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January 19, 1: Louis, and Monroe Louisiana. It is home to one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the South, Joseph Biedenharnwho not only invented the bottling process for Coca Cola but also was one of the founders of Delta Airlines until the late s, Delta had a Biedenharn family member on its Board of Directors.

On Monday, a federal appeals court ruled that the FCC could not apply the same set of rules to information service providers ISPs as they did to common carriers. Given that the Commission has chosen to classify broadband providers in a manner that exempts them from treatment as common carriers, the Communications Act expressly prohibits the Commission from nonetheless regulating them as such.

Because the Commission has failed to establish that the anti-discrimination and anti-blocking rules do not impose per se common carrier obligations, we vacate those portions of the Open Internet Order. It is not going to ignore the historic reality that when a new network transitions to become an economic force that economic incentives begin to affect the public interest.

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This means that we will not disregard the possibility that exercises of economic power or of ideological preference by dominant network firms will diminish the value of the Internet to some or all segments of our society. Is this going to dent the fortunes of cat videos on YouTube? It might also leave Comcast and others who agreed to provisions as a condition of merger approval at a short-term competitive disadvantage Comcast indicated in a blog post that they had an additional four years left in their NBC Universal merger agreement.

What is likely, however, is that when one broadband service provider acts, others will follow except, perhaps, Google Fiber. The concept of chaining has positive implications for carriers who would rather manage incoming broadband content within owned as opposed to remote third-party facilities.

It clearly places smaller carriers who have less robust broadband and data center infrastructure at a disadvantage. Prioritization of content would bring market dynamics to an industry that historically has not experienced this freedom. Will prioritization prevent free and unfettered access to content?

Will it pit enterprises against consumers in mixed use communities? Will it drive a renewed focus on data caps utilizing throttling that is common in some wireless plans? Will it inhibit the development of the next three competitors to Netflix? Will consumers care that their smartphone Yahoo, Facebook notifications are delivered seconds later than they were last year?

These are a few of the questions that need to be monitored as the rules develop. The net neutrality ruling would certainly be a factor in two projected transactions: Do they take on more debt and, as a result, drive up synergy expectations? Or do they offer up more shares of stock and potentially place current Time Warner Cable shareholders in control of the new company? However, the regulatory requirements surrounding approval of the merger by state and federal authorities appear to have been raised with the latest court ruling.

For example, the FCC could require all or This would drive up costs to provide service to all users and place the combined company at a competitive disadvantage in metropolitan areas.

State and municipal governments could also require additional connectivity options for third party servers e. Some areas might even ask for a moratorium on bandwidth caps or two-sided arrangements for the next decade. Each additional regulation removes business flexibility and reduces the pace of innovation.

To-Do List, Arkansas Times

The relationship between government and the telecommunications industry has been a healthy one for the past eighteen years. Faced with a large merger approval process, however, many regulators cannot help themselves.

metroplex gymnastics meet 2013 corvette

January 15, 8: Those of you who have been to repeat CES shows know exactly what I mean: But there were also many connected cars on display which turned a portion of the floor into a spectacular car show.

Cars take up a lot of space. Several of you indicated an interest in exploring how to bring this concept to market, but I found a company at CES who is well down this path.

The Arrayent Connected Platform hosts Whirlpool, LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Maytag and other brand name applications in the cloud, allowing manufacturers of connected devices to focus on hardware and connectivity, not the latest iOS or Android release. While the company is still new, this was the first attempt to deliver customer-focused messaging for the connected home.

We agreed to stay in touch through the spring and perhaps feature their company in an upcoming Sunday Brief. There were a lot of other very interesting developments: Connected cars, wristbands, even beds — what next? At this point, we stumbled on to the Corning booth and the best kept secret of the show: I never really thought about mold growing on my device, but I did think about germ spreading when I loaned one of my tablets to my four year-old nephew who was just getting over a cold over the Holidays.

Touch screens have long been germ carrying agents, and Corning is at the forefront of healthier communications.

metroplex gymnastics meet 2013 corvette

The show was a good one for me, and I would be interested in getting your take if you attended. Product features and functionality are only part of CES.

Take, for example, the highly reported presentation of Michael Bay of Transformers fame. Stymied by the failure of his teleprompter, he simply said he was sorry and walked off the Samsung stage to stunned silence. According to this report from The Guardian newspaper which includes a video of his bizarre exitmany in the Twitter world responded with their dislike of Mr. Oh to have been a fly on the wall at Samsung World Headquarters in Korea during that botched presentation.

There was likely stunned silence, then lots of shouting. But that was not the only appearance garnering headlines at CES on Monday night. The party crash was one of the boldest moves I have seen by a public company CEO in years. As many of you shared, the only thing that would have been more bizarre would be to see John and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse crashing the party together!

