Relationship between vitamin and constipation

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relationship between vitamin and constipation

Laxatives offer a quick fix for constipation, but there are lifestyle changes you can make to help stop the problem from coming back. The current evidence is insufficient to link vitamin B-5 with constipation relief. Almost all plant and animal-based foods contain pantothenic acid. Most people experience occasional constipation, but about 14% of adults suffer to help relieve constipation including effervescent magnesium and vitamin C.

Vitamin D and Constipation. Is there a Relationship?

If your physician determines that vitamin D is contributing to constipation, you will both need to decide if the benefits outweigh the negatives associated with bowel disturbances. Vitamin D plays an essential role in absorbing calcium in the intestines and controlling the amount of calcium in your blood. This means vitamin D has the job of forming, maintaining and strengthening your bones. The main food sources of vitamin D include mackerel, salmon, cod liver oil, tuna and milk, dairy and orange juice fortified with D.

The rest of what you need comes from the sun or supplementation.

Is Constipation a Side Effect of Vitamin D?

The sun stimulates the body to make vitamin D, but as over-exposure to it has caused skin cancer and premature aging of the skin, you may avoid spending time outdoors.

Extra Vitamin D Has Benefits If you take vitamin D supplements, your doctor may have prescribed them to support the absorption of supplemental calcium. Calcium, like most minerals, can cause constipation. This makes it difficult to blame either supplement for your bowel trouble. Another reason to take vitamin D emerged from a study published in the "American Journal of Epidemiology.

Reports such as these have produced an awareness of the importance of vitamin D supplementation that is unrelated to calcium. Always Take the Correct Amount With increasing numbers of people taking vitamin D for cardiac protection, the incidence of constipation rises.

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Children under 18 can take between 0. Vitamin B-1 Vitamin B-1or thiamine, aids in digestion. When your levels of thiamine are low, your digestion may be slowed. This can lead to constipation. Most women should consume 1. Most men should consume 1. Children between the ages of 1 and 18 should get between 0. Vitamins that can make constipation worse Some vitamin supplements include the minerals calcium and iron, which can actually increase your chances of developing constipation.

Some of the ingredients used to form vitamin tablets, like lactose or talc, may also cause constipation. If you suspect that your daily dose of vitamins is causing constipation, speak to your doctor. They may encourage you to stop taking vitamin supplements, switch to another type, or lower your dosage.

5 Vitamins That Can Relieve Constipation

Side effects Some vitamins can cause unwanted side effects, especially when mixed with other vitamins, supplements, or medications. Certain vitamins can also aggravate preexisting medical conditions. Speak with your doctor before taking any vitamins for constipation relief.

Let them know if you experience any side effects.

relationship between vitamin and constipation

People who vitamins may not be safe for Vitamins are safe for most people when taken in the proper dosage. But some people may need to avoid certain vitamins.

relationship between vitamin and constipation

Some vitamins can also make your constipation worse.