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meet the press chris christie video drug

The New Jersey governor is the GOP's most emotional candidate, but or other sports, he had to sit through “Meet the Press” with her. . Chris Christie in his own words: His take on gun rights, entitlement reform, drug policy and more and these images stoke their anticipation: Christie, in a video posted. Chris Christie's eight-year term as governor ends on Tuesday. but when he was running for governor, he bragged about cutting funds to meet with Christie used the video of the exchange to underscore his image as a “tough talker. Two-and-a-half years later, when a man stood up at a Christie press. Chris Christie in a Republican presidential debate in Cleveland in drew widespread attention to the nation's drug problem when video of an.

Wirths, New Jersey workers had been paying much more into the disability fund than what is needed to keep it solvent. The changes took effect on January 1, If you know anything about New Jersey, they're just weary of the taxes. Tax credits and incentives[ edit ] On September 18,Christie signed legislation to overhaul the state's business tax incentive programs.

The legislation reduces the number of tax incentive programs from five to two, raises the caps on tax credits, and allows smaller companies to qualify. It increases the credits available for businesses in South Jersey.

Chris Christie's drug addiction video went viral. That 'tells you more than any poll,' he says.

The laws decreased pension benefits for future hires and required public employees to contribute 1. The laws prompted a lawsuit by the police and firefighters' unions. He described the pension agreement as "a sacred trust".

The deal raised public employees' pension contributions, mandated the state to make annual payments into the system, increased public employee contributions toward health insurance premiums, and ended collective bargaining for health benefits. The budget resulted from negotiations between Christie and Democratic leaders in the state legislature and was the first that Christie has signed as passed, without vetoing any of its provisions.

Reports found that Christie's state government did not follow the School Funding Reform Act and illegally withheld funds from districts throughout New Jersey. A school funding proposal by Christie was described by education researchers as "one of the least equitable in the country" [] During Christie's governorship, State Commissioner of Education Chris Cerf came to the defense of the policies that the NJ Supreme Court declared unconstitutional, [] which contradicted basic education research.

Christie responded by saying that the Obama administration bureaucracy had overstepped its authority and that the error lay in an administration failure to communicate with the New Jersey government.

Schundler maintained that he told Christie the truth and that Christie was misstating what actually occurred. The approvals increased the number of charter schools in the state to Under the new law, teachers will be required to work four years, instead of three, in order to earn tenure.

Additionally, teachers will need to earn positive ratings two years in a row before tenure can be awarded. One shot revenues down to 2. We are handing off a state that is growing and a budget that is balanced. For eight years, we have said no to unplanned, exorbitant spending and we have used the veto and line item veto to enforce fiscal responsibility. How much spending have we used the veto to stop for our taxpayers? Those are the actions of an Administration that treated our citizens money as if it was our own.

Those are actions with real consequences for each of our constituents. While the budget crisis was the most immediate task that we faced eight years ago, we did not win to just fix those problems. We had a vision for finally tackling the chronic problems in New Jersey.

In the ten years before we came to Trenton, property taxes increased 70 percent. That is a chronic problem which was crippling our citizens ability to buy and keep a home.

It was tough medicine but tough medicine was needed to deal with this issue. We did it for our constituents and it worked. Inproperty taxes increased by only 1. Therefore, in the last seven years property taxes have increased 1. Why else did it work? Because we also gave the towns and counties the tool to control their largest single expense -- police and fire salaries.

We have great men and women who serve as police officers and firefighters in this state.

Chris Christie Makes Emotional Plea To Rethink Drug Addiction Treatment

They also are the highest paid firefighters and second highest paid police officers in America. They are objectively NOT underpaid -- not seven years ago and not today. So, we did it in a bi-partisan way -- twice. If we do not act in a bi-partisan way to renew the arbitration cap, your property taxes will skyrocket again.

