Meet new hi 5 stars

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meet new hi 5 stars

Hi-5 are an Australian children's musical group formed in , who are associated with the The cast of the show became a recognised musical group for children. Foley stated that Hi-5 set a benchmark for a new style of non- traditional . After leaving she went on to find success presenting in the Australian media. Remember the hit children's show Hi-5 from the early s that are known for She was also one of the participants in the 8th season of Dancing With The Stars. the wife of Charli's then-boyfriend only found out about the affair after finding . toured Australia while in , he toured with Acoustic Rhythms, a new show. Meet the new Hi-5 cast members that are soon to become household names among the preschool set!.

The kids who watch you as a performer are just in awe of your character. Jessica Redmayne performing her first Hi-5 number in Singapore.

meet new hi 5 stars

Image courtesy of Jessica Redmayne. How did you get selected to be a part of the Hi-5 cast?

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I auditioned in March via self tape and then progressed to call backs in Sydney. How has your life changed since you started at Hi-5 recently?

meet new hi 5 stars

Life has changed dramatically for me. I am still based in Melbourne, however, we spend the majority of our year either on tour or rehearsing in Sydney. Performing to kids who know your name and copy every little thing you do, even your hairstyles, is incredibly heart warming.

Jessica Redmayne Is The Newest Hi-5 Cast Member

They truly live and breath Hi It is just amazing! Charli pretends to be a puppet on a string. Nathan tells a story about a girl Kathleenwho puts on a fantasy puppet show starring mischievous magic puppets Charli, Kellie and Tim.

meet new hi 5 stars

Charli pretends to be a drum and plays a jungle beat. Kellie and Chats learn about the Flamenco dance from Spain.

Hi-5 (Australian band)

Charli does some flamenco dancing. Tim imagines sailing down a river while singing a rowing song. Charli pretends to paddle down a river in a boat. Kathleen the clown works on a balancing act while Jup Jup secretly helps her clown around.

The Fat Bidin Vlog (Ep 21) - Meeting Stevie of Hi5 face to face!

Charli tries to juggle using scarves, socks and clothes. Kellie tells a story about a girl Charliwhose family Tim, Nathan and Kathleen lend her some summer items to take on her holiday, which aren't exactly suited to her winter destination. Charli sweeps up some magic dust using Bronnie the broom. Kathleen looks around for her favourite hats while Jup Jup helps her turn her hat stand into a statue of a robot. Charli pretends to be a robot.

Tim imagines what it would be like to make a music machine, with help from the rest of Hi Charli plays an imaginary trombone. On her ten years with the group, she said, "I would've always taken this opportunity if I was given it again. It's taken me all over the world".

meet new hi 5 stars

He expressed interest in focusing on his adult music career. Park denied the industry rumours, saying that there had been no pressure for any of them to resign. Of the large cast change, in later years Burgess revealed it had been a difficult transition.

Lauren BrantFely Irvine and Tim Maddren were announced to be joining Nicholson and Burgess, forming the line-up known as the "new generation". To be honest, it doesn't really matter who's up there in pigtails singing and dancing, kids just love Hi She stated, "My time with Hi-5 has been a magical chapter of my life", while a network representative said she was leaving to explore "other career options".

The group premiered in the Middle East with a Dubai tour, and returned to Bangkok for the first time in ten years. A sold out run in the Philippines saw the group return for an encore season in She described it as "always being part of the same Hi-5 family".

The tour received positive reviews, described as a "children's masterpiece in entertainment — slick, funny, and amazingly well-choreographed and performed". He stated that he felt it was time to transition back into his theatre roots after "an incredible experience" with Hi