Seats 2 meet haagse torrentz

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seats 2 meet haagse torrentz

Ds. Korving over het verbond met de mensheid - Duration: 53 seconds. views; 2 months ago. Play next; Play now. Commercieel Medewerker - Acquire Publishing. In verband met de groei van onze uitgeverij zijn wij op zoek naar jou! LikeCommentShare. Meeting locations in Den haag Discover our inspiring meeting locations in Den haag. You book per seat and can cancel up to 24 hours before your booking.

seats 2 meet haagse torrentz

I had my Eurail Pass in hand, palms sweaty, my first time traveling on European trains was a complete nightmare. I was determined to make this trip better and figure this out. My European friends still snicker at how unlucky I was for my first train ride, with the train catching fire, getting on the wrong train etc…. I had the right car, the right ticket, the right direction and even found the second class seating like I was supposed to.

I should just act natural, not speak because otherwise, these Netherlanders are going to look at me like a stupid American that freaks out on trains……oh if they only knew the horrors I have endured…. Stop being dramatic, and focus on the positive Janiel.

seats 2 meet haagse torrentz

Right, ok train is now moving — the moment of truth……YES!!!!!! Now I can just sit back and relax and be proud of myself for not flummoxing this one up like I did Prague. See, I can really do hard things! He smiled a toothy grin and sat down right across from me. Just for the record, I always try to be nice and be kind to whoever I meet…. He was tall, lanky, had big baggy torn clothes on, and oh how he smelled of the streets.

I had previously worked in a homeless clinic in Las Vegasand he smelled all too similar to that. I gave him a half smile, and in my panicked brain, I tried to figure out how I could get away and still be polite. He started to speak to me in French, and I had no clue what he was saying. He realized I spoke English, and tried to speak English to me. He asked where I was going, who I was traveling with.

I hate lying, so I told the truth and reiterated that I was going to Den Haag and had a very busy schedule. He wanted to get coffee and as he asked me slyly grabbed onto my hand and interlocked his fingers with mine. I looked across the aisle at the couple sitting there and tried to beg with my eyes for them to help me.

I tried to distract him with other areas in the Netherlands, but he decided he was going to come with me to Den Haag. I started planning with the GPS on my phone, the path I would take to the museum, the alleys I would take, using the public roads as much as possible.

He got up and sat right next to me, blocking the aisle and the escape. I moved over to the other chair right in front of him. It was like I was playing chess with him, and I was bound and determined not to lose.

They conductor announced Den Haag, and I got up quickly, told him I had to go because I had a very busy day. I was able to collect my things and get up quickly enough to put a few people between him and I. Step one of evasion and protection complete, not to maintain the distance just out of arms reach.

Alas, he caught up to me with his long legs, I cursed my short legs and looked at my GPS. Ok, the museum was not that far away.

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I maintained a rapid pace, running across a street here or there to throw him off. It was early in the morning so not many people were out. He knew we were getting close and grabbed my arm to get me to slow down, pleading with me to come over to have coffee at his place. I had taken enough self-defense classes to known how to break his grip….

My GPS took me into an alleyway that I knew was not the best place to be alone with this person, but taking another route would have meant more time with him. I quickened my pace, and he ran and got in front of me. I told him very strongly I was not going anywhere with him, and I traveled too far to miss this artwork I have been wanting to see since I was a child.

I crossed the street again and a car drove by, blocking him temporarily. I took a photo of him just in case something were to happen, for evidence. Culture Trekking in the Netherlands He ran to catch up just as I turned the corner and saw the gated museum, luckily there was a cop out front. He grabbed the backpack I had on, and pulled me back around the corner, I twisted out of his grip and he said he cannot go in there with me. I told him that was ok with me, and that he should continue on his way to wherever he had been planning on going.

I kept moving, walking, twisting to look at different things and watched as he slinked away back into the alley with a very angry expression on his face. I descended down into the museum and went straight into the ladies room. This was the first time traveling as a solo female that I had been afraid, truly nervous for my safety. I did exactly what I knew I should do, walk with purpose, keep moving, hold my heavy camera in one hand just in case I had to use it as a weapon, and found the nearest tourist attraction that had police there.

It took me a little while to calm myself down from this ordeal before I was able to go and purchase my ticket and finally see a Vermeer painting in person.

Complete with a boat loading dock right on the canal, surrounded by gates. I went into the first room and went to the windows, lifted the blinds slightly and was faced with the alleyway where I had left my shadow. The museum attendant looked at me in her navy blue sweater and gave me a warm smile. This seemed to help me refocus on the experience. I wandered the room, getting lost in the artwork here and there.

Then I saw her, the girl with the pearl earring. She was smaller than I imagined but stared into my soul — a beautiful woman trapped in a painting that would be shown to many throughout history. Mauritshuis in Den Haag: I was still a little jumpy, so I decided to go to the Noordeinde Palace. This is one of the three official palaces of the Dutch Royalty, typically used for official state business. I wandered through the streets towards the palace, peering out the windows, admiring the Dutch style.

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The Difference of Den Haag and My Scary Encounter on the Train There

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