of priority sectors for growth, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills left them out but included offshore wind turbines, for God's sake.

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They won't do that again. As the creative sector grows in importance, the role of arts and culture as an incubator of talent will be better understood.

what is the relationship between societal values and art

It's increasingly accepted that cities are going to deliver our economy's growth in the future. Greg Clark from the Conservatives and Andrew Adonis from Labour are both doing some good thinking about how to turbocharge urban centres.

what is the relationship between societal values and art

They'll be aware of how the Turner Contemporary has led the regeneration of Margate, how the Nottingham Contemporary is at the heart of a creative quarter, how festivals drive tourism in Liverpool. The new city quarters where young people want to live, work and create companies need a soul as well as a sewer. In his budget this year, George Osborne introduced a tax credit for the performing arts.

This essentially recognised that the arts are part of the creative industries — film, television drama and computer games already receive the same concession.