The cap expired nine days ago, our progress is at real risk and our Governor-elect has refused to ask the Legislature to act before this cap expired. If our public safety officers were underpaid I could understand the debate. But, even after seven years of this cap, they remain the highest paid officers in our entire country while our taxpayers still pay the highest property taxes in America.

Failure to renew this cap would be a failure of leadership -- a failure which would cost our citizens money they need to support their families. When we came to Trenton I believed that we had a higher education system which was underperforming its potential and sorely needed capital investment to expand seats and modernize technology. Governors for decades had tried to address this situation and failed to do so. There was not the political will to do what would maximize our educational and economic potential and that of our students.

We were more afraid of offending than of failing. We refused to accept that reality.

meet the press chris christie video drug

I want to thank all those who helped make this happen, but most particularly Governor Tom Kean who helped me develop the blueprint and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald who led the fight for it in the Legislature.

Today, Rutgers has a medical school, schools of public health and a cancer institute. It has gone from 55thin NIH funding to 22nd. Attorney and was proud to finish as Governor. Rowan University became a public research university, gained a school of Osteopathic Medicine, now operates two medical schools and its nationally acclaimed school of engineering.

It is poised to double its student population and has created innovative partnerships with community colleges to allow those students to get a four-year degree without unthinkable student debt.

No one has been a greater champion of increasing higher education opportunities for South Jersey than Senate President Steve Sweeney and Rowan would not be what it is today without his persistent leadership.

Then we needed to turn to the challenge of capital improvements to our colleges and universities. This had not been done by any Administration for 25 years and our schools showed it through lesser facilities and higher tuitions. Over individual projects are happening and our campuses are being transformed. Where other Administrations had failed our higher education institutions for 25 years due to lack of courage and lack of funding, we refused to accept that failure.

We did not play small ball. Another failing gem of our state eight years ago was the beautiful and historic resort of Atlantic City. From the Miss America pageant to the diving horse at the Steel Pier, from Boardwalk Empire to the establishment of casino gaming, Atlantic City has been a national and international destination for more than a century. But, as often happens, corruption in Atlantic City combined with actions in Trenton helped to bring this town to the brink of bankruptcy.

Bad decisions and timid inaction based on political correctness led to Trenton nearly killing the goose that laid the golden egg for all of New Jersey.

meet the press chris christie video drug

This is another problem I began to work on as U. Attorney by putting corrupt Atlantic City politicians in jail for stealing from their people. But, unfortunately, that was not nearly enough to heal Atlantic City. As we entered office, casinos were closing, property tax rebates were piling up in the hundreds of millions, the streets were unsafe and the private sector was fleeing. Not only that, but as a result, property taxes were soaring for the citizens of Atlantic City. We created a tourism district, took over policing there, invested in national advertising and supported efforts by city government which were well intentioned but failed.

We needed to do more but were being stopped by politicians inside and outside of this chamber trying to score cheap political points by burying their heads in the sand. Finally, we fought those entrenched and misguided interests and acted in a bi-partisan way to replace the ineffective city government who was either unwilling or unable to bring about needed change.

Through legislative and executive action, we took over Atlantic City and look what has happened. We appointed former United States Senator Jeff Chiesa to lead the effort and he has done so with incredible skill and produced phenomenal results.

Inwe announced an This budget will stay level in as well. We reached a settlement with the police unions, leading to new 12 hour shifts, reduced salaries, reduced terminal leave payments and a reduced workforce of officers. As a result, Hard Rock is now investing hundreds of millions in redeveloping the Taj Mahal. The former Sands is being redeveloped. Revel has now been sold and will reopen under new management by the summer.

Casino revenues are up. Non-Casino revenues are up. Internet gaming was established and is now thriving. The private sector is now coming back to Atlantic City. All without bankruptcy or selling public assets like the water authority -- all things that our naysayers said we would do.

They were wrong then and the opportunist politicians of both parties who now say that reversing course is necessary are wrong again. This will be especially true if our six-year fight to bring sports gambling to New Jersey is finally successful in While many experts told me to abandon this fight, we stuck with it.

