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A race fan in a Ford cap watches the action during the V8 Supercars Bathurst weekend at Mount Panorama on October 12, in Bathurst, Australia. Bilsport. Archived from the original on 16 July Retrieved 24 October .. Sébastien Loeb driving a Citroën DS3 WRC on the rally The Monte Carlo 'rally', in other words, meet, in Monaco to celebrate the end of a unique event. The highlight of the rally was the Super Special Stage in the Athens Olympic. The Fray – Scars And Stories (iTunes Deluxe Version) .. Meet approval your SELF-RULING Credits! and Start Chatting with siste resultatene og de ferskeste nyhetene fra motorsporten 16min Bilsport. casino action[/ url] Det har en 'sla banken' type spill og en garantert premiepott.

Now we're getting somewhere! Fuse changed and a new relay fitted off we went. Next step a full pass. Backed up with 9. We'd now run out of time and we drew Steve Pateman in eliminations. When I got into stage a bit to deep and activated the trans brake the car rocked and broke the beams.

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But I still ran a 9. I hope Mark Skinner, my passenger on the Cruise, enjoyed himself, going by all the pictures I think he did. Now for you number crunchers out there. The car weighs lb, we ran mph, we used bhp at lb TQ to do it. We crossed the line at rpm.

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That's a gain of bhp with one second delay and a build time of three seconds. After a short absence, UK Event Safety are pleased to have been invited back to Shakespeare County Raceway to provide support for public safety matters. Of course public safety is paramount and working in partnership we will try to make any necessary improvements at the venue.

Of course all of this costs money and we ask racers and spectators alike to be patient in the knowledge that we are working alongside the council to progress the good work which has been done recently. As ever you will be able to stay in touch with Mike's progress courtesy of our colleagues at Drag Race Central at www.

For details or to book your site contact Dan Welberry at dan xtremewheelsshow. A sign of the times at PMR. Paul Marston Racing have endured a rollercoaster few days in the run-up to this weekend's Springspeed Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway: We started to see a bit of a trend amongst crew last year.

A lot of people are now salary paid, which means that in effect you have no fixed hours so if you are quiet it's regular hours but if busy you are expected to work the overtime which can roll into Fridays and Saturdays, even Sundays. With the economy being what it is if you are asked you have to say "Yes". Although crew members are missed, you adapt and survive. I know of one crew member who has done a deal and is working every Saturday and even a couple of Sundays so that he can make the Friday of the FIA Main Event, and he may even have to go back to work on the following Saturday.

I am very sorry to say this but because he is in a management position in his day job, Mick Howling has become a victim of this curse of modern society. Having fought this situation last year Mick just made it to the Easter Thunderball.

However, he did suspect that it may be his last race this year and the way things have moved towards the end of the week Mick has had no choice but to cancel his entry, very reluctantly. In fact it is so sudden that there is not even enough time to get Grumpy collected from Mick's place in Kings Lynn so that Paul can drive it. As it stands the very earliest that Mick will make the track is Saturday evening.

It goes without saying that work permitting Mick will still support the team when and how he can. Martin Curbishley approached PMR just after the Easter Thunderball and asked about driving the Ugly Stick dragster, and we pretty quickly struck a deal which is mutually beneficial.

It's exciting to have a driver of Martin's unquestionable ability and pedigree join us. Everyone at PMR is very much looking forward to seeing what Martin can do. Last weekend PMR successfully taught a rookie driver to drive the dragster for a feature in a very well-known national magazine. The feature will be in the June edition of the magazine, stay tuned for details.

This has been an upside down week for us at PMR: It just goes to prove that there is never a average week in motorsport and that you cannot take anything for granted. As ever we look forward to seeing all our fans and to representing our sponsors at Shakespeare County Raceway - who themselves had their problems with key staff being stuck in the States. Don't forget that the closing date for the Spot The Difference competition on the web site, in which some lucky person can win a family ticket to the FIA Main Event, is 21st May.

You can find the FireForce web site at www. We are very pleased to welcome ModUrStang as a sponsor of Eurodragster. ModUrSTANG is based near Bicester in Oxfordshire and can offer anything from small upgrades and servicing to complete rebuilds for a wide range of requirements, from street cars with attitude to circuit and drag racing machines.

