The carrie diaries and sebastian relationship quiz

Major Differences Between ‘Sex & the City’ and ‘The Carrie Diaries’

the carrie diaries and sebastian relationship quiz

Sebastian Kydd Austin Butler, The Carrie Diaries, Carrie Bradshaw, Series .. that Austin kisses Vanessa on the forehead shows alot about their relationship. HFK said: The Carrie Diaries is your average young adult novel with the school Besides Carrie's hot-and-cold relationship with Sebastian, she also has to deal. The Carrie Diaries Canceled: Boss Reveals How Carrie Would've Met Miranda and More Interview and choosing to break up with Sebastian (Austin Butler), her first love, We think we speak for all The Carrie Diaries fans when we say yes, we were Quiz: How Many U.S. Navy Ships Can You Identify?.

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It basically follows Carrie Bradshaw, a school senior who's dealing with typical teenage drama - boyfriends, school prom, mean friends, dysfunctional families and the looming, uncertain future. When she starts school, a blast from the past in the form of Sebastian Kydd the HOTTEST boy in senior year turns up to ruin her life, and that's basically the story One thing I think really stood out is that, even though the drama was ridiculous and cliche, the dynamics and the aesthetic of the school and how the people and the groups interacted felt realistic.

the carrie diaries and sebastian relationship quiz

I liked that the faults of the protagonist and her friends were pointed out, alongside those of the "popular girls". I often find it disappointing how contemporary books dehumanise and vilify "pretty girls" generally because they are. Actually, that same concept was analysed and critiqued in The Carrie Diaries and for that I'm appreciative.

The book had a unique voice and well-rounded host of characters which I felt really fleshed it out and made it more than just a contemporary high-school romance. Carrie's voice was domineering, but she was not flawless.

the carrie diaries and sebastian relationship quiz

I liked that she was challenged by both friend and foe for her behaviours and that she was not presented as being ultimately errorless. It was really refreshing, especially in this genre which I think typically has bland protagonists who possess little or no faults.

The Carrie Diaries

The plot was fast moving, and it was easy reading - but not absorbing. The problems of the characters were really, really trivial.

the carrie diaries and sebastian relationship quiz

The characters issues were very white, fairly wealthy teenage which was fine, but not particularly engaging. Carrie continues to hang out with Larissa, the Interview magazine style editor she met at Century I love the idea of Carrie spending time with an older, trendy and tapped-in party girl who introduces her to New York City nightlife. I would just prefer that older party girl be discerning enough to realize when she's hanging out with a year-old.

Carrie's romance with Sebastian is still blossoming in and around Castlebury High.

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Her father has forbidden her from dating Sebastian, but that doesn't stop a defiant Carrie from seeing him against her father's wishes. She figures out that her dad was Sebastian's lawyer at some point in time and later learns how the object of her affection earned his bad boy label.

You can never date him! It was a cute scene and Maggie and Mouse were more appealing to me here than usual. When Carrie meets up with Sebastian, she tells him as though it's not a big deal at all that she knows he had sex with his teacher. He freaks out understandably and ends things between them.

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And for some other reason, Carrie tells her dad that she broke into his work files to learn about Sebastian's case, which prompts her dad to explode at her. Carrie's naivete was palpable in both these scenes. Because she thinks her intentions are pure, she fails to understand the ramifications of her actions.

That night, Carrie accompanies Mouse into Manhattan. Mouse is on her way to see her ex-boyfriend Sean, the Princeton freshman she lost her virginity to over the summer. Carrie, Mouse and Sean meet up with Larissa at an art exhibit, which is actually a former porn star sitting on a throne-like chair and flashing her nether regions to interested parties for a penny.

the carrie diaries and sebastian relationship quiz

We get it, she's cheap. Anyways, this makes all three of the sixteen-year-olds uncomfortable. Mouse runs away, while Carrie has a dramatic moment in which she says that she's "owning [her] vagina" and getting the hell outta there.

So, as I wrote last week, the city scenes are not yet working for me, and I was happy that the majority of the episode took place in Connecticut.

the carrie diaries and sebastian relationship quiz