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Meteor Meet and Greet | Parking at London Stansted Airport

meteor meet and greet reviews for

Book a Meet and Greet package with Meteor London Stansted. Long established airport approved meet and greet company. Meteor offer a Latest review. Meteor Meet and Greet parking (formerly CPS Meet and Greet parking at See the location of Meteor Meet and Greet in relation to Birmingham airport on Meteor - Meet and Greet has been rated 96% out of from customer reviews. Read customer reviews and experiences of parking at Gatwick Meteor Meet & Greet Parking Services. Compare prices and book.

So what about the other two airports we tried? Then there was Luton.

Meteor Meet & Greet Reviews

Although we put two cars in with two separate companies, Stress Free Parking Ltd and Swift Airport Parking Ltd, they were both taken to the same car park. The whole point is to have it visible as a deterrent and there is none visible. As a piece of waste ground it was fine, as a secure car park, totally inadequate. Sky One Parking is operating at Gatwick Airport for last five years and very well-known and popular amongst its customers.

This is our utmost priority to park the vehicles in a very safe manner. Due to the holiday season our parking facilities are over flowed unexpectedly with large number of vehicles.

meteor meet and greet reviews for

To overcome this issue and to make sure that we provide the uninterrupted service to our valued customers, we acquired an extra yard temporarily to accommodate a small number of vehicles. We make sure that the yard is manned 24 hours a day with strict instructions to keep the gates closed all time.

After your email we have ordered an investigation into the matter and the security staff is being interviewed. We take this opportunity to thank you for bringing this matter into our attention. I can confirm that it was a member of staff that took the vehicle.

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As stated in our phone conversation as you did not receive the service that you paid for we will be sending you a cheque for a full refund of your payment for the parking services Once again RS09 would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, we would like to once again apologise to you for what has happened and RS09 would like to assure you that we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Stress Free Parking Ltd told us: Just try not to feel too smug as you motor past your fellow passengers queuing for the transfer buses All the products we offer have an overall customer satisfaction rating displayed on the information page — along with all the comments that have been posted.

meteor meet and greet reviews for

Meet our top-rated Heathrow meet and greet service…. Hassle free and very easy. L, Boreham Wood Very easy and straight forward booking process and the same with the drop off and pick up.

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T, Bishops Stortford Reviews It might be the ultimate in Heathrow Airport parking, but savvy travellers can easily cut the cost of meet and greet parking to bag themselves a great deal. Purchasing parking through APH is a great place to start saving. Sign-up for our weekly email and along with the best deals and offers delivered straight to your inbox, everyone who joins gets an instant discount starting at 10 percent.

When to book your Heathrow Airport meet and greet parking The cost of meet and greet parking at Heathrow Airport will vary throughout the year, so using a little detective work and pre-planning can save significant amounts of cash — even when travelling during peak periods.

This will typically bring big savings compared with making a reservation closer to your departure date.

Meteor Airport Parking | Meteor Meet & Greet

In fact, booking Heathrow meet and greet parking six months before departure could bring a 60 percent saving on a reservation made within seven days of flying. Even booking parking just a month from departure day could cut your outlay by more than 30 percent. With experience of providing airport parking spanning four decades, you can rely on us to provide cheap and safe meet and greet parking at Heathrow Airport.