50 ways to meet your lover lyrics

50 Ways to Love Your Lover - Joanna Weaver - Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life

50 ways to meet your lover lyrics

Listen & view 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover lyrics & tabs by Tok Tok Tok from album I Wish. times played, Duration - 3 minutes & 40 seconds. 50 WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER LYRICS Words & music by paul simon The problem is all inside your head, she said to me The answer is easy if you take it. Bm Em/C# Bm There must be - fifty ways to leave your lover. Bm A Gmaj7 A#m6/ E You know it's really not my habit to intrude, Bm A F#m7 A#/F# F# Furthermore.

Pull out old love letters, taking turns reading and reminiscing. Take turns reading from the Bible each night. Stretch out birthdays with special activities, fun surprises and a whole lot of hoopla. Be a student of your spouse.

Learn what he likes. Learn what she needs. Treat your wife like a lady. Open doors and hold chairs. Make church attendance a joyful priority. Create traditions as a couple by budgeting money for special times together. Back rubs and tender hand-holding communicate love.

50 ways to meet your lover lyrics

Choose your battles carefully. Be a person of integrity. Give your spouse no reason to doubt your word or question your commitment. Find ways to declare your love for your mate.

50 ways to meet your lover lyrics

Buy a bumper sticker that proclaims: Practice kindness — in your words and in your actions. Discover little-known facts about each other. Share stories from your childhood. Surprise your mate with a random act of kindness. Guard your time together. Turn off your phone or computer. Sandwich criticism between two positives. Memorize scripture verses together.

Go for your Ph. Read all the books. Attend all the seminars.

50 WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER CHORDS (ver 6) by Paul Simon @ francinebavay.info

Get away with God as a couple. Pick up some Post-It notes and write short messages to hide everywhere. Take turns planning anniversaries.

A little competition creates a definite win-win situation. Listen to the tone of your voice. Why they always have some foreign lady's name on them is beyond me. Excellent parody, as usual. Nice chorus, nice odd-ball rhymes, and props for being the only person on this site I'm pretty sure who could make this work. Kristof Robertson - January 19, - Report this comment As 2nz sais, Spaff, only you could really get away with this.

50 ways to meet your lover lyrics

Can't give ya 5 for pacing, coz it doesn't scan right, cute and oddball as it may be Your Parodayola is on its way. Nothing more for your mastiff, though, because I don't want to be reprimanded for making immature jokes with you.

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Some kids play doctor; I played airport. And WE should be asking YOU for advice; you're the only one here who's made any money off this racket. Then I guess you're just gonna hafta change the way you pronounce those names. Your idea is sweeter, Peter. And yet it's still only about 20 ways.

50 ways to meet your lover lyrics

I hope it was one of yours. You can keep the suit, but I'd really like the leopard-skin thong back.

Miley Cyrus 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Lyrics

I had the choruses completely written with monosyllabic names e. Names like Jack and Stan are just nowhere near as fun to rhyme as, say, Ingeborg and Kristof.

We apologize for the inconvenience...

Claude Prez - January 20, - Report this comment First of all, your past meticulous perfection has earned a lifetime benefit of a doubt on pacing from me -- I know from experience if I think I've found a mistake there's a good reason for it. In this case, the comic genius of using long unusual names necessitates it, plus makes for some fantastic rhymes Jaime and Leland are among my faves. Since this seems like a great candidate for a recording, hopefully we'll soon hear how well it will work.

No need to cry uncle, Garfunkel -- great stuff as always. Rick D - January 20, - Report this comment Yeah, it was me. In my own "Parody", I just listed the fifty ways without even bothering to do the song Which is a cheat, I know Hey Spaff. Now that Robert Blake is going on the stand, do you think he'll take a guitar? Patagio - January 20, - Report this comment "Patagio: I'm keeping that little goody. It would make the jury sick, Rick. Good way to meet trim, Tim.

So you'll put on a bod show, Adagio? Yep, ridiculous is my middle name. If you don't count Spafford. I'm going to look for that lady with the foreign name that 2nz mentioned and tell her to read this parody. Hope my luggage makes it to the destination when I do. Malmsteen's name thanks to you. And the humorous jokes like the 'frequent flyer miles'.