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meet the roscoes hollyoaks channel

With Trevor in hot pursuit, the Roscoe brothers are relieved when they reach a bridge but then realise the road ahead is blocked. Faced with. Robbie Roscoe is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, . "'Hollyoaks': Meet newcomer Robbie Roscoe - pictures". Digital Spy . They were brought in to ruffle some feathers in Hollyoaks, but even the most viewers soon met three more brothers and their unconventional mum Sandy. into auditioning and played Jason in TV mini-series Mad World.

This concludes when John Paul hits Robbie.

Hollyoaks Behind the Scenes Meet Sandy Roscoe

When visiting Finn in hospital, Robbie finds out that he raped John Paul and is horrified, threatening to call the police. Since his discovery, Robbie begins to change and starts to stick up for John Paul, changing his statement when John Paul is up in court for hitting him.

Hollyoaks Backstage: Meet Robbie Roscoe (An Interview with Charlie Wernham)

However, Finn changes it back and John Paul goes down. Robbie ditches his bad boy attitude and begins working towards his A-levels with the help of cover teacher Nancy Osborne Jessica Fox. However, he begins to develop feelings for Nancy as she starts to help him with his A-level work more and kisses her.

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Phoebe finds texts on his phone apologising to Nancy and later sees them getting close. However, they later reconcile. Bad news for Robbie as he discover that his father Rick Spencer Victor Gardener arrived on town to see him and Jason, but more tragedy strikes as Jason was suffered body dysmorphic disorder, and their father is knocked unconscious by Joe and later dies in hospital after being given an overdose of morphine by an unknown killer. Robbie and Jason are led to believe Joe's punch killed Rick and Jason forgives Joe, though Robbie resents him and begins to act recklessly by stealing cars and assaulting Dirk Savage after he belittled him in the street because Robbie was anonymously blackmailing Dirk Savage David Kennedy.

Robbie eventually owns up to his mistake and turns himself in to the police. A day before being released John-Paul visits him to tell him that Phoebe has been shot. The next day, Robbie is released and goes straight to hospital and barricades himself in Phoebe's hospital room, terrified she will die during her brain surgery.

meet the roscoes hollyoaks channel

Joe and Freddie talk him out and Phoebe has a successful operation. Phoebe then tells him it was Grace who shot her, and Robbie tries to get revenge on Grace. Before he can do any harm, Joe tells him that it was him who shot Phoebe. Robbie then disowns Joe and proposes to Phoebe, which she agrees. Believing Joe to be the reason she died, Robbie attacks him with a crowbar, causing him to lose the use of his legs.

Joe then lies to the police for Robbie. Nancy comforts Robbie after Phoebe's death eventually leading to them having sex after Phoebe's funeral. Robbie then returns to work for Trevor and when he finds out that he's planning to kill Kim Butterfield Daisy Wood-Davis.

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He asks Trevor to let him send her out of the country instead. Trevor however puts drugs in Kim's bags and when Jason pull them over Robbie runs off with the bag to let Kim escape. The fight turns physical ending with Robbie pushing Jason off a cliff. Robbie flees the scene and later has sex with Holly. Ben Bradley Ben Richards arrests Robbie but gives him a choice: Robbie agrees to work for him and informs him that Trevor and Ashley Davidson Kierston Wareing are planning to kidnap Patrick.

Trevor and Ashley realise that somebody told the police and kidnap Holly, suspecting it was her. Sandy Roscoe walks in, and everyone calms down. Love Interests Edit Throughout the series, Jason has only had his eyes on one girl: The two later meet at the Roscoe's housewarming party, but to as Jason tries to get to know Holly she stares off, looking at his older brother, Ziggy.

In a later episode, August 20,Jason and Holly go on a date. Later on in the series Holly goes out drinking with Jason's twin brother Robbie who later invites Jason to come and 'party' with them. Jason shows up and is frustrated with how Holly is acting, he storms off with a concerned but drunken Holly watching.

meet the roscoes hollyoaks channel

The episode on November 27, features Holly and Jason's first kiss, which is the start of their on and off again relationship. Body Image Jason struggle's with his body image, as he compares himself to his older more macho looking brothers.

Robbie Roscoe

He goes to extreme lengths such as abusing steroids, starving himself, and over exercising. Robbie ignores the text.

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On the day of her wedding, Cleo reveals she can't come to the wedding but wishes her all the best. When Cindy speaks with Jason, telling him that he should be fine, and will be a great husband, Cindy then finds Holly's phone, with the message to Robbie. Cindy tells Holly that she should marry Jason after everything he's been through. Robbie tells Freddie that he's going to stop the wedding, Freddie tells him he can't and traps him in the garage.