Scrat and scratte meet the parents

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scrat and scratte meet the parents

Explora el tablero de Paula Sánchez "Scrat scratte" en Pinterest. mr jinx cat meet the parents Pictures, Images and Photos Nuevas Películas. Scrat was an acorn-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel that lived during the ice Scrat looks up and sees that the condor chick's mother had arrived, snarling at him. . When Scratte placed the acorn down, Scrat tried to reach the nut and grab it. In all the Ice Age films, Scrat has been unsuccessfully trying to catch his acorn. In Ice Age 3, though, he meets a new competition: Scratte. Scrat, Scratte and the.

I have no idea what it was, though. Where could she be? No teenager's ever up early. She smacked them both awake. Did you guys sleep on the morning job again? He was all grown up into a teenager. He definitely looked like his father, except his fangs were a bit shorter than other sabers. He was also grown into a teenager, but he had stripes on top of his back and on the back of his legs and he still had his father's fur color.

He looked more like a regular tiger than a saber. His eyes were still a mixture of both his parents eye colors. The two saber boys groaned. This happens to be Snow Belle, who looked so much like her mother and acted a bit like her father.

Running after her and having the time of her life as well was Peaches, who looked a lot like her mother as well, having her hair and eye color. She was always up for adventure and couldn't wait to hang out with her friends at the falls.

scrat and scratte meet the parents

The two girls looked behind them. What's there to hide from? To prove it, a butterfly flew by, scaring the easily frightened saber and caused him to hide behind the tree. A burrow trail came up, but stopped when Louis bumped his head on a rock. He popped up from underground. My head's suppose to be underground. That just places all of us in danger. Snow Belle placed herself back on the ground. He looked at Louis who shrugged his shoulders. A rumbling sound could be heard as they both shriek in fear and ran off.

On the other side of the village, Cheril was out hunting when she felt the rumbling sound. She ran up and stood above a cliff where she could see the whole village. Cheril was now grown up into a teenager about fourteen years of age. Her hair was longer now than it was when she was younger. She pulled it up into a ponytail from almost the top of her head and strands of her hair were pulled out and placed in the front where it touched the top of her abdomen.

scrat and scratte meet the parents

She wore a tan furred dress that went down to her knees and sandals that did not look comfortable. She wore a short long sleeve fur that was dark brown and looked more like a short sweater.

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She had no idea what was going on, but she yelled at what the ground was doing. This made the rumbling stop. In the first film, he attacks Sid when the latter tries to eat his acorn, successfully regaining it.

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He later meets Manny, Sid, and Diego asking him where the baby's family is and Scrat attempts to tell them about nearby saber-toothed tigers, but Diego kicks Scrat away before he could do so. At the end of the second film, after Scrat created a hole in the valley and released all the melted ice, later attacks Sid for saving his life when he had already almost died and gone to paradise and was about to get a giant acorn.

In the third film, Scrat is stepped on by Manny and falls onto Sid's head while chasing his acorn. Next, he appears when Sid's "children" are batting a ball around, the ball actually being Scrat. Also, when Scratte rips off his fur, he screams so loud the herd can hear him, causing Crash and Eddie to deem the place a "Jungle of Misery". Lastly, while Diego is sleeping, he wakes up when he gets hit with Scrat's acorn.

In the fourth film, when Sid pries open a clam, he finds Scrat inside. Sid's grandmother mistakes Scrat for a rat and continuously hits him with her cane until he falls into the ocean.

Scrat constantly hunts for his acorn either to bury it or eat it, but fate always gets in the way. He invariably ends up in humorous or painful situations: Yet he never gives up. Finding a campfire near Half Peakwhere the same mammals that had asked direction from him had stopped for the night, Scrat emerged from behind a rock so as not to be seen by the three. As the mammals slept, Scrat moved out of his hiding place and headed towards their fire.

With that, Scrat pulled out a frozen acorn on a twig: As the ice melted away, the acorn boiled, whistling as it released steam and in a moment, popped into a kernel of fluffy popped acorn, and Scrat sighed in dismay at the sight of his acorn popping. As time had passed, the acorn ended up getting freed by the ice and fell on the beach, right in front of Scrat.

