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She has a hard time attracting men, but one evening at the local dance club she meets Aarne, who thinks she's a prostitute, although Iris does not realize that.

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They spend the night together, and Aarne leaves the next morning before Iris awakes. Iris arranges for a second date with Aarne, and introduces him to her parents. During the date, Aarne harshly informs her that he does not desire her affection, and she leaves crying.

leningrad cowboys meet moses subtitles

Iris later discovers that she is pregnant, and writes to Aarne a letter asking him to raise the child with her. She receives a letter back simply stating "Get rid of the brat," along with a check for 10, marks.

Iris becomes distraught and goes outside, leaving the letter and check on the table, where her mother finds them. While wandering around upset, Iris is hit by a car and she has a miscarriage. Her stepfather visits Iris in the hospital and tells her she must move out of the apartment, because she has disappointed her mother.

Iris moves in with her brother and becomes more despondent and upset with her situation.

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She buys rat poison, mixes it with water, and puts it into a small bottle, which she puts into her purse. She goes to Aarne's apartment and tells him she wants a drink.

leningrad cowboys meet moses subtitulos es

Aarne brings the drinks, but Iris asks for ice, and when Aarne goes to get it, Iris pours some of the rat poison into his drink. Several of their people from Siberia arrive in a rented bus to pick them up. Their first stop is Brestwhere Moses goes to secure gigs for the band for money.

Eventually, Johnson catches up with them at a hotel in Amiens and, posing as a record producer under the name Raymond Lazarprovides them with money to play for a wedding at the hotel.

Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses - Wikipedia

Johnson goes to the bus to find the nose there, but is knocked unconscious by Igor. The next day, they learn of his real identity from the CIA logo on his cigarette holder, and take him for the rest of the trip. In FrankfurtMoses is recognized by a gas station attendant, and phones the police.

Igor is able to get some street toughs to bust them out, and they play a show before they set off again. In LeipzigMoses and a fellow band member exchange phrases from the Bible and Communist Manifesto respectively.

Later, they both tell the others of the birth of a sacred calf in their homeland, the reason for their journey home. In the Czech Republicthe band wash their clothes in the spring water. While in the area, the band plays for a local family.

leningrad cowboys meet moses subtitulos es

Later, Elijah is asked by Moses to sing the next song. In Polandone band member gets sick, so after playing for money, they leave him by a hospital doorstep. Elijah attempts to bribe the sick member into bringing the nose back to America, but is turned down.

leningrad cowboys meet moses subtitulos es