Owner Mike Laceywho took a Mustang to second and third places in the Cannonball Run Europe and driving his American Muscle past Porsches, Lamborghinis and Maserati super cars, told us that ModUrStang's expertise extends to any American vehicle but that their speciality is S Mustangs. For more information on the Pro ET Sponsorship Scheme please see the class' excellent web site at www. As with all of Eurodragster. FIA Main Event entry.

Entry after this date, if accepted, will be subject to a penalty fee. You can download the official entry forms for all classes from the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at www.

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It will output bhp with the supercharger forcing induction at 50 psi. I might add that the fuel we use is environmentally-friendly Methanol. The car has also been updated courtesy of the magic of chassis builder Jerry Haas.

This is going to be real good fun, so long as I remember to release the lever and pull another one when shifting gears. It's a bit different to Europe; as it is too hot to race during the day it will all be night racing.

Further to yesterday's Springspeed Nationals updateShakespeare County Raceway have ask us to clarify that only empty trailers such as flatbeds will be required to be moved to the secure area, and that if you work out of your trailer then obviously you will not be required to remove it "Obviously" being the operative word - Ed.

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If you have any queries then please call Shakespeare County Raceway on or You can check out the Springspeed Nationals entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster. The latest spy picture to arrive at the offices of Eurodragster. If you know more, if you could get the cat to E-Mail us, or if you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at eurodragster. You can check out the Big Bang timing data by clicking here or by clicking on the Timing Data link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster.

Sounds good to us, Alec. You can find out more on the Show's web site at www. We second that, get well soon Nigel and we'll still all be there when you're ready to return. Claron Graphics, supporters of Shakespeare County Raceway, will again be running its popular sticker give-away at this weekend's Springspeed Nationals this weekend. Drivers can collect a voucher at the signing on office which will entitle them to a free sticker, collectable from Claron's stand in the trade area.

You can find our web site at www.

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If you're out there guys, or if you know where these two gentlemen can be found, then please call Brian on or E-Mail him at brian petrolhead. Springspeed Nationals Perfect Awards. This weekend's Springspeed Nationals is the third event in the Eurodragster. The money will be awarded to the first racer this weekend to record a Reaction Time of 0.

We had registered to actually show it inside, but the ship came too late because of the catastrophic hurricane Mona close to Cuba! More about this car later! March 29 I have to tell you a happy story of what a film can do. The Volvo film "Clive Alive" celebrated its 10th Anniversary today.

The film that shows the World's oldest pain researcher Clive Bengtsson and his work buddies and how they work at Volvo. According to Volvo it is their most spread and beloved film ever. But it was made to be shown only in one place - only for the visitors of The Volvo Cars Safety Centre in Torslanda, Hisingen, Gothenburg, Sweden - when it was opened ten years ago. We celebrated this anniversary at Vingaland Film with a lunch and invited as many as possible from the production list.

And even if it was with a short notice we had many good people circulating. Stefan was working out of town and Sofi had moved to Stockholm. The technical wiz back then. He also did the stunt as the angry "cinema seating guide" that quarrels with the loud and disturbing Clive during the Jacques Tati film "Trafic" at the cinema - a funny scene.

I was the director and made storyboards which I used to edit together the complete film before we shot the first scene! Sensors instead of cameras which saves the movements that will be animated. He is now working on Happy Feet2 and Mad Max4. Sverker told me this: It was some years ago. The pride I felt then above the clouds almost made me start crying!

Client Johansson wanted a "fun film about safety" and he not only contributed to the script himself, he also safeguarded it - and the whole production - from being checked by the Volvo organisation and guided of the official Volvo way and language before it was completely done! He actually put his own job in line of fire for the idea! Christer Johansson really wanted it to be free, wild and crazy. And he got it. Since Clive is a bachelor in the beginning of the film he has pin-up girls on the walls.

Not Marilyn, but Marylin, a pin-up of his own world. When he invites Mary home for a Bullens hot dog dinner he of course try to hide the nude poster, with a crash test picture