Today, we await the decision by the U. Supreme Court which can bolster Atlantic City even more. This is due to our efforts, to not bowing to political correctness to not worrying about being loved today. If we bow to those concerns, we could turn this major revival into a major downturn. I want to thank Mr. Hanson and Senator Chiesa for their vision, their courage and their hard work.

Atlantic City is ready for rebirth and to return to its former glory. That is not small ball.

meet the press chris christie video drug

That is an achievement of real consequence for our entire state. Another problem we confronted eight years ago was one that had been baffling to Administrations since the s: Some had tried to turn it into a militarized zone to stem the tide of murders and shootings.

Full text: Gov. Chris Christie's farewell State of the State address - POLITICO

Some tried to throw money at the problems in Camden due to the urging of corrupt politicians who later landed in jail due to the efforts of my U. That, of course, did not work. We decided to confront these problems using common sense, bi-partisanship and, once again, telling the hard truths that past Administrations were too politically correct to say out loud. We promised each other that we would check our politics at the door and put the interests of a resurgent Camden at the forefront.

Second, we needed to establish a plan to create the foundation of any successful city: We attacked the issue of public safety in We dismissed the failed Camden City Police Department which was overpaid and underperforming. We then partnered with the city and Camden County to create a countywide police force with a Metro division that would patrol Camden city. For the same amount of money, we would go from police officers to Another class of cadets will soon bring that number to What have the results been?

That is the lowest number of murders in more than 30 years. Even more than the change in the numbers, there has been a change in the relationship between the police and the public.

While violence erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, there was no such violence in Camden. Instead, under the leadership of Chief Scott Thompson, you see police officers at churches and street fairs, at baseball games and school crossings.

At each of those places, they were with those who they protect and serve. Next, we needed to change the failing Camden public schools. Working with the community, we picked a dynamic new Superintendent, Paymon Rouhanifard.

We began a school by school evaluation with the goal of improving education in every classroom. Since these changes have been made the results have been astonishing. The dropout rate for African-American students has been cut in half. Lastly, we needed to increase economic opportunity for all of those who live in Camden.

How should we fight the opioid crisis? A White House commission offered these 56 strategies

Due to our designation of Camden as a Garden State Growth Zone, a promise made and kept from the campaign, 28 projects have sprung up across the City of Camden. The development will spur 7, construction jobs for our building trades.

A waterfront hotel in Camden! Business is booming in Camden as is Rutgers University, adding a number of new buildings to its Camden campus. The rebirth of Camden is happening -- not with government giveaways or tanks in the street -- but with a bi-partisan spirit and a can-do attitude. While so many have been responsible for this rebirth, one person has never wavered in his belief in this city. None of this could have been accomplished without the relentless will of George Norcross.

Camden has no greater cheerleader and investor. I am honored to have George here today and even more honored to call him my partner in this rebirth of Camden. My happiest days in public life were when I had the honor of leading federal law enforcement in New Jersey as the U. They were my happiest times because I had one simple task -- insuring that justice was done in New Jersey. When I became Governor, it was clear to me that our criminal justice system needed major reform.

After seven years as U. Once again, bi-partisan cooperation was the path to success.

Chris Christie's Plea To Change How America Handles Drug Addicts

Sixteen years ago, I met the smart, articulate wife of U. She was his partner in every way -- they made a dynamic duo. Glenn Cunningham was a great public servant but I am sure he is bursting with pride from heaven as he watches his wife, my friend, Senator Sandy Cunningham. Release from jail pending trial is now no longer based on how much money you have in the bank but on the seriousness of the accusations and your criminal record. No longer can a repeat violent offender be released and terrify his victims or old neighborhood because he has millions of dollars in cash from drug and gun deals.

No longer can an employer make a job applicant with a criminal record check a box and end their chances of redemptive employment -- together we have banned the box in New Jersey. Crimes of our youth can now be expunged in three years, adult crimes in six years and many more crimes are eligible for life changing expungement.

