Demigods meet httyd

demigods meet httyd

Based on a role-play that involved people from both HTTYD fandom and PJO fandom. Chiron sends a few demigods to check a place in the. Read Max Brown meets the Dragon Rider DemigodsNM from the story People meet Demigods and This story is inspired by the PJO and HTTYD cross over. Demigod Dragons(Percy Jackson Fanfiction). K Reads Votes Dragon's Breath (A PJO & HTTYD Crossover) by RoyTheOtaku. Dragon's Breath (A Eragon meets an unfamiliar being on his flight with Saphira. The being is powerful.

Not only is that confusing enough to everyone, but she just rode in on a dragon. And pointed out the most obvious loophole in her mother's requirement oath for huntress.

But the Vikings need their help too - an enemy who was thought to be dead rises again. Will trust and alliances be gained and the enemies of the demigods and Vikings destroyed? The Titan War just ended, so Percy and Annabeth deserve a break, right?

Annabeth's half-sister, Ariana Avalon has been missing for three years. Everyone thought she was dead until a new lead proved otherwise. Wile following that lead, Percy and Annabeth were sucked through a portal into a different world. T - English - Chapters: Turns out, male devotees aren't so hated. Then she meets a new kid, Toothless.

She falls in love with him. She takes care of him in the Apollo cabin and they get close. Then Rachel tells everyone about a prophecy. And this one has Penny's name in it. They're going to do something about the way they've been treated. There they meet a boy who rides a dragon and claims he trains dragons as well.

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Can they earn Hiccup's trust and save the world from the rise of Gaia? How will the campers react?

demigods meet httyd

How will the gang react? You wouldn't want them to be your enemy. But this place and people all looked… out of time. Usually you would see tvs everywhere, everyone would have smart phones and tablets.

But they saw none of these. And there were dragon! Yes, they had really unusual creatures back at camp like pegasuses. They even had a bronze dragon, Festus. But Festus was a robot, these dragons were real. And it seems like the only people here were a bunch of teenagers. This was an island, it couldn't be owned by only a few childeren, right? Meanwhile the riders were staring at the demigods. They didn't look like any people from this archipelago, they didn't even looked like from this world.

Their clothes were… weird. Some of them had these strange bracelets that had little- sticks that turn in it? You could also sense the power in them. Like a dragon, they were radiating a dangerous power.

But just like a dragon they wouldn't hurt someone, or at least that was what it looked like. The one who broke the silence was Alex. Of course we can. She couldn't help it, her mother was Athena. I can't force you to come with us, but we're going there today as soon as the sun sets. What changed your opinion? When we found you, you all looked confused. And you out-number us, I think you wouldn't wait to attack if you were enemies. They didn't came here to fight, they didn't even supposed to come here.

But here they are now. Are you going to come with us? Even if she tried to hide it, her voice was hopeful.

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Naeva was in danger and seven other people to fight with them would be a huge advantage against Arius. Demigods looked at each other to make sure everyone agreed, then answered in an almost perfect unision.

Especially if their children are in constant need.

demigods meet httyd

Norse deities have been known to be more protective of their children than other mythological gods. Above the slate-grey behemoths was a fresh powder blue sky, dappled with cotton fluff clouds. Early birds twittered and called to their kin before flying away to use the day. Below the mountains were the inseparable pair of boy and dragon.

They looked across the sea and up to the sky longingly. They enjoyed the new morning together because it was a morning of quiet and a morning of them; they were able to swim in its peace.

That is until the boy spoke. The black Night Fury became excited. He started shuffling around hurriedly on the cliff outcropping they were on. He snorted and grunted while bouncing around. Hiccup let out an amused laugh, and climbed onto the happy dragon. With an eager laugh, the young Viking clicked the pedal that controlled his best friend's prosthetic tailfin. Not long after that, the duo began their morning flight—complete with time trial race and aerial acrobatics.

And soon enough, an hour passed without the two really knowing or caring—it was the one part of their day when they didn't have to worry about anything. It was just them above the sea, below the clouds and nothing but miles of air at their disposal. Hiccup lifted his head proudly into the wind that buffeted his hair. This was his and Toothless' kingdom, they were the kings of the sky—nothing could shake them from their domain.

And he was pretty darn sure that not even the gods in Valhalla had as great of a view as they did. But his happy, serene moment ended; suddenly Toothless shot into a dive, his wings folding as close as possible to his sides. Hiccup's hands instinctively tightened on the handles of the saddle; the breath was knocked out of him at the sudden lurching speed.

It was over quickly before Toothless pulled up with a gentle unfurling of his wings—allowing the air to catch slowly in them. The Night Fury gave a mocking purr, as if to say 'you were daydreaming silly. Hiccup threw his hands up into the air, only holding on to the dragon with his knees. Laughter escaped his lips—his happy mood had returned. Toothless gave a triumphant roar, before flying straight again.

Hiccup inhaled before giving a content sigh. He pat the dragon's head. Toothless gave an unhappy whine. Hiccup then looked out to the sea.

demigods meet httyd

He looked to the left; and to the right. He didn't know where they were. All he knew was that they were somewhere to the west, judging by the sun's position. Berk is bound to be east. They flew for what seemed like ages, before they came across a fierce wall of dark grey thunderheads. Hiccup didn't like thunderheads because if there was thunder, there was more-than-likely lightning.

True, Toothless was the unholy offspring of lightning and death themselves, but both he and the dragon had metal prosthetics.