Detroit swap meet 2011

The Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet

detroit swap meet 2011

We had a very impressive array of gear to hear at the meet, but, as at The meet was so good that I skipped the SMAC/FAC swap meet I was. Jan 9, at AM – Jan 10, at PM EST. More than a year ago. pin. Gibraltar Trade Center. Dequindre, Warren, Michigan 20th Anniversary Show - July 30, · Halloween Click on 'Swap Meet Grid' at bottom of this page. Vendor/Car Detroit Muscle Technologies. Extreme.

detroit swap meet 2011

Running my own first album through it, which having mixed and mastered myself, I know the sound characteristics of very well, it was just right. The tonal balance, the stereo spread, the placement and depth of the sound-stage: It's hard to form complete impressions from a single listening session, but the Dark Star may well be the best solid-state headphone amplifier I have ever heard.

detroit swap meet 2011

The Stax SRs, however, were for me the closest thing to headphone perfection I've ever encountered. Immersive, lush, rich, natural - just purely and truly musical phones.

I was not aware it was even possible to marry that kind of detail and extension with such a musical, non-fatiguing, engaging presentation.

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The Woo Electrostat drove them beautifully - but for my money, the combination of the A and SRs were simply as good as I can imagine headphone listening ever gets. It's probably a good thing I could never dream of affording either, as I'd lock myself in my room for the rest of my life and do nothing but listen to music It was also really rewarding to have a chance to finally directly compare the HE-6 to the LCD So much has already been said about both, but I think the general consensus as to their relative strengths and weaknesses is spot on.

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I went in thinking I would prefer the HE-6 on the basis of that, and think I actually have a slight preference for the LCD-2, despite the fact that the HE-6's strengths appeal more to my general preferences treble extension and detail. There's something just so relaxing and joyous about listening to the LCD-2s.

detroit swap meet 2011

They're inviting, musical phones. Needless to say my wallet is quivering in fear. On August 20th we will be gathering in our back alley at noon for our big annual ride.

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What makes our ride different? Well, the primary focus is our youth.

Antique Motorcycle Swap Meet in Davenport, IA by J&P Cycles

We are inviting all our Youth that have completed the Earn-a-Bike program in the past year to bring those bikes out and ride with us. We hope they bring their families with them so they can all ride together. This will be a slow ride so people of all ages can keep up.

detroit swap meet 2011

Afterwards we will have a parent appreciation BBQ. Well, that is the other part that makes our ride unique — it is a fund-raiser to continue the programming that we provide here in the Cass Corridor.

If you would like to ride with our youth, please register at our Wepay.

detroit swap meet 2011

Again, Youth Earn-a-Bike participants and their families ride free. From the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan: