Nsa ajit doval exposing secret deal between usa and pakistan relationship

India's NSA Ajit Doval causing acute threat to regional, global peace

nsa ajit doval exposing secret deal between usa and pakistan relationship

In order to understand the effectiveness of the Modi - Doval combination we first need From Russia being the key supplier we now have, U.S.A, Russia, Israel and France with the recent Modi visit to UAE which is believed to have close ties with Pakistan. What would happen to India if Ajit Doval retires or steps down. Ajit Doval is among the very few to constantly have the ear of a . These were passed around on social media—the NSA has several fan India's intelligence agencies and deals directly with their operatives. .. Swami named Doval in the acknowledgements of his book India, Pakistan and the Secret. India's National Security advisor Ajit Kumar Doval has selected to move In these meetings, he proposed them to establish a nexus with Pakistani Taliban who are holding old ties with Ajit Doval ever since his joining of the Indian IB. . no secret that the US government is very much aware of Indian NSA.

He told Arjuna, never mind even if it means taking up arms against his close relatives in order to make way for righteousness to prevail. The year-old career spy hung up his boots as the head of the Intelligence Bureau IB in January and took to giving discourses in universities, think tanks, professional bodies and social clubs. His speeches have today become a rage on the internet.

Doval, on his part, has had no political leanings. The two struck a rapport and this, incidentally, took Doval closer to the saffron party. So far Doval has not courted controversy except when media chose to question the rise of his son, Shaurya Doval, an investment banker, as one of the key policymakers of the Modi government. Shaurya, in his forties, is the co-founder of the RSS-BJP-backed think tank India Foundation, which is believed to be giving key policy inputs to the government.

No wonder, a lot of retired diplomats and other veterans openly criticised Doval for the Pathankot attack, blaming him for all that had allegedly gone wrong in combating the Pakistani terrorists who had sneaked into the cantonment. Doval calls the shots in security and foreign matters in the Modi government. Sources say many ministries report to him on a regular basis. He enjoys perks and position of a cabinet minister.

It took a while for the rest to accept the fact that this NSA is different; he not only has the desired exposure to foreign service but also the alacrity of a spy. They realised this only after the surgical strikes. Therefore, the criticism is unwanted. As IB chief, Doval had prompted Lone and many other Kashmiri youngsters to join the political mainstream.

InDoval set up the Vivekananda International Foundation, a think tank with ideological affinity with the BJP When he was asked at a public function how he maintained the agility of his mind, Doval shared a tip.

He said the human brain is like a sponge; the more you keep its pores unclogged and away from the muck, the more it will absorb the right things. Keep your mind free for things that matter the most. The rest of the time you remain relaxed and enjoy life. His reply left everyone speechless. When at Ufa [in Russia, where Modi and Nawaz Sharif met] it was agreed that there will be no border firing and then the Pakistanis started firing [on LoC].

Except for the few details which are bound to be in public domain in case of any civil servant, not much is known about the super spy. Digging into his life to know about the man was challenging as most of those who spoke say there was no life beyond work for him. His father was one of the earliest to have left the village for a career. Today, Ghiri Banelsyun is nearly deserted as most of its original residents have shifted to towns and cities for better livelihood.

nsa ajit doval exposing secret deal between usa and pakistan relationship

An Uttrakhand officer said Doval visited the village a few months back and the people there urged him to do something to reverse the migration from the hills. Kerala in those days was known for political agitations that would turn violent with predictable regularity. Doval, however, was able to break one in Kottayam by simply working on the minds of the agitators.

nsa ajit doval exposing secret deal between usa and pakistan relationship

In his new role, Doval volunteered to go to Mizoram, which was then slipping into chaos. Mizo rebels led by Laldenga had pulled down the Indian flag and declared freedom for the Mizo people, who then lived in Assam. The army, for the first time, had used aerial bombing to contain insurgency in Mizoram. The young Doval had no qualms in leaving his wife and two sons in Delhi and proceed to Aizawl, where he spent five years, mostly as an undercover agent.

Gen JFR Jacob, a hero of the war who as a young army officer was posted in Mizoram, had recalled his encounter with the young Doval. We, in the army, thought of him as a deadly and fearless militant of the MNA till, one day, I was told that he is one of us.

Soon Laldenga found that someone had pulled the rug from under his feet as six of his seven top commanders had rebelled against him. He had lost control over his army which was scattered over Burma and what was then East Pakistan. Laldenga was in West Pakistan then.

It was followed by weeks of public celebrations in Aizawl where common Mizos welcomed Laldenga who had signed a peace deal with Delhi in The Mizo army got converted into Mizo National Front and ever since, Mizoram has remained the most peaceful state in the northeast. PM Narendra Modi being given a presentation on counter-terrorist and combing operation by the defence forces, at Pathankot Airbase in January.

Doval earned a police medal for his extraordinary courage. In fact, the Rajiv Gandhi government had to bend rules according to which the recipient of police medal should have completed 14 years of service. Doval had been in job for seven years then. But given his penchant for risk, he was soon posted to Islamabad as first secretary, commerce, in the Indian high commission.

