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meet the writers festival ottawa

This is the website for the Ottawa Independent Writers. If you are looking for writers in Ottawa, you have come to the right place. Canada's largest independent literary celebration, featuring spring and fall festivals, plus year-round events. From politics to poetry, science to music, history to. PROSE IN THE PARK LITERARY FESTIVAL AND BOOK FAIR The PEN AND PAPER WRITING WORKSHOP meets at the Rideau Branch of the Ottawa Public .

Ultimately, despite the different situations experienced by each girl, feminism is the common ground on which essential solidarity can be built. Sophie Labelle is a Canadian author, cartoonist, and public speaker. She is transgender and known for her webcomic Assigned Male detailing her experiences as a trans woman.

meet the writers festival ottawa

She is active in the transgender rights movement and speaks on the subjects of trans history and transfeminism Ciel Ciel is about to start secondary school.

Her boyfriend Erikur goes back to Reykjavik, forcing them to settle for a long-distance relationship. She writes regularly for Les Explorateurs and has written several beloved children's and teen books in French. And so, Laura decides to put her daily life and plans on hold and take a break. She moves to the Limoilou neighbourhood, where she has her core beliefs shaken and delivers happiness, one pudding at a time. Between her unsettling new roommates and her customers, including a pregnant woman with a rich imagination, a gluten addict and poker players who carry a heavy secret, her break on 1re avenue is rewarding, but rarely relaxing.

Sarah Raughley grew up in Canada writing stories about freakish little girls with powers because she secretly wanted to be one. Siege of Shadows Book two in The Effigies series - After Saul reappears with an army of soldiers with Effigy-like abilities, threatening to unleash the monstrous Phantoms, 18 year-old Maia and the other Effigies hope to defeat him by discovering the source of their power over the four classical elements.

Susan Glickmana Canadian writer and critic, grew up in Montreal, the oldest of four children. She is a teacher of literature and creative writing, teaching at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. The Discovery of Flight 16 year-old Libby is disabled by cerebral palsy. She writes a fantasy novel called The Discovery of Flight as a present for her sister Sophie's thirteenth birthday, in which Libby takes the form of a hawk telepathically linked to a girl who resembles Sophie.

Interwoven with Libby's novel is Sophie's diary, in which she discusses the deteriorating condition of her older sister. Star Spider is a writer from Toronto where she lives and works with her awesome husband Ben Badger and studies psychology. Star is the author of a new YA novel Past Tense, as well as many short stories that can be found online and in print.

For the most part, the women are illiterate. She sees that he is suffering and suicidal.

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He sits in the loft listening and recording. Women are doing the planning, the talking and the defining, she said. Men need to sit, be quiet and take note of what women are saying. August also represents that liminal space between the inside world and the outside world. August is inspired by her dad. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teenager and he suffered all his life. He still managed to raise a family and teach school. He was a loving father but he was fearful and the world was a terrifying, unknown place to him.

He was respected in our town, our Mennonite community. But at the same time education was suspect in the colony and considered kind of effeminate. Toews is not hopeful that her women would ever heal. You move towards healing and forgiveness to trust.

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You want to and need to but can that ever fully happen? Ona is equally important. In creating her, Toews said she was thinking about her sister Marjorie. There is a guilelessness to Ona.

Teen Author Fest

She is a woman who would be considered mentally ill and unable to participate in society. Instead she is wise, the most loving and the strongest of them all. She keeps love in her heart.

meet the writers festival ottawa

Despite the rage and bitterness, although they have impacted her, she has this incredible capacity to see outside of that and to spread that love. This is my community. But the Wilsons were basically on their own in Ottawa. Now that is standard across the country. I like playwriting and film writing. We all followed our enthusiasms. That was the largest contingent of writers from Ireland to ever leave the country together to read abroad.

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And she looked at me and said: So I am very happy we are working with independents now. That first festival was held in the National Arts Centre Studio and in what is now the Fourth Stage, which was a storage room at the time, from Sept.

The festival moved to Library and Archives Canada on Wellington. This fall the festival begins Oct. Wilson likes showcasing local writers. When you go to an Ottawa writers festival event, almost everyone is there because they are genuinely interested.

The book that got me was Coming Through Slaughter. I read it in high school and thought it was amazing. But what we have seen for 20 years is that every year we sell more books. And every years more people are showing up.

Ottawa Writers Festival celebrates 20 years of great reading

You never need to update it. The biggest change occurred in with the start of the spring festival. So we started to tweak it.