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Trust me, and make sure John isn't away when you see it, otherwise it won't be the same. They were the main two issues for us. And if John is carrying the show, perhaps the piece really is "shit - and they don't even know it"? We'll try and catch the upcoming cinema broadcast as everyone deserves a second chance!

It was such an uplifting and inspiring musical and I left on such a high! Every charactor was played incredibly! The music was stunning and very clever! It fit in perfectly! I listen to the music everyday I'm in love with it that much! I thought every single character was perfectly casted and played!

I hope this musical thrives and lives on for many years! I didn't think this musical was ok I thought it was outstounding! We really appreciate you dropping by and sharing your thoughts. It's fantastic that you enjoyed "Jamie" and hopefully you'll be heading back for a return visit soon to keep this show goingand all involved in it in a job, for as long as possible.

We know they will appreciate your support! I left feeling it didn't live up to the hype surrounding it, and couldn't quite understand why all the reviews I had read were so positive. Still it's better than it was for the past three years, when there was really almost no movement of any sort and for a while there was backwards movement, with the furloughs.

Uncle Ted US Airways increased our flying for spring and summer so right now we are looking at new hires and upgrades a month for 6 months. Anyone who wants to get in while the requirement numbers are low better "take a leap of faith".

That should prove to be a fun summer without additional aircraft. Are they planning on operating without any spares? We have been operating without spares for several years now. When I was hired in '07 we had like ish pilots and we are at now so it isn't that much higher than before. The problem is we can't keep our planes working as it is.

We used to use like 65 with two in heavy check and three spares. Now we have three in heavy check and 2 spares and the spares are always flying because we have so many "hard" breaks. So we are cancelling a lot of flights due to maint.

About 6 monthes ago, word was is that we were going to bring one out of the desert because we were so swamped but they were being jerked around about engines and so it fell through. I don't see how we can't get another plane.

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It's not like the is a hot item at the moment. There are plenty of them just sitting around the dessert. Surely they could acquire a couple of airplanes on the cheap if they really wanted to. I hope you're right Dude! That explains the internal email from the training department regarding hiring for CPT and Sim instructors.

I have been in the right seat now for 5 years, it would be nice to have a little movement or growth. I am having the same problem. I applied 3 months ago and it still says "not reviewed". I wonder if they pull the application for Airline Apps first, then find you on the company site? Anyone else having a hard time getting their app reviewed?

AWAC website says to apply on their site and I'm not sure but don't think they use airlineapps. The "app not reviewed" is from their website, not AirlineApps. I completed both but still haven't seen a change in my app status or heard anything.

Its you and everyone else. Nobody can update anything other than their profile. Mine says reviewed and not eligible or something like that.

I cant update a resume either. Bubba How about a cut and paste your resume in the box Additional Information Please use this space to provide any additional comments to assist in the preparation of your background report.

Sorry, I just had the funniest image of a bunch of CRJs parked around a giant ice cream sundae ;o adavis29 Mine says the same too. It seriously needs fixed. That is too funny! I got a voicemail from hr today. I am trying to get a feel for what to expect IF I get an interview and the job. More importantly, I am trying to see if I can make it work with a demanding mil reserve job. I don't want to screw the company or my mil job if at all possible.

What is the most junior base? How long is probation? Once holding a line, is there a minimum credit hour you can't drop below?

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I assume you can't drop anything while on reserve? Sorry if these have been asked before, I am new to the game. Right now I'm in the middle of an 2yr desert party, and I was still on reserve when I took leave. I never had any problems getting mil leave for drills AT, short tours, or long tours, even during probation.

When I got recalled to active duty, ORF was the junior domicile, and I don't imagine it's all that different right now. When was the last round of interviews? I just flew with a guy that hired on in July and asked him some of the same questions. Probation is a year, then your in ALPA. Pay guarantee for reserve and line holders is the same at 75 hours and minimum of 12 days off. We just got an email the other day that said we are planning to train newhires a month from Jan-June and upgrade a month.

Depending on attrition and sim availability. I checked out the gouges. Looking like a few questions about approach plates and maybe Vmc, just curious if that is current. Its conducted with a HR rep and the Chief Pilot. Its not very technical at all. They didn't ask anything about Jepp charts. He asked me a little about V speeds, a little about the aircraft you've been flying.

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A lot of the interview is just a "get to know you" rather than technical stuff. Most of the questions they asked were scenario based, "What would you do if? He will go through your logbooks pretty thoroughly, and may ask you questions about some entries.

Just be honest and you'll be fine. I hope this helps. If you interview and don't receive an email from them within the next few days I was super nervous but it worked out, they gave me on offer. Waiting on training date hoping for early Jan.

For those concerned about application status on their website, I never noticed if it was marked reviewed. I applied on a sunday, internal rec'd by a friend monday and called the same day. Mine says "onsite interview" right now so I assume they mark it reviewed if they actually review it.

Good luck to all. V1 ROT8 Ive had one in since sep. I interviewed on Thursday as well and was offered the job on-site.

I have tt and multi-turbine, part I also had a strong internal rec. Interview was like everyone said, very laid back. Seems like a great bunch of people that work there, I am extremely excited to start.

Good ppl good company. I travel to class tomorrow and there are 12 of us in the Nov. Also just found out the next class was pushed up to Dec. I dont know what other criteria they are using for selection. Possibly CFI and Bachelors. Beechbus did you interview from last thursday?