Of course, back then, there was hardly any commerce taking place between the two neighbours for him to take care of. Doval, in fact, had gone there as an undercover agent. He often speaks of two incidents in Pakistan when he was almost caught. Once, an old man with a flowing white beard approached him in a mosque in Lahore.

He asked him if he was a Hindu. Doval denied it but as the old man, who looked every inch a devout Muslim, insisted, he had to admit the truth. The old man told him that his pierced ears had given away his identity. Doval has explained the old custom in his native place of piercing the ears of boys — something that is never done among Muslims. The old man advised him to fix his ears to remain incognito.

Raman was called Guru by his colleagues and likeminded juniors. These five IPS officers eventually defaced the organizational identities of RAW and IB amongst their own circle and continued to deliver with mere extremist religious devotion and motivation under Hindutva umbrella. There appears to be another commonality amongst these Cops that all of them, throughout their careers have been maintaining very strong connections with Most Wanted criminals, terrorists and Mafia Dons with Chhota Rajan and his gang being the most prominent in this direction.

Despite the fact that successive Indian governments continued to deny presence of any links of its law enforcers or other top officials with terrorists and criminal mafias with current Modi government being no exception, yet these deep-rooted links are open secrets in Indian media and society. In the cable, following assertion was made: On July 11 the Mumbai police arrested Malhotra while he was driving through central Delhi. Doval himself as well as GOI officials from the Home Ministry later declined to comment about the incident.

GOI and the Mumbai police have not commented on the incident.

Uncle Sam continues to court Pakistan: The reliability of India-US relations will remain suspect

The arrests and the presence of former IB chief Doval are established facts. Since the authorities are not publicly talking, everything else about the incident is speculation of media outlets.

Some reports however suggest that when life was made too miserable for Dawood Ibrahim in India, he shifted to Dubai and formed an even wider network with the connivance of certain friends from Italian and Russian underworld mafias. These reports also suggest that Dawood had some support from his Mumbai days partners of Karachi-based Pakistani elements of local underworld. Special investigative report on the overall activities of Chhota Rajan Gang would be published separately very soon.

It is worth mentioning here that Chhota Rajan gang delivered handsomely for both IB and RAW while its services were often rendered to Military Intelligence at different occasions under the Hindutva- Army nexus arrangements. While in Pakistan, this gang has not only been operating in Balochistan but a strong presence of the gang members was discovered during anti- terror operation in Waziristan agencies and Swat area while Afghanistan has emerged as a regional headquarter of Chhota Rajan Gang.

Rajan later managed to build up a steady business empire around the world acting as front offices for his illegal operations and thus got further promoted in the good books of Hindutva Brotherhood. It remains a fact that the film media serves as the best possible propaganda tool for the RAW as well as Hindutva Brotherhood not only in India but also abroad including Pakistan. A blatant glorification of Hinduism and an utterly distorted fanatic portrayal of Islam is the common message conveyed through the RAW and IB sponsored movies.

According to Pahlaj Nehlani, a former President of Film Producers Association of India, the underworld lord Chhota Rajan started demanding overseas rights of all hit movies without paying a penny in late 90s. This was a rather decent way of distortion for Doval, Raman and Tripathi to generate funds for unauthorized operations.

His brother Deepak runs the company by the name of Cable Cop, which offers film producers protection from Cable Operators who telecast new movies without authorization. This had force Rajan to get his gang a political platform too. For the purpose, Chhoata Rajan has now approached National Security Advisor and old time friend and mentor Ajit Doval to help his gang in this direction. At that time Hindutva confidante Ajit Doval, who was by then fully prepared by B Raman and was placed at Intelligence Bureau, was moved to the occupied valley.

Doval first started a fake insurgency movement to suppress the genuine and unarmed struggling freedom fighters. Later, he portrayed them as Pakistan-backed militants and then arranged their killings by creating counter insurgent groups that paved the way for what the Indian army, RAW and IB are doing in IOK today under the garb of combating militant insurgency. Under this conspiracy, in OctoberAjit Doval informed some likeminded media persons in New Delhi that some freedom fighters of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front JKLF had occupied the famous Shrine of Hazrat Bal in the valley with some highly ulterior motives that threatens the sacredness of the shrine.

He also hurriedly summoned a meeting of the Unified Command. The Governor asked Zaki to intervene and eventually, two battalions of the Indian Army laid siege at the shrine on October 15, This is said to be the first major operation under the Hindutva-army nexus, at least with regard to IOK in which Hindutva activist, in the ranks of IB provided a platform to Indian army to go wild in IOK under the garb of hunting down the militants.

He writes that he was amazed the way the militants appeared always so well informed of daily events outside during his negotiations with them. One day the Telephone Department told Habibullah, who was also Divisional Commissioner of the Kashmir Valley, that they had discovered an unlisted telephone connection, inside the Hazrat Bal shrine premises.

When he asked the department to disconnect the line, he was told by the IB that the line should be allowed to remain as it was there at their behest. The Telephone Department had in the meantime told Habibullah that they had discovered an unlisted number inside the premises of the shrine.