For those of you who missed it, T-Mobile announced the following preliminary results: They will have gained close to four million branded postpaid subscribers on their next largest competitor Sprint in one year, even as both are furiously building out LTE networks and as Sprint decommissioned the Nextel network. And, while Sprint will likely have eight million more total subscribers one million more prepaid and about eight million more postpaid subscribers than T-Mobile when year-end totals are announced, T-Mobile will likely generate more EBITDA than their third place rival.

For most wireless companies, CES would be the perfect time to take the victory lap. Regardless, it will drive more comparisons and more store traffic to T-Mobile. How Sprint and Verizon will respond remains to be seen. January 9, 8: Hopefully each of you found some time to relax and recharge over the past few weeks. The coverage drumbeat that has dominated wireless carrier investor presentations over the past four years will be replaced by talk about competitive response.

And the prospect of additional consolidation will be concentrated to a few transactions which will be heavily influenced by skeptical and unfriendly regulators. As many long-time readers to The Sunday Brief know, we have been tracking the annual progress of The Four Horsemen Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft versus a large selection of telecom and cable stocks. These numbers are not intended to provide a point estimate of the performance of any particular stock, but to give a general idea of where value is being created in the industry.

Earlier in the year, it appeared as if the Four Horsemen would lose the value creation edition. Apple was on the ropes, and Microsoft and Google were rising slowly. Meanwhile, the telecom and cable sector had a terrific year, largely driven by profitability growth and consolidation or, in the case of the cable industry, consolidation speculation.

NBCU was in the ditch, and Comcast had one heck of a tow truck. Retail concerns were beginning to emerge about Amazon, keeping share gains to a minimum. And several analysts were beginning to fret about the upcoming Xbox One launch and the overall profitability of the Xbox business for Microsoft. As the Indianapolis Colts showed on Saturday, the game is not over until all four quarters have been played.

Apple demonstrated continued global demand for its products and services including one of the most underreported stories of the Holiday — the finalization of their agreement with China Mobile which will cement TD LTE into all future iPhone designs.

The Xbox One launch in November was constrained by supply, not demand. Holiday shoppers flocked to Amazon, especially in the days immediately prior to Christmas Day. And Google continued to develop and acquire software companies that complemented their core business. This will be my fifth show and third straight year.

To-Do List, Arkansas Times

And Still I Rise" 4 p. Norwegian director Aslaug Holm's documentary diary "Brothers" 3: It won the top jury prize at Hot Docs and has been favorably compared to Richard Linklater's feature film "Boyhood.

It's won wide critical praise and earned a top prize at the Tribeca Film Festival. The delightful "Good Ol' Freda" Shot over the course of four years, "Company Town" 4: See a full schedule and buy tickets at hsdfi. Once upon a time, eerie "space sounds" were broadcast from Wrightsville to cover up the hum of the large cooling fans for the transmitter at KAAY-AM,and they emanated from transistor radios in Communist Havana City, Cuba, where only 20 percent of radio programming was allowed to be in English.

The beauty of the State Fair is certainly in the eye of the beholder, but there's no denying the crowds that line the midway and visit the wonders to be found in the Hall of Industry and the adjacent displays of blue-ribbon prizes for quilts, birdhouses, fig jams, charcoal drawings, spun wool, poems, etc.

Here's a rundown of the special promotions: For tickets and details, visit arkansasstatefair. There's a comfort in getting what you bargained for, musically speaking, but every now and then, a concert is a complete surprise, as it was during the version of Oxford American's annual fundraising ball, when patrons who probably attended on the promise of a performance from film star Mary Steenburgen or to hear Kim Carnes sing "Bette Davis Eyes" left completely stupefied by the charged energy of native son Shawn Camp.

The limp, overpolished version of Camp's song "Would You Go With Me" that Josh Turner brought to the airwaves in was given a glorious jolt by Camp's ever-forward momentum and swagger, and Camp's rendition of "Sis Draper"— a rollicking piece he and Guy Clark wrote about a fiddler Camp knew when he was young — picked up steam like a locomotive going downhill.

Chef Matt Bell is serving up family-style barbecue, a silent auction out back raises funds for the Oxford American magazine, and the bar will be responsible for the caliber of signature cocktail that helped last year's audience stomach the possibility of collectively calling the hogs with nary an eyeroll.

According to analysis from The Guardian of 10, movies in the Rotten Tomatoes database, the BMX teensploitation movie "Rad" has the widest disparity between critical and audience opinion.

Ninety-one percent of Rotten Tomatoes users have given it 3-and-a-half stars or more; no critics at the time of its release gave it a positive review.

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About as good as it gets, from the New York Times: