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The “Outlander” team agreed that the biggest challenge for Season 4 is bringing this traveling show to America while filming just outside of. We are talking about Outlander on Roster Con. News, events, photos, Find everything related to Outlander. Cast Outlander - The Land Con 2 · Q&A Sam. I love the costumes, especially in the Paris section of Season 2. Have you met any of the actors of Outlander? If so, which actor did you enjoy meeting the most? .. They are our main rivals and it's always a joy to beat them! That sounds like a job for the Outlander fans - so who's up for a challenge?.

And I think she knows Jamie so well that she believes that he would fight to death. I think if she had any inkling that he might have survived, it would have been harder for her to even attempt to forge a new life with Frank.

Women have that resilience. Claire is a survivor, and you will do anything for your child. It happens to people every day, you see people … even in the worst, most war-torn places, people get up and continue with their lives. That ability to just continue on. And also, in the first episode back, you have a birth at the heart of it. And that is the purest expression of renewal. She just needs to hope. So it becomes this very fraught, internal dilemma.

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Especially for someone like Claire, who is so passionate. Even before Jamie, with Frank, her sexuality and all of that was such a huge part of who she was. You see the two of them in separate beds, that kind of thing. In the book there are such great scenes where you see more of the struggling working mother.

You see that one scene of her first day in college and how condescending the professor is. You just know from that how tough that journey for her is, and what battles she has to fight to become a doctor in that time. But I think Claire also has a calling. Some people are just born to do the thing that they do.

And no matter where she is, she finds a way to make that happen. He never wanted to be part of the Jacobites, he just wanted an easy life. He wanted to be with his wife.

He is a rebel again. But the emphasis was different. The first time I met Tobias, we talked about how the characters were similar as much they were different from one another. I wanted to see shadows of the other man in each character.

He could not be an easy person to dismiss. He could not be a caricature. You had to see the humanity in this man. We had him tell us what it was like to be that man. Because, you know, if Jamie tells you the story about getting flogged, well, it really hurt. But what about the story of the man who did that? What was going through his head? What was he experiencing? I thought that was a fascinating episode.

It told us a lot. What is your show without these two characters, who were really pivots for the story in two different realms? Where does it go from here?

To say that this blog has succeeded far beyond my wildest imaginings is a severe understatement! Outlandish Observations now has well over 10, followers on Facebook. I had been looking for a place to discuss the books online with other fans, and I was impressed by the fact that Diana Gabaldon took the time to answer questions and participate in the discussions on a daily basis.

I quickly became addicted to the forum, and in September,I was asked by one of the admins to join the forum staff as Section Leader aka moderator of Diana Gabaldon's section of the forum. I've been in that role ever since. Diana refers to what I do on the forum as "herding the bumblebees".

Managing a large and constantly shifting group of forum members can be quite a challenge at times, especially during the TV season and when Diana has a new book out, but I enjoy it very much. The CompuServe Books and Writers Community shut down in December,but our community has relocated to a new online home. I would encourage anyone who's interested to come and check it out! You have to register in order to read or post on TheLitForum.

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How much time do you spend every day on Outlander? I typically spend hours a day, keeping up with the discussions in Diana's section of TheLitForum. Much more than that when there's a "thread explosion" going on while the TV season is in progress, for example. In addition to that, I try to post something new on my blog at least once a week. At the Grandfather Mountain Highland games What do you like most about the Outlander books and show?

Unforgettable characters, portrayed so realistically that many readers think of Jamie and Claire as real people.

The characters in these books are very human; they change as they grow older, they make mistakes and learn from them, and we care deeply about what happens to them. The major characters in these books never give up, even after suffering through traumatic, life-altering events such as Jamie's experience in Wentworth Prison.

Rivals II: Diemnesia

Eventually, with time, with the help of their loved ones, they pick themselves up and get on with their lives, and I find much to admire in that. Intricate plots, with enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing.

Diana deliberately leaves some things ambiguous or unresolved, so there's room for a great deal of speculation. We don't know yet.

The immense amount of detail in these books means that they stand up very well to re-reading. The acting, of course! We were incredibly lucky with the casting, and Sam and Caitriona do a fantastic job.

I couldn't imagine the show without either of them.