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newgrounds meet and office

After ten years in basements, bedrooms and living rooms, Newgrounds finally bought an office in late The following was documented while we were. 35 U.S.C. authorizes a rejection where, to meet the claim, it is necessary to New grounds of rejection made in an Office action reopening prosecution. Meet'N'Fuck. Here are some of my favorite things on Newgrounds! Meet and Fuck My Favorite. by VadimGoD MeetNFuck Office Romance. by VadimGoD.

A live chat room is also available. Fulp later merged his two websites to form another website with the name Newgrounds, leading to him to change hosts to accommodate the increasing traffic, and started selling merchandise to pay for the website's hosting bills. Introducing banner ads to pay for growing payments inFulp partnered with Tromawho hosted the site in exchange for a share of ad revenue. A chat room and message board was added onto the website, which allowed people visiting the website to interact with each other.

Many users had begun submitting their own Flash creations to Fulp, in which he decided in a portion of the site called "The Portal. Ad revenue had increased, so Ross was hired, starting development of an current automated Portal, which would allow users to submit their own generated content to the website. The affiliation with Troma ended in and Newgrounds switched to another bandwidth provider, which significantly reduced hosting costs.

Medals, the equivalent of in-game achievementswere introduced for the first time through the API software insoon followed by a "Sharing" component that would allow content to be distributed within games, such as custom level designs.


The Art Portal in its complete form was launched in June of the same year, along with the renovation of the company's headquarters. That same year, major changes to the website included the launch of the video player, allowing users to publish movies that were not in. SWF format for the first time, and support for HTML5-coded games, which meant users were no longer limited to submitting movies and games made in Flash.

Inthe site suffered heavily through financial issues and closed down its online market following the year after. Platform mobile game Geometry Dash developed by RobTop Games allowed songs from Newgrounds to be used in levels made with the level editor with the release of its 1.

newgrounds meet and office

The Audio Portal consisted of submitted copyrighted songs for use in the game, leading to nightcorealong with mashupsbanned as a result. An similar issue of copyrighted concurred inwhen the site began receiving complaints that old content and files contained unlicensed commercial music and images, resulting in several submissions being removed by moderators and staff. Innew servers and video-encoding-software were unveiled, along with developments for the site to be ad-free, and improve page performance.

Newgrounds also published their first mobile game, titled GroundCats, through the App Store in As progressed, major changes included the launch of the video player, allowing users to publish movies that were not in.

SWF format for the first time, and support for HTML5-coded games, which meant users were no longer limited to submitting movies and games made in Flash. Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.

February Front page[ edit ] The home page of Newgrounds displays a showcase of the weekly and monthly top-scoring submissions on the site for the Movie, Game and Art Portals, as well as a newsfeed of posts from founder Tom Fulp.

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Menus to access a wider array of submissions for every portal are shown across the top banner of the site, allowing to browse based on popularity and date of submission. The Newgrounds main page in May A user has logged into this website. Movie and Game Portals[ edit ] Originally named the "Flash Portal" until Newgrounds began accepting non-Flash animations, the Movie Portal is a hub for Newgrounds users to submit watchable content.

Registered users can submit new movies, either in the format of a. SWF Flash file, or as a video file. The Game Portal is a similar section of the site intended for users to submit games to Newgrounds.

newgrounds meet and office

Entries are scored by a panel of judges in five categories: Points from each judge tally up to a total of 20 possible points. With five judges, the total points possible for an entry is Points.

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Aside from collages and photos taken for the purpose of showing sculpture or paintings that cannot be digitally scanned, works of photography are not permitted.

The Audio Portal uses the same scouting process as the Art Portal; every prospective audio submitter must submit at least four works to the Portal and wait to be scouted by another, more tenured user before their submissions will be accessible on the Audio Portal main page. The file may not exceed the given capacity of MB. The file must be sampled at The main purpose of the Audio Portal at its inception was to prevent users from breaking copyright laws; users were using copyrighted songs in their submissions, at a risk of copyright holders potentially taking legal action against the site or its users.

The Audio Portal was shut down three separate times early in its lifetime, but has become a permanent feature of the site. It used to be that users were able to download songs from any other user, but once the scouting system was introduced to the Audio Portal, downloading songs uploaded by unscouted users was disabled due to their abuse of the Portal to steal songs for the game Geometry Dashparticularly for the game's custom levels.

The ratings are only intended as a guide; there is no system in place to prevent the viewing of submissions of any specific rating aside from a brief disclaimer. Mild content, violence, etc. Users can vote or write reviews on existing submissions in any Portal.

This is based on an experience level-based system that gives users who have voted more frequently more weight to their votes, and specifically in the Movie and Game Portals, awards points to users who choose the winning vote on whether to approve "Protect" or disapprove "Blam" of new submissions in the initial judgment phase.


Points are also awarded to users who "[blow the] whistle" or report content that violates core submission quality guidelines such as outright copyright violation or illegal content. Awards[ edit ] When content is submitted to its respective portal, it has the potential to win a number of awards based on its viewer ratings and review scores on a daily, weekly and monthly basis against other entries for their respective timeframe.

The higher-level awards, such as being chosen as one of the best submissions of the month or of the year, can earn the submitter cash prizes and other benefits. Newgrounds Forum BBS [ edit ] The Newgrounds Forum community discusses various topics in forum categories ranging from site-related submissions to personal and off-topic discussion.

The most popular section on the forum is "General" discussion which, as of September 4,houses more thantopics. The forums are often used to run competitions and community projects. NG Store[ edit ] InNewgrounds started a basic store that was hosted completely on-site, selling shirts and stickers of different Newgrounds characters, such as Pico and the Tankmen.

On August 19,Newgrounds launched its official store, selling more products including those made by other Newgrounds artists.

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Items for sale included many T-shirts with popular and successful artists or their work, as well as keychains, stickers, discs, toys, comics, posters, patches and DVDs depicting popular Flash series. The Newgrounds community would collaborate to create works like a yearly calendar and writing anthologies. The Newgrounds store exited the physical goods market on March 5,after members of the staff resigned to work on other projects.

Charity[ edit ] Since the Newgrounds API was released and users were allowed to split their earnings between authors, users have been donating a portion of their earnings to charities by creating and sharing accounts which resemble the names of the charities for donating.

This began inwhen a user, ForNoReason, took it upon himself to organize flash artists. The Suicide Bombing Game: In mid, Newgrounds received notoriety for hosting Kaboom!