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test de russert of meet

"Meet the Press" moderator chair sits empty Sunday in honor of NBC Washington The backlash is not about the highly-respected Russert. . exercise, and he had performed well on a stress test in late April, Newman said. In the nearly 17 years as the host of "Meet the Press," Tim Russert grilled “He's this Rorschach test: People read into him what they see,” he. Spivak wanted to keep his audience engaged with Meet the Press and . Glenn held to that philosophy: the year old told Tim Russert that if.

He appeared ten times on MTP. The first was with the four other GOP senators elected in his class. On January 15,Percy was on the program soon after being sworn in as a Senator from Illinois, a position he would hold for three terms. Watch the clip below to see how Percy handled the question.

Percy backed Nelson Rockefeller as the Republican nominee later that year; by that point the freshman Senator was already so well-known that his endorsement made front page news. Watch a clip of that appearance here. September 11, Q: Guess the Guest edition; Name the French politician and what's in his glass. View the photo here.

When photographs of the appearance were released in France they caused a public outcry because French wine makers and the general public were deeply offended to see their Prime Minister drinking a glass of milk on the set of an American television show. He acknowledged that the French youth were frustrated with their government and worried about their future.

Watch a clip here. September 4, Q: After Clinton's November interview, what labor leader recieved a note from the president saying, "I hope my remarks didn't ruin your Sunday? Advertise August 28, Q: In his first of 29 MTP interviews inwhat Congressman was asked about his recently written book? And who was his co-author? Cheney, who was then a Congressman from Wyoming, discussed his recent book on powerful Speakers of the House, which he had co-authored with his wife Lynne.

He said O'Neill's actions had "done damage to the principles and traditions of the House of Representatives. August 14, Q: In the spring ofwhat famous GOPer downplayed Bush's Iowa Caucus defeat, saying Bush had developed an "inner strength and toughness" since then? In President Richard M. Nixon's last Meet the Press appearance, Nixon talked presidential politics and observed how a bruising defeat in the Iowa caucuses months earlier had helped transform the candidacy of then GOP nominee George H.

test de russert of meet

August 7, Q: Who is this guest circa the 's? Does he look familiar? George Romney, the father of current Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, appeared on Meet the Press on October 15, during his own run for the Republican nomination for Presidential election. Romney, then in his third term as Governor of Michigan, portrayed himself during his interview as the underdog in the GOP field ahead of the New Hampshire primary. Romney dropped out of the race a few months later, in February ofand Richard Nixon went on to win the Republican nomination and the Presidency.

Watch a clip of that appearance. July 31, Q: Sixty years ago this week, which U. Senator appeared on Meet the Press with a gun on his lap for the entire interview? The tape for that appearance no longer exists, but in a somewhat ironic appearance a year earlier, the Senator was questioned about whether, in light of threats, he had sought a permit to carry a gun.

Watch that clip here. July 25, Q: From what country, bordering his native Poland, did he appear? Bratislava, Slovakia; In his first Sunday show appearance on Jan. General Shalikashvili died on July 23, at the age of He appeared on Meet The Press four times during his military career. Watch this clip here. July 18, Q: In an Al Gore vs. July 11, Q: Which former first lady did she say gave the second? June 20, Advertise Q: Which Senate hopeful, whose father and great grandfather were U.

Donald Trump Meet the Press October 24, 1999 with Tim Russert

Senators, appeared in a back-to-back interview with his opponent on MTP? Click here to see Lodge answer whether he'd gotten any advice from his father in June 13, Q: Which former politician appeared on "Meet the Press" with a cabinet secreatry and the Senate Finance Committee chairman two months before his own DC sex scandal broke?

May 30, Q: Who were the first national party chairs to appear together on Meet the Press? This special one-hour edition of the program was broadcast two days before the elections. Among the many issues debated - the future of the troubled economy and job creation. Click here to watch part of their debate. May 23, Q: What year-old British member of Parliament travled to the U.

Click here to see her on MTP. Advertise May 16, Q: The then-house Majority Whip defended his tax plan against criticism from fellow Republican, Sen. Click here to watch. May 9, Q: Hubert Humphrey, whose mother Christine Sannes came to the U.