As the ice block melted slowly, Scrat made many attempts to grab his acorn, until a wave washed up on shore, and took the acorn with it. Scrat, shocked, broke out of the ice and screamed as he ran across the beach and started banging his head against a coconut tree, until a coconut fell down.

Happy, Scrat grabbed the coconut, and tried to store in the ground, as he did the same thing with his acorn. This resulted with another large crack forming, causing the it to spread across the island, although Scrat tried to stop it. The crack, however, traversed up a giant volcano, where the crack finally stopped and caused it to erupt.

Stunned once again, Scrat laughed. Meltdown Some time later, Scrat had headed south with the herds of other animals, finding his acorn embedded in a wall of ice. Scrat scurried up the ice wall, gets his tongue stuck before he could fall and uses his long tongue to swing to the ice wall and gets free by pulling out his long tongue, but eventually reaching the acorn, stuck as it was also in the ice wall; Scrat, with much effort, then pulled the acorn loose from the ice.

At that moment, however, a faint rumbling sounded from behind the ice and a small trickle of water squirted in Scrat's face; the squirrel blocked it with his paw. Three more trickles of water all squirted out, Scrat blocking them all with his other limbs until one trickle popped through the ice and Scrat, having no other choice, plugged the hole with his snout; this caused the trickle to fill him up with water until he was propelled back by the water still in his body away from the ice wall with his acorn.

Scrat then fell down the ice wall, crashing into several pieces of ice on the way until he hit one smooth section of ice. As Scrat picked himself up, he heard a young voice calling out and the squirrel was swept aside by a young platybelodonwho was sliding down the ice as a slide while Scrat tried to move out of the slide's path.

Both animals shot out of the slide and into a vast waterpark. Acorn Under Water Scrat journeyed across the ice to look for his acorn once more. He found it floating in the water, under the ice. Joyed, he tries to get it, but instead smacks into the ice.

Frustrated, Scrat jumps up and down on the ice, only for him to be flipped into the water, with his acorn on top. Scrat tries to get back on the surface but continuously flips a chunk of ice, and therefore flings his acorn to the other side, while Scrat get's back in the water trapped.

Under water, Scrat follows his acorn as it slides on the surface. He then was able to get his snout out of the ice and inhales deeply, but breaths in his acorn, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Because of that, he blows away his acorn.

Still determined, Scrat manages to get his entire head up from the ice and sees his precious nut. Scrat used his sharp canine teeth to his advantage to rotate around the ice and free himself, with the chunk of ice around his neck. Unfortunately, Scrat knocked his acorn to a floating piece of ice. Because of the mass of the ice around his head, Scrat fell down to where his acorn was, launching it to a higher level of ice, while the ice was on Scrat, with his end facing up.

Far Leaping Scrat was able to get on the opposite side of where his acorn was at. Between the two, was a space that led to the water.

Scrat's Acorn

In order to get to where his acorn was at, Scrat needed a stick to help him maneuver to the other side. Thus, he sprinted as fast as he could, leaped and climbed up to reach his acorn, but fell down into the water because the stick wasn't long enough to get to the other side. Fighting the Piranhas Later on, Scrat managed to get on one of the ice slides from the waterparkwhich was straight across from where his acorn was. Therefore, he slid down the slide with enough momentum to get him into the air, catch his acorn, and fall in the water.

As he was in the water, hugging his nut, Scrat was surprised as he saw a school of Piranha staring right at him and then opening their jaws. At that very instant, Scrat swam out of the water and onto the surface running and dodging the piranhas as they attacked him, until one snapped it's jams shut on his paw that held his acorn. Shocked and angry, Scrat's fighting instincts came to him as he managed to single-handedly fight off the piranhas and take back his acorn.

Satisfied, the squirrel started to walk off in triumph, until a Condor swooped down and snatched his acorn, taking the acorn to it's nest.