According to Habibullah, when he discovered this development and brought it into the notice of General Zaki, General Zaki got furious and asked Habibullah to discuss the matter with him in person.

nsa ajit doval exposing secret deal between usa and pakistan relationship

Habibullah says that on his way from Raj Bhavan to the shrine, he was asked by Lt Gen Zaki to accompany him to his residence, so that the development could be discussed in details and with secrecy. On one side, it was aimed at creating a rift between different freedom fighting groups and to disgrace the most prominent group JKLF as JKLF was the most successful freedom fighter group had commanded a great respect and following amongst the other similar groups.

While on the other side, it was also designed through this plan to pave the way for army operationsin IOK. And lastly it was aimed at generating a feeling of insecurity and helplessness amongst the Muslims on the both sides of LoC by capturing of Hazrat Bal Shrine by Indian army with Muslims being helpless and merely on the mercy of Hindu soldiers; a philosophy that is key of Hindutva operations and is very strongly exercised by Ajit Doval and his group.

Under the plan Ajit Doval penetrated some IB supported individuals into the Shrine, fixed a phone line inside the Shrine to give instructions to the fake occupants as doing so through Radio Wireless system was not safe.

In the meanwhile, after learning that his plan had been smelled by officials like Habibullah and General Zaki, Doval them a life threat by arranging a lethal road crash and succeeded in doing all that he wanted and planned as neither Habibullah, nor General Zaki ever uttered a single word over the issue for decades. It, at the same time, speaks very high of Hindutva-army nexus as a Muslim officer with the rank of Lt.

nsa ajit doval exposing secret deal between usa and pakistan relationship

General in the Indian army could never utter a single word despite having the complete knowledge that a life attempt on him was made by none else but by a serving driver of the Indian army. This episode led the Indian army and its so-called security forces to go for killing and brutally torturing of millions of Muslims in IOK under the garb of militancy combat. Kashmiris were not engaged in any armed struggle for their freedom until Ajit Doval managed to portray them as armed insurgents via exaggerated and glorified Hazrat Bal episode.

In Hazrat Bal case, two battalions of Indian army, fully armed and equipped with all weaponry and sophisticated assault tools, could not over power merely 49 militants for days and days and eventually let them walk feely under an agreement.

Doval believed that such blame on JKLF would put all other freedom fighters on the mission of eliminating all JKLF operators as part of Jihad and the most prominent freedom fighter group will be eliminated by its own followers. It was perceived at New Delhi that such a move will bring a great religious wrath not only in IOK but also across India and most probably across the Muslim world and thus it was decided to end the mission in safe exit of occupants.

He, through his investigations-based report proved that Ajit Doval had actually planned a tunnel out of Hazrat Bal Shrine. But after this part of the plan was rejected by high ups, the drama ended up in free and safe passage to the occupant militants but without taking away any of the belongings from the Shrines. But on the other side the tunnel was ready and was discovered by some media persons.

To cover this up, it was officially stated that this tunnel was dug out by army personnel to penetrate into the shrine to overpower the militants. However, it was never explained by Indians as to why that tunnel was not utilized by the military commandos and secondly, why the tunnel was dug in a manner that was going from inside the shrine to outside and not from outside to inside?

This was the incident that brought IOK under global scanner and introduced high voltage to the freedom struggle in Kashmir with adding high grade militancy to it. Using this experience, Doval was advised by B Raman to form fake Muslim freedom fighting organizations out of jobless Muslims of the valley and also out of extremist Hindu activists from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh RSS that is a paramilitary wing of Hindu ultras. With this development, the occupied valley saw a mushroom growth of Hrakat this and Harkat that and Hizb this and Hizb that, suddenly, on the patron of the same exercise in case of anti-Khalistan campaign while the same was later introduced in Pakistan in forms of different factions of TTP including Jindulla and Ahrar-ul-Hind etc.

This was originally the idea of LK Advani. First meeting was at local hotel in Jammu while the 2nd one was held at Ambassador Hotel in Delhi.

The purpose of this drama was to portray Kashmiri freedom fighter as high profile and ruthless militants and not simple freedom fighters, in the eyes of the global and especially the Western communities and governments. It appears beyond doubts that Doval expects that the crop that he seeded in Kashmir, is about to be harvested in Kandahar via the Daesh-TTP drive.

Though Doval claims that he was spying inside Pakistan during those days and had achieved many goals during stay in Pakistan and thus had nothing to do with IOK developments during those years, yet his claims go completely wrong by checking his service record and going through his posting tenures. Doval claims of spying inside Pakistan also stand challenged by former senior army officer of Pakistan army Brigadier Rtd Junaid Zaman.

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There will be hundreds of them for sure, as we have many on the other side. Bigger the country, more the spies. Ajit, who thrived on the myth of him being the premier spy in India who spent time in Pakistan and never was caught.

On that basis, he rose within the ranks of BJP, though he never held any designation. His formed a think-tank, which was basically a front office for BJP to formulate and push RSS-oriented espionage agenda to any incumbent government.

Nobody took them realy serious, not even the Indian army because they knew the truth behind Doval being the premier spy in Pakistan.