Green street 2 football scene from meet

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green street 2 football scene from meet

Green Street, or Green Street Hooligans, is a British-American independent drama film about football hooliganism in the United Kingdom. It was directed. The biggest mistakes you never noticed in Green Street Hooligans (). teams we actually see in the football action shots are West Ham United and Gillingham. Continuity mistake: In the final fight scene we see Matt hitting a guy in the arm with He needs to meet his sister who lives in Chelsea - also in West London. The murky world of football hooliganism has been explored in film over among some football fans, others were critical of the scenes of violence it contained. Green Street, or Green Street Hooligans, as it is also known, is a and Meet Joe Black actress Claire Forlani, who plays Shannon, Matt's sister.

Bovver, who had been knocked unconscious by Tommy's right-hand man upon arriving, helps get Steve to the hospital where Pete slams Bovver for his betrayal.

green street 2 football scene from meet

Shannon decides to return to the United States to ensure the safety of her family. The two firms meet near the Millennium Dome the next day for a final brawl.

green street 2 football scene from meet

Matt and Bovver come to their rescue. Pete notices that Tommy is approaching the car and goads him to "finish him off. Tommy snaps and tackles Pete to the ground, eventually beating him to death.

Everyone on both sides gathers around Pete's dead body in shock.

green street 2 football scene from meet

Matt returns to the United States and confronts Jeremy in a restaurant toilet; with Jeremy admitting to being the cocaine stash's owner. Matt pulls out a tape recorder saying that it's his "ticket back to Harvard. Matt walks out with a smile down the street outside the restaurant singing " I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles ".

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His mother has died, and his sister lives in London with her British husband. He does not see his father very often, because he is away working most of the time. Charlie Hunnam as Peter 'Pete' Dunham: Leo Gregory as Bovver: Matt's older sister, married to Steve and mother of Ben.

Ross McCall as Dave Bjorno: Rafe Spall as Swill: Kieran Bew as Ike: Terence Jay as Jeremy Van Holden: Joel Beckett as Terry: Henry Goodman as Carl Buckner: West Ham is supported by one of Britain's notorious hooligan firms: This film was produced with the help of a number of ex-hooligans including former ICF general Cass Pennant, and it shows in the authenticity and horror of the fight scenes. Surely one of them pointed out to director Lexi Alexander that the odds of a pretty, twenty-something boy with a comedy accent rising to the top of an established football firm were roughly the same as the odds of Bruce Forsyth rising to the top of an established football firm?

The younger one likes hitting people.

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The older one likes his family. For the first time, this film feels uncomfortably real. A nonsensical plot twist leads to the seven man GSE avoiding a fight with Manchester United fans by driving a van past the mob, getting out, throwing a couple of plastic traffic cones and then having a fight with Manchester United fans.

All seven of them.

Football film minute-by-minute: Iain Macintosh drags himself through Green Street's hooligan horror

Alexander would have been better off giving the ex-hooligan consultants leading roles and hiring Elijah and Hunnam as acting consultants. He finds his journal!

green street 2 football scene from meet

Oh, this is awkward. Terrible cockney accents a-go-go!

green street 2 football scene from meet

Elijah is given a pounding, but Hunnam hits his lieutenant for taking it too far. Lieutenant Disenchantment fails to talk The Major back into active service and receives no support for himself. Tommy feels the same way about the casting as I do. Lieutenant Disenchantment reveals that The Major is back.

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Tommy looks genuinely terrifying. And he wants to be in a better film than this. Just as The Major is giving his speech about honouring his promise to his wife, the windows come in. Tommy stabs The Major in the throat with a broken bottle. He was trying to rescue her brother. He should tell her that.