The professionals 1966 ending a relationship

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the professionals 1966 ending a relationship

Claudia Cardinale in The Professionals () Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan . less screen time, the relationship between Lancaster and Marvin is terrifically. The Professionals () 1/2 The relationship of Fardan and Dolworth is at the core of The Professionals. Fardan is . It's a hell of an ending for such an adventure, turning everything upside down and inside out. Claudia Cardinale on the set of The Professionals () DressesWedding Dresses Halter Top2nd Marriage Wedding DressSimple Wedding HairLace.

It is then revealed that they had not rescued Grants kidnapped wife, Grant bought Maria for an arranged marriage only for her to escape and return to her true love in Mexico. As Raza and his bandits pursue the retreating professionals, Dolworth fights a rearguard action to allow the other professionals to escape with Maria, in the battle, Raza is wounded.

As he and Chiquita attempt to escape, she is shot by Dolworth, weakened, Raza is captured by Dolworth. The professionals, with Maria and Raza, reach the U. As Maria tends the wounded Raza, Grant says to one of his men, before the man can fire, the gun is shot out of his hand by Dolworth.

The professionals step in to protect Maria and Raza and they collect the wounded Raza, put him on a carriage and, with Maria at the reins, send both back to Mexico.

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Grant calls Fardan a bastard, to which Fardan retorts, Yes, sir, but you, sir, you are a self-made man. The professionals follow the carriage to Mexico 2.

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The Professionals

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Henry "Rico" Fardan is a weapons specialist, Bill Dolworth is an explosives expert, the horse wrangler is Hans Ehrengard, and Jake Sharp is a traditional Apache scoutskilled with a bow and arrow. Fardan and Dolworth, having both fought under the command of Pancho Villahave a high regard for Raza as a soldier.

the professionals 1966 ending a relationship

But as cynical professionals, they have no qualms about killing him now. After crossing the Mexican border, the team tracks the bandits to their hideout. They witness soldiers on a government train being massacred by Raza's small army.

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The professionals follow the captured train to the end of the line and retake it from the bandits. Some move on to the bandit camp and observe Raza and his followers—including a female soldier, Chiquita. At nightfall, Fardan infiltrates Raza's private quarters but he is stopped from killing him by Maria, the kidnapped wife.

Dolworth listens and talks back to Raza and Chiquita, knowing that during the friendly conversation they are working to try to get past him.

the professionals 1966 ending a relationship

The showdown between them is costly for everyone. Grant Ralph Bellamy recruits Rico Fardan to rescue his wife.

the professionals 1966 ending a relationship

But the story cannot conclude until Maria is delivered to J. This occurs in Mexico, just across the border from Texas. As Fardan, Ehrengard and Sharp wait with the woman, Dolworth rides up, dusty and wounded and exhausted — with Jesus Raza in his buckboard wagon. Maria is thrilled to see her lover again, although he is badly injured.

She cares for him while the men face Grant. Upon seeing Raza and Maria together, the millionaire beats Maria and wants Raza shot at once, but Fardan prevents it, preferring to listen to Grant explain himself.

The upshot is that J. Fardan and his men bid farewell to the money they were promised and accompany Raza and Maria back into Mexico. They are absolutely right to make the call they do, choosing friendship, integrity and respect for women above money. It would be easy to make a vigilante-style movie in which the villains are unrepentant rapists and murderers and deserve divine retribution in slow-motion Technicolor. But Brooks knew that muddying the water with elements like mutual respect between adversaries, respect for women and complex moral dilemmas deepen character and sharpen plotting.

Yet these and other elements jell dramatically precisely because they are complex and difficult. Fardan leads Maria and the men through a sandstorm. And nobody photographed outdoor sagas like Conrad Hall. Hall was nominated for his second Academy Award for this film; he eventually won three Oscars. I like everyone in it, especially Lee Marvin, and I like how it is put together.


It delivers sharp, stimulating, thought-provoking, slam-bang entertainment. It is eminently watchable and rewarding no matter how many times you see it. This movie virtually defines outdoor action-adventure, and is near the pinnacle of that thrilling genre. Everything works, and the film delivers the thrills it promises, along with some biting commentary as well.