Easy gymnastics meet hairstyles for long hair

Top 5 Gymnastics Hairstyles for Your Next Competition

easy gymnastics meet hairstyles for long hair

Cute and Easy Gymnastics Hairstyles Do you have a big gymnastics meet coming up and need to get the hair out of Skill Level: Medium. Best part in getting ready for a gymnastics meet-up is to make sure your hair is in Step 2: If your hair is long use the rollers or curling iron to curl the ends of the Best for: Straightforward gymnasts looking for a sleek, easy to do hairstyle. Learn how some gymnastics competitors lose points before ever It's fairly obvious how one scores the gold in an Olympic competition—whoever leaps But it also falls into the basic guideline that a gymnast must be “well.

It helps build team unity, ensures a neat and pulled together look, and the girls end up looking so cute. The older girls tend to have their own favorite styles and since they understand the importance of having a hair style that not only looks good but also keeps their hair out of their face, we let them pick their own styles. Some of the gymnastics hairstyles we have used over the years include: Two French Braids is a great style for girls with slightly thicker, wavy to curly hair.

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Their hair type takes well to the braiding and it will hold, especially with a little gel and hairspray help. If your daughter is growing out her bangs, French Braids are also a good option. The only hair type that I have found to be really hard to French Braid is straight, fine hair — it just doesn't hold without a TON of product. Video tutorial for French Braiding Styles that use the little tiny hair bands to hold smaller sections of hair and create a pattern are very popular at gymnastics meets.

Hairstyles for Gymnastics and Cheerleading

One of the reasons they work, is that they really help control short bangs, layered cuts and work on all lengths of hair. The photo on the left is called the Pineapple and is created by making a series of small ponytails on the front row, then splitting each pony into two sections and feeding them into the next square section. Basically you part the hair like you are doing two standard ponytails.

easy gymnastics meet hairstyles for long hair

Then divide each side into six sections, criss crossing the entire ponytail into the next section of hair. Secure the back into a ponytail and curl the ends if desired. We also have the girls curl their ponytails in ringlets. Then, begin to twist the remaining hair around the base, carefully adding in small sections of remaining hair into the twist as you go around… 7. When you run out of left-over hair at the base of the bun, bobby pin the ends into place against the bun maker, using more bobby pins to secure any layered ends… 8.

Then, give the elastic a full twist and then form your second loop the same as you did in Step 9… Now, to create the knotted section of the bow, take any left over ends and wrap them up and over where the elastic can be seen in the middle of the bow, and secure them underneath the bun with a few small bobby pins… Repeat on both sides of the bow… Then add hairspray or spray wax to secure any fly aways Row Twisted Bun For athletic events, all you have to to twist your rope twists tightly, adding pomade or hairspray to them, and then wrapping them tightly into a bun and securing them.

Then secure each rope twist with a hair elastic… 5.

Gymnastics Hairstyles for Competition: Braids Edition – Gym Gab

If you are using this hairstyle for athletics or dance you can leave the rope twists tight. If you are using this hairstyle for prom or an updo you may want to loosen the hair a tiny bit at this stage by pulling gently on each side of the twist to separate the them and make them more full looking… 6.

easy gymnastics meet hairstyles for long hair

Now take the right-most twist and loop it under the left twist, up and over the elastic, and over the top of the two ponytail bases… 7.