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April 25, Q: Prince Philip -- grandfather to the royal groom -- appeared in the '60s and defended what British export popular with young people? April 18, Q: With gas at 50 cents a gallon, Henry Ford II appeared on Meet the Press and put in a plug for what new "smaller, lighter" car coming out soon? Click here to watch his plug. April 11, Q: Fifty-four years ago this week, what future Nixon supporter -- better known for much bigger reasons -- made a historic Meet the Press appearance?

Baseball great Jackie Robinson — the first man to break the racial barrier in the major leagues — appeared on MTP April 14, He spoke at length during his interview about his new role with the NAACP and his work on the issue of civil rights. Click here to hear Robinson on MTP. April 4, Q: Which GOP man and part of a political duo, said of Ferraro pick: Bob Dole Click here to watch the full exchange March 28, Q: Who was the first woman to Meet the Press?

She was on the readio edition and was the wife of a politician. Taft, wife of Sen. The late Warren Christopher appeared twelve times as secretary of state. What two political posts bookended those 12 for a total of 14x?

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Warren Christopher 1st appeared as director of Clinton transition in and last appeared as adviser to Gore recount in Watch Christopher ducking a tricky first question from Tim Russert in Dec. What paper did he write for at the time? March 7, Q: Which White House chief of staff was asked about being "the most powerful member of the president's official family and the 2nd most powerful man in Washington?

Sherman Adams, the chief of staff to President Eisenhower, who appeared on Nov. What famous labor leader argued on MTP that the Secretary of Labor be "someone completely sympathetic and experienced with the labor movement"?

test de russert of meet

Advertise February 21, Q: Name the five who were on as president. February 15, Q: At least 8 husband and wife duos have appeared on MTP together. Name three of those couples. Phil and Janey Hart talking about their life as a political couple February 7, Q: Reagan appeared on Meet the Press in and clarified comments he had made about supporting changing the name of what?

Who appeared on Meet the Press in and made the case for an official reponse to the president's State of the Union address? And like the good Irishman he was, he was blessed with the common touch. He treated everyone who worked for him with equal respect no matter who they were or what they did. There was a week early in the primary season when the Republican race was muddled. Four pivotal primaries were coming up on the same Tuesday and there was a slim possibility that four different candidates would each win a primary, further muddling the race and making our jobs all the more potentially difficult in the weeks ahead.

He was very interested in the program and always stayed in touch about the topics and the guests. He would call during the program most Sundays to suggest questions that the moderator should ask. So it was no surprise to me that he was such an excellent interviewer and enjoyed being the moderator so much. At the time that he became moderator inthere was a lot of talk that the Sunday shows had become too dullthat they focused on inside-the-Beltway issues too much and were too slow-paced.

Tim actually slowed the show down even more by interviewing one guest for the full hour frequently, and he focused on politics and policy almost all the time. But because he was having interesting conversations with interesting people about important topics, he made the show interesting to the viewers. But it was his interviewing style and his detailed knowledge and preparation that made him a standard for political journalism.

Great journalists ask short questions. The show also shifted to a greater focus on in-depth interviews with high-profile guests, where Russert was known especially for his extensive preparatory research and cross-examining style.

One approach he developed was to find old quotes or video clips that were inconsistent with guests' more recent statements, present them on-air to his guests and then ask them to clarify their positions. With Russert as host the show became increasingly popular, receiving more than four million viewers per week, and it was recognized as one of the most important sources of political news.

Time magazine named Russert one of the most influential people in the world inand Russert often moderated political campaign debates. John ChancellorRussert's NBC colleague, is credited with using red and blue to represent the states on a US map for the presidential electionbut at that time Republican states were blue, and Democratic states were red. How the colors got reversed is not entirely clear. Russert testified previously, and again in United States v.

Lewis Libbythat he would neither testify whether he spoke with Libby nor would he describe the conversation. Russert testified again in the trial on February 7, If I want to use anything from that conversation, then I will ask permission. Times wrote that, "Like former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, Russert was one of the high-level Washington journalists who came out of the Libby trial looking worse than shabby.

All the litigation was for the sake of image and because the journalistic conventions required it. It's our best format. I don't think the public was, at that time, particularly receptive to hearing it," Russert says.

Those in favor were so dominant.