Meet dave bathroom scene from friday

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meet dave bathroom scene from friday

Meet Dave,” the latest in a long line of disposable Eddie Murphy vehicles, plays like a half-hour sitcom walks funny and enters a bathroom stall for some rather less humorous noisy business. In yet another potty scene (this movie knows its target audience), he stands with Opens on Friday nationwide. Scenes of random stuff like Fredbear's Springlocks extending unusally far, the use it on Friday/Day 5), if you can access the Saferoom, you can get this ending. After this ending you will meet up with Shadow Doggo, who will say some . Dave also asks him if he can go to the Bathroom and Phone Guy will get agitated. PLOT: Dave Ming Chang (EDDIE MURPHY) has arrived in New York, but . We then see him standing in a bathroom stall (the door blocks the view of A later scene also has the bully getting physical with the smaller boy (kids . Every Friday we send out our free weekly newletter that details the current.

A sergeant refers to Knox and Dooley his subordinates as "idiots. A crewmember refers to Gina as a "gigantic strumpet. He then prepares to use the orb, not caring that it will adversely affect those on Earth. Dave literally catches a passing cab, yanking it back towards him. He then grabs the man in the back by his tie and removes him. We hear that the crew's planet is on the verge of a catastrophic energy crisis and if they fail on their mission, their population might die off within the next generation.

At the same time, we hear that their orb will drain Earth's oceans of its salt, thus endangering everyone there. Accordingly, some kids may be worried about the crew's success or failure in their quest. A bully takes Josh's meteorite and then pushes him back to his chair. A later scene also has the bully getting physical with the smaller boy kids afraid of bullies might find this unsettling.

meet dave bathroom scene from friday

Armed robbers enter a deli for a hold-up, and one shoves Dave. When that man tries to punch Dave, the latter catches his fist and then tosses that man across the store. The second aims his handgun at him, but Dave pinches the end of the barrel, causing the robber to run away. Dave uses a laser in his finger to blast open a police interrogation room door.

As cops try shooting him his shields block the bulletshe also uses the finger laser on some office equipment, and then a glass wall to exit the building. Outside, he blasts a police car with the same, causing it to explode up into the air and then land back down on the street with some cops diving for cover. The Captain and 3 end up out on the streets of New York City where their tiny size means they're in danger.

That includes avoiding being stepped on, a bouncing ball nearly hitting them, the Captain being blown across the street, and 3 getting stuck on chewing gum as cars approach. One tire rolls over her and the Captain, but they're okay as the tread goes over them.

They then catch a flight on a plastic bag, but it slams into a bus windshield and they must then contend with the wipers thrusting them back and forth. FBI agents hold handguns and machine guns as they arrive to deal with Dave. As he tries to fly away, they snare him with a net, but the robot's foot then flies off in the manner of an escape pod for the crew.

Armed robbers enter a deli for a holdup, and one shoves Dave. One aims his handgun at him, but Dave pinches the end of the barrel, causing the robber to run away. Knox and Dooley wear sidearms while on the job. Cops aim guns at Dave while arresting him.

Guards hold laser guns on the Captain and 3. Dooley and Knox hold guns on Dave who's run out of power, so Josh grabs one's taser and uses it to shock Dave. That includes peculiar walking, making funny faces, shaking the wrong hand and then shaking both, crisscrossedand talking in both high and low-pitched voices.

meet dave bathroom scene from friday

There's also Dave doing exaggerated imitations of others, the sloppy drinking of water from a glass, and the high-pitched singing of part of a Bee Gees song.

He also breaks an egg in his hand and then whisks eggs shells included in a bowl, drinks an entire bottle of ketchup, and kicks a cat. Then, set your clock to 1PM for Friday, causing you to miss out Friday, coming in for Saturday instead. Old Sport ends up deceased or on life support forever apparentlywith Nightmare Foxy trying to console him on his last moments.

This ending seems to be foreshadowing other paths that the game provides. In the 8-bit cutscene at the end, each character represents an ending: Premature Ending To get this ending, see Dave in the Saferoom as he tries to get you to help him murder five kids again.

Deny the offer, and leave to go to the Prize Corner. Talk to the Marionette. The text box will state that he is slumbering Tell him about what Dave is about to do. Catching Dave before he strangles the kids with sausages, the Marionette will tickle him and trigger his Springlocks. Phone Guy will come by, saying that he heard noises. After Phone Guy hears noises he sees Dave getting killed by Springlocks and will confront him. Dave also asks him if he can go to the Bathroom and Phone Guy will get agitated.

Dave asks again and Phone Guy starts screaming. He'll decide to seal Dave away in the Spring Bonnie suit. For getting the ending, you get a picture of Springtrap flipping you off for beating the game so easily, and also probably because his lungs and other organs got pierced by Springlocks. Golden Bear Scrotum Ending To get this, refuse Dave's offer to kill children, refuse Phone Guy's offer to save the Pizzeria, complete the Puppet route optionalthen set your alarm for 7: You'll get to work on time, and Phone Guy will tell you to suit up.

Dave will help you into your costume and you will go out to perform. Phone Guy will keep asking you to dance, then mention modifications he's made- that if you stay still too long, the suit will wake up. The suit wakes up, and after you talk to it for a few rounds, it bites your head. The picture after getting this ending shows Orange Guy in hospital with a chunk of his head bitten off.

A variation of this ending can be gotten by following Purple Guy's route, but backing out on him later on. Then after you set your alarm clock for 7: To get this ending, refuse Dave's and Phone Guy's offer, complete Puppet route optionalthen set your alarm for 1PM for Friday's shift.

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You'll miss it and sleep the rest of the day away, coming in for Saturday instead. You'll get suited up, then talk to Toy Freddy for a little while. Dave will come in and threaten to shoot up Toy Freddy and everyone in the restaurant, since he's bad with rejection from you.

Phone Guy will point out how the Toy's know what a gun is, and have criminal recognition systems. After that, Toy Freddy will attack and literally eat Dave's head. Dave is killed, so that's good. But the pizzeria is getting shut down And after this, the plastic bear that everybody hated, was the one who killed the man who could not die by getting crucified.


If all of the objectives are finished, the same scene as the Almost Happy Ending will happen, except Fredbear will confront DaveTrap before he bites off Phone Guy's Head. You will play as Fredbear, and battle DaveTrap. After a while, The Bite Of 87' attack will appear in the bites section. Use it to kill DaveTrap.

meet dave bathroom scene from friday

After that Dave will say the last word "FAX" before falling into the ground in a really awkward way. After that you will enter the Happiest Day scene, where the Puppet and the children ascend. You have to walk out the way you came, and then you get this ending.

Instead of answering him, you can ask if he experienced it himself and he will respond with a story about it. He will say that his name was Peter. In the party, you can choose to call him Peter than Scott. That will result in an extended conversation between Peter and Jack. After the extended conversation, DaveTrap escapes and is confronted by Fredbear. You'll play as Fredbear and fight Dave. Remember that attacks won't damage DaveTrap, keep healing until you get The Bite Of 87' ability and use it to kill Dave if you die in this ''fight'' then you will get almost happy ending.

After the fight, you will enter the Happiest Day scene, but with a minor change. The Puppet will only tell your name, It won't say that it's not your real name, nor that you became a body count just like the children.

After the True Ending's screen and a Thank You screen, you'll get a secret cutscene, showing Peter, his wife Caroline, his dog and Jack AKA Old Sport together in a house, sitting on a couch with Old Sport smiling a few seconds after he sits on the couch.