Relationship between the talk test and ventilatory threshold

The Talk Test vs. lactate and ventilatory thresholds – Sweat Science

relationship between the talk test and ventilatory threshold

Lactate threshold measurements were similar to the +Talk Test and +/-Talk Test. Relationship between the talk test and ventilatory thresholds in well-trained. Ventilatory threshold testing is based on the physiological principle of ventilation. purposes is that the exercise intensity associated with the ability to talk. The aim of this study was to extend the range of populations where the Talk Test ( TT) might be used as a marker of physiologic thresholds.

The tests were performed on different days, at the same hour each day.

The Talk Test and its relationship with the ventilatory and lactate thresholds. - Semantic Scholar

The order of testing was randomized. Likewise, the initial cycle ergometer power output was 25 watts Wincreasing by 25 W in 2-minute stages. Participants who weighed less than 60 kilograms approximately pounds had a starting power output of 20 W, increasing by 20 W in 2-minute stages. Each participant performed to exhaustion one cycle ergometer test and one treadmill test.

Ventilatory threshold

Throughout these tests, the researchers monitored heart rate using radio telemetry a heart rate monitor ; they also collected respiratory data using open-circuit spirometry. Each of the other two tests involved a talk test, with subjects reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during the last 30 seconds of every 2-minute exercise stage. When they answered no, the exercise test was terminated.

Actual measurements of VO2, ventilatory threshold and heart rate were compared to the responses made during the talk test. The Findings The results of this study showed a close correlation between the talk test, VO2, ventilatory threshold and heart rate on both the cycle ergometer and the treadmill.

The "Talk Test"

This denotes the usefulness of the talk test as a simple way of determining appropriate intensity for both of these exercise modes. It appears that by using just the talk test—without relying on more invasive or difficult procedures—one can achieve the proper intensity of exercise.

relationship between the talk test and ventilatory threshold

However, when comfortable speech was no longer possible, the exercise intensity was greater than what is normally recommended for exercise intensity and above the ventilatory threshold. Therefore, ventilatory threshold was highly correlated with the last positive and equivocal stages of the talk test. The Bottom Line The most practical application of this research is for establishing and maintaining ideal exercise intensities without the demand of expensive laboratory equipment or confusion with pulse check counting.

It allows an exerciser and his or her trainer to make use of a subjective intensity assessment, permitting a quick, easy and accurate evaluation of exercise intensity. Although no specific guidelines for the talk test yet exist, we recommend using it in a manner similar to heart rate monitoring—at least once every 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. During group exercise conditions, the talk test may be particularly useful. The instructor can readily have students subjectively monitor their exercise intensity by having them cite the Pledge of Allegiance.

How to work with lactate in sports - especially in rowing

For students from other cultures, we recommend asking them to cite a familiar nursery rhyme, as it has been our experience that most cultures have nursery rhymes that exercisers readily know.

Lactate Threshold Exercise physiologists have long used ventilatory and lactate thresholds as laboratory indicators of exercise performance and intensity.

relationship between the talk test and ventilatory threshold

But you can certainly do it backstroke though doing it in a long course pool is much better as you spend far more time underwater, oxgen-deprived, in a short course pool, leaving less time for an accurate test. However, as you get in better shape, or at least to elite endurance athlete, that Talk Test is not accurate. Also note that it becomes extremely difficult to get to VT when in this condition.

relationship between the talk test and ventilatory threshold

So my question would be, does this mean that oxygen is never the bottleneck in the burning of carbohydrates or more accurately, the burning of the lactate that results from burning carbs? If so, what would this imply for training needs?

The Talk Test vs. lactate and ventilatory thresholds

September 17, at 2: September 17, at 4: The question of exactly where the bottleneck lies is highly controversial. In general, getting oxygen into the lungs is NOT the problem — other limiting stages are the diffusion of oxygen from the lungs into the blood, circulation of the blood to the muscles, uptake of oxygen from the blood into the muscles, etc.

If running a One other thing to note, from the journal article: