Sales meet and greet

Car Sales Meet and Greet - Where it All Starts

sales meet and greet

A day in the life of every businessperson is made up of a series of meetings and greetings. Whether you are making the initial contact with a client or a colleague . retail sales training greeting customer Greeting a customer is the When you meet the new customer, greet her with, "Good morning! Welcome to (your store. The first step of selling cars is the car sales meet and greet. Meeting and greeting the car buyer is the buyers first impression of you. Are you ready to.

Whether you are making the initial contact with a client or a colleague, you want to get off on the right foot. Doing so will make the first encounter and subsequent ones go smoothly and easily. Getting off on the wrong foot can make for a difficult recovery. Save your energy for later and use these simple strategies for a successful start 1.

Stand up when you meet someone. This allows you to engage the person on an equal level -eye to eye.

Car Sales Training: Meet and Greet/Fact Find and Qualify (Building Common Ground)

By remaining seated, you send a message that you don't think the other person is important enough to warrant the effort it takes to stand.

If you find yourself in a position where you can't stand up such as being trapped behind a potted plant offer an apology and an explanation. You might say something like, "Please excuse me for not getting up. I can't seem to get around the foliage. Your facial expression says more than your words. Look as if you are pleased to meet the other person regardless of what is on your mind.

sales meet and greet

Put a smile on your face for the person standing before you. Looking at the people you meet says you are focused and interested in them.

Car Sales Meet and Greet – Where it All Starts

If you are staring off somewhere else, you may appear to be looking for someone more to your liking to come along. As soon as you approach people you don't know or are approached by them, say who you are. Don't stand around as if someone else is in charge of introductions. Include a statement about who you are when necessary.

sales meet and greet

It is not always enough to say, "Hello, I'm Mary Jones. I work for XYZ Corporation. Offer a firm handshake. Extend your hand as you give your greeting.

sales meet and greet

The person who puts a hand out first comes across as confident and at ease. Are your shoes shined and your shirt or blouse tucked in?

Meet & Greet: Quick Start to the Sale - Showroom Sales Skills

Next will be your facial expression, are you smiling and looking like you are very happy to see the customer or are you tired of meeting and greeting customers? A genuine smile goes a long way as compared to a frown, phony smile or chewing on a big wad of bubble gum.

All of these things are important when we talk about the car sales meet and greet. However, do you have bad breath, do you smell like an ashtray or the garlic you had for lunch?

sales meet and greet

When was the last time you brushed you teeth? A little bit is great, but too much can cost you a sale. The items I have mentioned in the car sales meet and greet situations above about your appearance, first words and fragrance fragrances meaning breath, smell and odors are not fictional, they are things that I have seen, experienced and listened to customers complain about over the years.

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Once again as I said earlier, you can overcome these obstacles, but it will take a lot more charm than most people possess. These may sound like minor details, but why take the chance. Practice smiling in the mirror if you have to, but thinking about the big juicy commission I am going to get from selling them a car always worked for me.