Violent crime in New Jersey is down 5. Being smart on crime has increased hope and second chances and decreased crime at the same time. I want to thank Attorney General Chris Porrino for his outstanding work on this issue. Most of all, I want to thank my friend of sixteen years, Sandy Cunningham.

Your heart and your willingness to work with me has changed hundreds of lives already with tens of thousands to come. I think Glenn is proud of both of us. The disease of opioid addiction. I will not go over everything I shared with you last year. First, I want to say thank you. I challenged you last year to pass ground breaking legislation immediately -- and you did. We are still losing too many of our citizens to this disease, but we are now taking concrete steps to try turn back the tide of death and suffering.

We established state sharing in our prescription monitoring program in with our neighbors in Delaware. Since that time, due to the push from New Jersey, we now have 15 partner states, including our neighbors in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We went fromcross border requests in to 1.

meet the press chris christie video drug

We can stop doctor shopping and pill mills across state borders and we are saving lives. Inwe instituted Project Medicine Drop to rid our medicine cabinets of these deadly pills. We are getting these pills out of the hands of our children and disposing of them in an environmentally safe way. Attorney General Porrino has instituted an online way for pharmacists, doctors, nurses and other citizens to report suspicious use or sale of opioids and he has ended the toxic financial relationship between pharmaceutical companies and physicians which can influence prescribing habits by placing strict limits on what they can pay doctors.

We have expanded the availability of Narcan statewide, expanded Medicaid and obtained a waiver from the federal government to open more treatment beds, connected patients with recovery coaches following drug overdoses, converted a state prison to an in-patient drug treatment facility and made drug court available in every corner of the state. Through our ReachNJ program, we are lowering the stigma of addiction and connecting desperate families with the hope that comes from addiction treatment.

When they are implemented, we will have a real chance to stop the dying. We are truly leading the nation. Finally, I want to thank an inspiration for all these efforts and the star of our ReachNJ television ads, Ms. She has been in recovery for over three years now from her heroin addiction and she has become the beacon of hope for so many New Jersey families suffering with addiction. Vanessa is here today and I cannot thank her enough for her honest inspiration to 9 million New Jerseyans. That was the last time any major changes to the program were made; the last time the funding sources were directly addressed.

When I became Governor, I committed to the building trades and business community that in my eight years that I would be the first Governor in 25 years to responsibly expand infrastructure spending. I wanted more than the usual five-year plan for infrastructure investment though. I wanted the TTF to stop being a political football for both parties.

I wanted a plan that significantly increased our expenditures on infrastructure. I wanted a plan that constitutionally dedicated every penny of the gas tax. I wanted a plan that also represented tax fairness to the people of New Jersey. Together, we reached every one of my goals and our next Governor, no matter how long he serves, will not have to reauthorize the TTF. We crafted a plan where both commuters and taxpayers win. We increased the gas tax and constitutionally dedicated it for only infrastructure spending.

And we devised a plan that actually lowers taxes on the citizens of New Jersey. Together, we lowered the sales tax. Together, we honored our veterans by giving them a significant tax exemption. Together, finally and most importantly, we went from the most punitive death tax in America to no death tax at all. No longer will our seniors have to move to another state to avoid this onerous tax. More infrastructure spending every year.

More guaranteed years of investment. A dedicated, reliable funding source. Tax fairness for the people of New Jersey.

This is another example of bi-partisan cooperation that comes from us not only hearing each other, but truly listening to and respecting each other. And the winners are the drivers and commuters of our state. Securing eight years of reliable funding for our roads, bridges and mass transit and eliminating the death tax in New Jersey -- those are certainly consequential accomplishments. For New Jerseyans, that is a date none of us will ever forget.

Superstorm Sandy changed New Jersey forever. It changed me too. No person can see the destruction to lives and property that I personally witnessed across my home state and not be dramatically changed.