Ndp gym meet 2014

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ndp gym meet 2014

Notre Dame Preparatory School is a private, Roman Catholic, independent school in Towson, Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP) was founded on September 21, in In , the Notre Dame Prep Varsity Volleyball team swept Archbishop Gym Meet is a tradition where high school students compete in the. Gym Meet March 8, NDP Gateway • © • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in. Search Submit Search. Menu. Close Menu. It's Gym Meet time! Gym Meet is hard work for everyone but especially for those who started prepping over a month ago, the amazing February 18,

That whole day I can remember the feeling of apprehension. It was the first time that I would ever get to put on my elf costume and dance around with Christmas spirit and march together with my class in front of an audience. Dress rehearsal time finally arrived and at 1: Their smiles were from ear to ear, their Keds were bright white, and their spirit shone brightly. Even though it was only our first rehearsal I also loved watching how much the juniors had improved since watching them as freshman, and watching the seniors, our big sisters, roar through the twenties.

Gym Meet – NDP Bluenote

Then the next spirit filled day began. Mini Meet has always been a favorite day because all day we get to represent our class pride by wearing our class colors and tunic. The school radiates with color and smiles on this day as everyone prepares to show Alums, incoming students, and teachers how much improvement has been made since the previous day. The difference was remarkable.

This day is also particularly intense because it is the last time we get to perform before the long awaited Gym Meet Night. The anticipated night then arrived. I could barely pay attention to anything but dance moves and march commands all day. I went home with friends where we, as tradition, got ready together and took millions of pictures.

I had waited for this day for months. The energy, spirit, and sisterhood in the cafeteria is unforgettable. Stepping into the packed cafeteria brought back memories from freshman year but also brought along the hope and excitement for the Gym Meet events to follow.

The whole night was filled with excitement and dancing, interspersed by intense performances of dance, aerobics, march and song. We first went out for march and song.

The Soul of Gym Meet – NDP Gateway

This was an especially special time for me because I am co-chair of the march committee. It was such a proud moment for me to see my entire class working together precisely to create something amazing. We then after an hour of doing hair and getting in costume finally came the moment for dance.

We had been long awaiting dance ever since the very first practice. Our committee worked tirelessly to infuse dance moves with infectious Christmas spirit. Getting out on the gym floor, dancing around, made me feel cheery and produced the most gigantic smile across my face.

I knew the entire time that our dance was something special, and had a chance to win.

ndp gym meet 2014

The last event of the week was Saturday Gym Meet. This was a bittersweet day because it included my last moments of sophomore Gym Meet yet also had many accomplishments in store.

We began the night the same as the previous one, but with much more determination. We were dedicated to doing the best we could and to bringing home a plaque. The time for announcing the winners had come, and I could feel the tension in the room. Silence came when Molly came to the podium to inform us about who had won. The cheers for classes winning their plaques roared on but when the dance plaque was to be announced the sophomore class fell silent.

They announced that the sophomores had won the dance plaque and the class broke out in cheers and cried tears of joy. In that moment our whole class felt a part of something bigger, something that we could all be proud of.

It was one of my happiest moments I can remember. It was such a special bonding moment for the class of and it is something that I will always remember.

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In response to the high school graduates' requests in the early s, the School Sisters of Notre Dame expanded Notre Dame of Maryland's curriculum with two years of post-secondary education.

This led to the charter of the college on April 2, Although the school has always been for girls, in the early s, boys were admitted.

ndp gym meet 2014

The sisters began to admit them, it is believed, at the urging of Cardinal James Gibbons for the convenience of some Baltimore families. In more than one school catalogue, the sisters assigned girls' names to the boys. In another, they penciled in "B" above each boy's name. By the late s, however, the school was once again all-female.

Students, wearing the traditional uniform including the blue dress, blazer and saddle shoes, processed into the Mass carrying each class banner the school has hosted since its move to the Hampton Lane campus.

Class sizes average students and the school boasts a student-faculty ratio of 9: Courses include mathematics, science, English, history, religion and foreign language, visual and performing arts, physical education and swimming. The school offers 23 Advanced Placement courses in English, language, mathematics, science and the fine arts.

ndp gym meet 2014

There are four phases, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5, 5 being the highest and 2 being the lowest. A student can move up or down when appropriate and can be in different phases for different subjects. Fall sports include crew, field hockey, cross country, soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Notre Dame Preparatory School (Towson, Maryland)

Winter sports include basketball, indoor track, soccer, swimming and winter soccer. Spring sports include crew, lacrosse, softball, golf, tennis, track and field and badminton.

In fall the Notre Dame Prep field hockey team was the No.

ndp gym meet 2014

They also had an undefeated season in and and won the IAAM championship game for the A conference in Both Soccer and Field Hockey were runner-ups for the A conference in Student organizations[ edit ] Student leadership at NDP consists of three key organizations: Officers are elected each spring along with one representative from each homeroom. Class Colors are chosen by the freshman in their homerooms in September then officially voted on based on the homeroom selections in October. The two class colors are revealed at freshman retreat on October These colors will be on the grade's banner that is hung in the gym.

Students also wear these colors at mini gym meet.